Be stylish being yourself
Crack your shell and define your own style
Give your outfit a boost
With everything you have 
A top notch wardrobe
Get THE strategy from A to Z !


5 easy steps
to reach the French style


Where to start  ?

All you need to know to get a trendy, diversified and asserted style (with a little of french Je ne sais quoi) !


Back to basics

Touring the Wardrobe

 80 garnments in display 

How to enhance them :

⇢ In which outfits

⇢ How to combine them : shoes, jacket, accessories

⇢Mix & match : 22 outfit ideas for each of them

Make the right purchase :

⇢ Best cuts, lenghts, colors 

⇢ Timeless pieces

⇢ Favorite brands and models

Ebook les pièces du dressing sur Ipad
Comment porter un pantalon carotte

These guides are:

⇢ result-oriented : precise tips and tricks for a garanteed success.

⇢ quick : you can immediately implement without buying any more clothes

⇢ sustainable : you take ownership of your style however fashion evolves and whatever the trends are.

How will they impact you

⇢ You owe your style : your uniqueness is highlighted

⇢ You’re fully confident on styling your own outfits

⇢ You top up your wardrobe with the few masterpieces that will U-turn your style