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If it is true that a heel of 8 cm brings an unquestionable curve to the calf and comes to streamline your allure… it is also out of questions that for all of us, always on the run, the flat heel imposes itself as an ally of choice. So how to get a high style with Flats?
Lucky us, the “comfy” style is the trend! 

And the designers are working hard of imagination to offer us stylish flat shoes…

The pitfall of the Flats 

Flat shoes are comfortable, but :

  • they can compact the  outlook of the silhouette 
  • they can appear too casual,
  • they can appear too masculine.


How to tackle these effects and be stylish with flat shoes:

Compacting the silhouette and look like a Razmoket 

  • wear your cropped pants above the ankle: it will extend the leg! If you’re short, don’t roll up and prefer the hem or the frayed bottom. 
  • prefer thin and elegant shoes, rather than thick soles or platforms that can burden the silhouette. 
  • careful with big buckles on shoes
  • wear straight pieces : vertical lines, blazer, trench etc. 

Too casual appearance 

  • break up the casual look by adding graphic accessories: bag with strict lines for example
  • wear elegant shoes with chic details
  • wear a nice pair of socks with sequins, lurex etc.
  • wear your top tucked into your pants or skirt



Too masculine appearance 

  • guide your style with some feminine pieces: camisole, neckline, printed or lace blouse, tights with feathers or lace etc.
  • wear girly, powdery or pastel colors.
  • mark your waist with a belt with a round or oval buckle
  • wear a skirt or short dress that will be softened by flat and masculine shoes.
  • choose shoes with feminine details: pearls, ribbons, rhinestones, sequins etc.
  • if the toes are visible, take care of your nail polish!

The different version of Flats 

  • Moccasins
  • Ballerinas
  • Mules
  • Sandals
  • Tropezian sandals
  • Espadrilles
  • Sneakers
  • Converse and tennis shoes
  • Derbies & richelieu
  • Chelsea boots
  • Flat boots
  • Flat knee high boots
  • Thigh- high boots

How to wear them

Mocassins, ballerinas, mules


Mocassins : stylée avec des chaussures plates


Avoid to wear them on  the first degree, like the  nice little wise and smart  girl or  the look ultra supra classic. Shift them in a more rock outfit, with a destroyed/ripped jeans and a perfecto! For the elegant touch, we add a pretty silk or lace blouse.

Another possibility, wear them with a culotte skirt and a belted blazer for a retro and chic look!

Flip-flops and sandals

Claquettes Hermès : stylée avec des chaussures plates

We’re talking about either the massive and masculine Birkenstock or the more elegant Hermès…

Add a bit of denim for the cool touch. 

If they are Birkenstocks, be sure to add feminine pieces to your outfit.

The Hermes work very well in vintage looks too, with flare jeans for example!

Tropezian sandals


Eponym sandales tropéziennes : stylée avec des chaussures plates

They will be perfect to compose a bohemian outfit for a feminine and stylish result. 




Espadrilles : féminine avec des chaussures plates
To break up their masculine side, we associate them with a denim skirt, a bohemian dress, a bohemian blouse and denim shorts or with feminine pieces (but casual enough).

You can also choose them with laces for a more feminine side (but be careful it can compact the silhouette outlook).



Sneakers : avoir du style avec des chaussures plates


The possibilities are plethora 

The sneakers are definitely the must have to be stylish with flat shoes!

You can wear them with casual outfits but also with dressy outfits for a casual-chic style.

They go with everything! For a asserted style, use them to offset your pieces: masculine pants and blazer, printed long dress, jeans and trench, pleated midi skirt, mini skirt etc.

More details in here.

Converse and tennis

Converse et robe léopard : avec des chaussures plates


They can be incorporate in casual-chic outfits but also in rock outfits.

For the elegant touch, think of adding feminine pieces in your outfit: silk, lace, anglaise embroidery etc. 

More details, here.

Derbies & richelieu, chelsea boots, flat boots

Derbies et mini-jupe : stylée et féminine avec des chaussures plates


You will be able to wear them with a veil dress  above the knee but also with jeans and a Claudine collar Peter Pan collar for example or a shirt in guipure for a feminine look.

The length below the knee or midi for skirt can be tricky, best is to prefer maxi long dress or skirt which counter the compacting effect that the first ones can create. 

More details  on Chelsea boots, here 


Flat knee high boots 

Bottes cavalières : stylée avec des chaussures plates

Jennifer Aniston

You can play it in a Neo upper-middle-class style.

Go over the top by taking care of the accessories to get a classic but very asserted look!

Or, shift them like Jennifer Aniston, by including them in a rather rock look!

Thigh-high boots 

Cuissardes : stylée avec des chaussures plates


For a feminine and stylish result, you can wear your flat heeled thigh-high boots with a sweater dress or with an over-the-knee veil dress.

Caution on the below-the-knee length skirt or short that can be pack the silhouette. 

More details, here.


Shall we chat ?

So sweetheart? Are you a diehard  of the Flats? If so, is this by constraints or by choice?

What are your favorite flat shoes? How do you style them? If you have the time, I would really like you to tell me about?

As far as I’m concerned, I used to swear by the heels so much that I can say I wore ONLY those. But, as the French would say, only the stupids don t change their mind, since a few years, I stop sacrificing mega comfort and subscribes more than willingly to Flat shoes (even more happily than to heels) whatever kind they are. And the good news is that they exudes of stylishness! 


Have a Wonderfull day 

Free hugs!

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