5 unstoppable tips to be stylish

An accomplished look …that s the utmost. Feeling good..pleased with yourself…confident!

Absolutely all fit together…pieces matches perfectly… nothing is missing.Details are meticulously cared for. The outfit is classy and stylish! However this is not a piece of cake! Very often it wedges…something isn’t right…it s kind of a little bit messy…not fluid… then, w-how to get a perfect accomplished look ? Here 5 ways that work! 

5 unstoppable tips to be stylish

n°1 : Items that enhance you

The BA-ba

You think it does not worth it to remind it? 

How many times, did you buy something that would suit someone else better than you…

Shape, colors…

Before any purchase or dress up, make sure it fits to you!

A mature outfit makes you look your best! 

Therefore, stop buying last fashion item which don’t fit us.

“To choose is given”!

You re spoiling you by selecting the best, only, FOR YOU! 

In that prospective, get to know yourself:


5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock

5 techniques for a successful outfit
Blazer + camisole + straight jeans… for me the winning combo!
I know that these 3 pieces fit me well, so I wear them in every way!
They are my base!

n°2 : Pick a style or a universe

The easiest to get a so called mature outfit is to focus on clear style.

For example, you re in a « rock »  mood , pick inside your Rock range items to compose your outfit. 

For any others styles , same applies whatever your mood style is, tomboy, regular (conventional), casual or Boho. 

If you like to end up with a casual-chic look, keep in mind the casual-chic trick :

  • An outfit with relaxed pieces (t-shirt + chic jogging pant) + a sophisticated piece like heels. 
  • Or a sophisticated outfit (boyish trousers + blouse = blazer) relaxed by sneakers, for example. 

If you feel a step ahead in your style initiative, you can easily mix them together.

‼️ Careful though !!!!! Some together associated do not work ..well.. as well as Boho with casual or conventional.

How often it s only because of wrong styles matches that your outfit will not feel and look achieved. 

Therefore and if you are not 100% confident of your kick, stay in one universe , something clear and fluid enough to follow and succeed in. 

Once you feel ready for it, you will be pushing the boundaries.

5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock


5 techniques for a successful outfit
Here is a mix of two worlds bohemian and rock that work well together!
What is not necessarily the case between other styles!

n°3 : Streamline

A mature outfit should be crystal-clear for any who you would cross . 

Our tendency to fine-tune by adding stuff (especially at the very last minute) to the initial look confuses very often the overall message. 

The better is the enemy of the good.

Dress strictly following the message you want to carry and remove all that do not help (even if you really love this jewelry at the moment :)).

5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock

Tara Jarmon

5 techniques for a successful outfit
Here, a simple but successful two-tone outfit.
The sobriety of the outfit highlights the perfect balance of volumes between the close-fitting top and the wide pants.

n°4 : Harmony between textures and colors

What’s leaving the impression of a mature outfit is when textures highlight each others. 

Thats why best is not to marry naturals textures with sophisticated ones! Like a marriage between linen and vinyl would be a car crash!! 

The variety of textures accent and embellish the look by creating contrasts (as long as it melt in a perfect blend).

If you choose only smooth material, you’ll get a flat plate with a lack of flavor! 

For example, you select a silk dress (flowing and smooth) with sheer tights and leather boots… everything will be so smooth and look so flat when if you switch to decorative tights and suede boots, you create embossing and contrasts, reaching a mature outfit!

With regards to the colors, forget about the perpetual association with black. Prefer more ambitious mix : camaïeu, complementary colors, adjacent complementaries, analog analogous colors, etc. 

Get your inspiration in this detailed subsection about colors.


5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock


Here it is the harmony of colors that makes the success of this outfit.
The choice of navy blue is much more daring and bright than black …
It completely raises the outfit!

n°5 : Attention to detail

Curing our outfit into the smallest details to give a crystal-clear message! 

Favore simplicity rather than sips messy complexity. 

Care about each single detail.

Shortcut may assimilate details to accessories which are precisely not any close to details. 

It’s more about the finishes, when those are not right, the message comes unclear :

  • The jacket does not match the whole rest of the outfit 
  • The shoes are not appropriate
  • The accessories are useless 


To avoid those typical mistakes, when it comes to the jacket, it shouldn’t be only a coup de coeur (above all if you re a newbie and you miss items) but choose thanks to its versatility and the possibilities that it will offer! 

You can also take in account the rule of the volume balance:

  • A short jacket with your long skirts or dresses 
  • A Straight and underbuttocks (or oversize) with your short skirts and dresses
  • A short and fitted jacket with your straight , baggy or wide trousers 
  • A loose or straight jacket with your slims and skinnies


Concerning the shoes, there are, according my humble opinion, 5 essentials that can deal with every events :

  • Pumps, Babies, Court shoes (Salomés) 
  • Sneakers
  • Boots with stacked heels 
  • Low boots 
  • Sandals

In the EBOOK A Top Notch Wardrobe: The strategy from A to Z, I explain why they are such essentials and which kind and color must be prioritized to increase the options. 

The accessories, when it’s about them, have to emphasis, shift, or enhance outfits. 

If, for any reason, they are missing out, they should be part of the play! 

5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock


The chic and sober shape of the bag reinforces the classic cut of the jacket while the flashy color creates a real contrast and makes a subtle recall on one of the colors of the print!

Let’s chat?

And you, what’s stopping you from getting really good outfits at the moment?

What are you struggling with?

Have these few tips opened new horizons for you?

How are you going to put them into practice?

You can tell me all about it in comments!

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