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The weather inspires your mood as much as your outfit, good weather makes everything easier. But when the weather turns bad and it rains cats and dogs? That’s a tougher task!

With these simple tips, you’ll be stylish even when it’s cold, gray and wet!! 

Generally the gift basket Winter + Rain, we can leave without. 

But the worst thing you can do is to bury your head in the sand and dress by disregarding that gloomy reality. 

First of all, you’ll feel yourself not aligned with the outside and therefore totally not stylish !

Also you  will take the risk to damage  some pieces that are not suitable for the rain and finally end up having it all bad and even catch a cold! 

So the first thing to do is obviously to take this into account and adapt your outfit.

Why don’t you compose several “special rain” tagged outfits to face this fatality with smile and happiness. This might even make you enjoy rain because it will become the opportunity to show off all those great, well thoughts pieces you don’t wear often. 

Take this as your advantage to trickle down and glow as an elegant water pearl when everyone else is getting out grayish/blackish uniform matching to the sky !! That will be you backing up the sun! 

Let s look at 5 trails to get stylish under the rain.

1. The right pieces to get stylish under the rain 

Pinterest bottes de pluie jaunes


If you assume, colored rain boots will come in handy!

My mom always told me whatever you do : cooking, crafts etc.:

“If you want the job being done well, you have to have the right tools”.

Moms always right but this is above all! 

If you want to be stylish, you have to have the right pieces.

Not some fancy gold and gem encrusted bustier with peacock feathers…this would be absolutely useless …so would be the full last collection from Sezane for example 

You need a few basics, timeless and versatile but asserted and strong  pieces that will get you through any situation in life! Even in the rain ☔️

To be stylish in the rain, you have to think ahead, and of course use common sense! BE PRAGMATIC.

Stop in front of wardrobe and take a few minutes to analyze all of your garments , then clearly list (in your head, on a sheet of paper or on your smartphone) the pieces that are suitable for the rain.

Let’s start with the “coverage” pieces , they are still the most exposed eh!! 


The jackets to get stylish under the rain

If the rain is like drizzle, even if that’s not a witty rain, try to avoid those jackets with delicate material, go rather on :

And take an umbrella to protect yourself!

A leather jacket or perfecto is an option, as long as it’s not suede, avoid the synthetic fur jacket or the faux shearling coat. They won’t cope well and will get destroyed!

If it’s raining like crazy and cold, you only have two options:

  • the winter parka
  • the long hooded puffer jacket

In any case, go for a jacket that both covers and protects your head and your hips and avoid, even if it fulfill those a requirements, wool fabric if it’s raining hard. 

Shoes to be stylish in the rain 

Here again, we prefer the shoes, being robust!

So forget about nubuck and suede leather! Go for smooth leather shoes.

Wedges or platforms will be perfect.

The rock boots are very well suited and really give style!

Leather knee high boots (bottes cavalieres) will be great too!

If it’s not too cold, and you embrace this style well, you can also wear rain boots (Eagle style) and bring back up shoes for the inside!

If it is very cold, go go go for UGGs, they are waterproof and sooooo comfy.

Be careful with colored leathers that can be stained by the rain.

2. Stylishness under the rain : cover yourselves 

Coutureart parka


If it rains very hard, go for pants rather than skirt.

Although skirt which means (normally) tights have that advantage that if wet they dry faster than denim or any other pants fabric, but you tell me anything wet is really unpleasant so rather a pants.

Here as well, opt for more “robust” fabric and avoid wool which could smell like a wet dog, you’d rather never want to know   

So denim, cotton like pair of jeans, chino, carrot trousers …all worn in a cropped version so that they do “drain” the water with them  and by capillary rise would look like you were fishing without waders OR a slim or skinny that you can tuck  into your knee high boots or ankle boots.

There is a trend to tuck into boots, wider or “slouchier” version of jeans, I’m not yet convinced but I’m sure I will get use to it soon and like it too. 

Back to the cropped way, I see you coming… of course the wind and the rain  will find their way in so é options to close of gaps: 

  • you wear your cropped pants over sock boots or very narrow boots
  • you add cotton/cashmere or wool socks, which you pleat in the space between the pants and the boots.


And you win that game!! 

For the top, on the other hand, leave the crop top for other temperature, and choose your top long enough to be tucked into your pants or dress.

You can also consider layering which makes a interesting option:

  • camisole + sweater
  • bodysuit + sweater
  • shirt + cardigan 
  • shirt + sweater
  • etc.


But that’s not the master cover of the outfit when, it’s raining hard, hence the need for a long jacket like … a parka, believe me this jacket will drastically improve your life, if you have one, you easily understand my comment, if not then please take some time to check this kind of jacket . 


Find more about the parka here 


Then to cover up well:

  • a head covering if you like: winter hat or a cap.
  • alternative: hood & gloves long enough to fit into the jacket sleeves.
  • comfortable and warm socks if you wear cropped pants.
  • a wool or cashmere scarf, wrapped around your neck!

3. Color to be stylish in the rain 

Maisondecinq - Tenue avec des bottes de pluie


Here is an outfit that allows you to face the gray!

This is all what will make the difference, being the rainbow (well don t only use the rainbow color or even mix them together) that brightens up a rainy day! 

Be audacious and dare flashy color, compose a color block for example, an energizing color will boost your mood and the one from all your neighborhood !! 

When everyone is in black or grey, you with your colorful outfit will bring the zest of joy and be everyone’s high gloss UV. 

If you don’t want  fancy a total colorful outfit, decide on a bright, strong, dazzling color and search for it, choose that color for a piece close to your face that will illuminate your complexion, and counteract the ambient cloudiness!!! Combine it with a neutral pants for skirts (NOT black though).


 4. Stylish in the rain : a hairstyle that holds up! 

Trendsflashmode - Coiffé décoiffé


This is the kind of hairstyle that comes in handy when it rains!

With this heavy rain,  you get free… not hugs …Frizz, it’s a gift from the sky.

Well, if you are the lucky ones who’s hairs  are  worthy of Chinese chopsticks, you won t be bother by the weather, they will adapt to the wind and the wet!

But if you are like me,  have a frizzy mane, I understand that humidity is your enemy!

If that’s the case, skip the Dallas-style blowout, you’re wasting your time.

If you want to look stylish in the rain, take advantage of this situation by going for a tousled hairstyle with a spray or sea salt, for example, to look like a wild woman and not like a curly kale featuring the Jackson five! 

Or opt for a bun, bun or other tied hair if they are long… 

5. Stylish in the rain with a nice Umbrella 

Notjessfashion - Parapluie transparent


The transparent bell umbrella is a great option!
It protects well, turns over less and the transparency gives a lot of style!

Under my umbrella … like Rihanna would sing … even Umbrella is something you are not used to, have it at least hanging on your wrist! And never ever put it in the umbrella stand … if you re like me it will spend rest of its life there.

To choose it well, check out your style first : 

  • If you’re more into neutral colors, go with a flashy umbrella to bring some sunshine in! 
  • If you are used to colored coats or flashy outfits, opt for a neutral colored umbrella!

Shall we have a little chat?

Tell me about your tips for staying stylish when it rains? What is your favorite outfit for rainy days? Do you wear color? Or are you matching with the weather and play a grayish-black color? 

Have a nice day !

Free hugs 

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