Leopard Prints

Master guide !

An abundant choice of Fauna -) well , we adore the small side Roar/Wild/Lithe/Splendid.

How fast Leopard can, faster you can slide to look like a Bimbo or an old frump … 

Again, with Leopard prints or any other animal prints, it’s a matter of degree.

We re aligned, right, here we talk about the original sense of Leopard “color”: small black spots and rosettes on a light beige overall color. 


What need to be known to dress up with Leopard prints and have style


  • How crazy it can seem, Leopard print is considered as a neutral color as for Navy Blue, Grey, Beige (Tan), cream etc. because by default it matches with any other colors. 


  • Associate it with velveted materials , it will soften the whole look rather than shiny material or smooth leather. 


  • As much as crazy it was, getting to know that Leopard is a Neutral, it s getting on well with others Prints (Polka-dot, flowers and before all stripes) 


Porter l'imprimé léopard


  • To wear the Leopard with attitude, combine it preferably with soft colors; denim, beige, camel, grey, cream, navy blue, pastel colors. Moreover the contrast with black is quite strong as a matter of fact that you should prefer it for evening looks or sweeten it by using navy blue. 


It goes without saying that its more appropriate to wear it as  one single piece in your outfit, however if you really want to have 2 pieces in your complete attire, rather keep them as far as possible away from each other. 


  • Top + Shoes 
  • Handbag + Shoes

Get dressed up with Leopard 

Leopard prints pieces are very impressive therefore choose them with a simple cut: 

  • Loose top instead of skintight 
  • Midi skirt rather than mini 
  • Straight coat instead of belted 

And because of their imposing essence, mixed them with all the basic pieces piled in your wardrobe, keeping in mind colors like… 



  • Leopard accessories, how to cope best with 
  • Leopard handbags, purses..
  • Leopard belt 
  • Leopard scarf, Foulard 
  • Leopard shoes 
  • How to unify Leopard and hot spot
  • Get the style with Leopard prints 
  • How to break down the classic or the crude side of what Leopard can look like 
  • Ideas and hints for a trendy outfit whatever your age is!

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