Master the codes of the casual chic

You re not just on CC, it’s addressed to YOU all 

Cool and Comfy if you prefer it that way … but always with a smart touch around.

This is exactly the actual trend and what women expected for a long time : irresistibly feminine but definitively comfortable and who know better than us, all that feeling good inside gets the outside aligned. Casual-chic talks by itself, those 2 adjectives together result in an hybrid style, half way to relaxed and smart. 

Forgotten times of suffering, struggling with super high heels, trapped in tight and uncomfortable materials. 

WE, women of the 21’s, we stand for Style and Cosiness!

This is how the concept appeared : surfing in the middle of those two trends to rise up a special look which marries comfortables and relaxed items to more conventional and classics ones. 

This look allows you to feel good in your active life without hampering your motion while glowing with feminity. 

Also and apart the fact that all of us would like to feel good, every day, don’t think about any age boundaries when adopting this look, it will fit to any of us, whatever you are 20 years old or 70’s and this because it s completely aligned with our time without being over the top or overplaying. 


Comment choisir et porter un trench pour femme


Casual-Chic outfit with a white jumper together with black blazer, black slim pants and sneakers. 

Some Casual-chic outfits ’s suggestions 

Trench, sweat-shirt et jean destroy


Denim shirt+jumper and Boyfriend jeans give the casual side of the outfit when the trench coat and the stilettos makes the whole being chic at the same time. 

Jean destroy et blazer


Perfect casual-chic outfit highlighted by , for the chic element , the sober jumper, the blazer, clutch bag and stilettos and for the casual appearance , the jeans destroyed. 

The result is a feminine yet relaxed look. 

Manteau prince de Galles et sneakers


Here the Prince de Galles coat and the turtleneck bring the serious style touch which is shifted by the slim jeans and the sneakers to a version more casual.


Jupe maille et sneakers


Stylish and feminine but cool thanks to the sneakers!


Casual-chic avec un blazer et des converse


As well here the chic aside is set on the top of the body with a white shirt and a blazer.

The scarf, the jeans and the Converse contribute to the casual touch.

Fashion jackson casual chic

Fashion Jackson

Ober jumper, straight coat and handbag are the chic items , on the opposite, the sneakers, the jeans and the sunglasses are the casual ones.

Meleponym casual-chic


Melanie dresses more casual (loose top + jeans destroyed + sneakers) but the blazer gets here chic as well as casual.

Casual-chic cosutme prince d egalles sneakers


The suit is the top of the seriousness, the T-shirt loose and the sneakers decrease that high formal outfit to finish the look as being chic-casual!


Pantalon chic et vans


Rather chic outfit with a white shirt, masculine pants and a school bag.

The casual touch is brought by the Vans and the sunglasses.

The rolled up shirt sleeves bring an effortless chic side that fits well with this outfit.

Sincerely Jules jogging chic

Sincerely Jules

Here, the shoes bring a chic touch to a casual outfit with a loose t-shirt and jogging pants!


Trench sneakers casual-chic

Sincerely Jules

Julie wears a rather casual outfit: loose t-shirt + denim shirt + skinny destroy + sneakers to which she adds a chic touch with a classic piece which is the trench coat.


Peppamack costume et sneakers


Another suit, here in black, with a masculine blazer + pants casualized by the loose white t-shirt and sneakers.

Trench et sweat-shirt


Here a sweatshirt worn over a plaid shirt and jeans for the casual side.

The trench coat brings the chic touch.

Then free to move the cursor, adding pumps to strengthen the chic side or sneakers to strengthen the casual side.

Escarpins jean mom


The t-shirt and jeans are the cool pieces of the outfit. The blazer, handbag, belt and pumps move the cursor to the chic side!


Costume et sneakers


Black pants + blazer + t-shirt + sneakers = an unstoppable casual-chic combo! You can give it some character by adding a bib necklace!


Slim blanc et sneakers


The trench coat and the sailor suit are perfect pieces for your casual-chic looks!



Here the leopard pumps come to offset the jogging pants and the jacket in a casual-chic style!


Cocoabeauty casual chic


Sneakers come to relax even the most serious and classic outfits!

Tenue casual chic pantalon beige


The casual-chic style is ideal when you need to combine maximum comfort and current style!


Lorna lux costume et sneakers

Lorna Lux

The greater the contrast between serious and casual pieces, the sharper the style!

But first, what exactly is the casual chic style?

The casual-chic style definitely saves you a few years because it gives the image of a dynamic, active, positive woman, who moves and goes forward.

It is really the style of the woman who is in movement, not the one of the static or classic woman.


Association of two words: casual and chic.

The “casual” side is brought by the pieces of the ….




  • The benefits of casual-chic style
  • The precise recipe for casual-chic style
  • The pitfall: what to look out for
  • How to start?
  • How to get a successful casual-chic outfit?
  • The pieces of the casual-chic style

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