How to wear Cowboy Boots ?

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Super trendy… the cow boy boots, also known as Santiags (that’s the name I will use btw), are everywhere! How to wear cow boy boots with a maximum of style in 2022?

What are santiags?


The santiags, they are those, super trendy boots recognizable anywhere with their signature look that includes: 

  • a high cuban heel, made of stacked leather , traditionally from 2 to 8cm 
  • a  high shaft,  which can go from mid-calf to just below the knee with a comfortably loose fit and a lack of lacing 
  • at the top of the shaft, mostly you should see pull straps and a scallop design in front and at the back 
  • a pointed or rounded/squared toe section. 


You can also find them with a lower heel and a shorter shaft, this would be more the Roper style of the Santiags (which emerged from the modern Rodeo and Calf Roping needs). 

A hybrid folk-90’s version is the Santiags with a pleated shaft, as if it had some background behind. 

Cow boy boots are normally made from cowhide leather (sometimes decoratively hand tooled with stitched embroideries) but modern versions are now available from about every animal skin, far more “exotic” like alligator, snake, ostrich, etc.

Their history


The origin of the Santiags is rather obscure.

Looks like that they were introduced to America by the Spanish vaqueros in the 16th century. 

The santiags are almost the national boots of Mexico, hence their nickname “Mexican boots” or “Mexicana”.  

Their name would come from the city of Santiago.

They are also found in the USA, mainly Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma where they are worn by cowboys… and in country clubs around the world.

Bad boys and bikers have also been hogging on them.

Today, though, cowboy boots have been  Wildly Wildly mounted on a stopover foot by Women,  (not only western women), who wear them with style in all cities of the world !!

How to wear cowboy boots?

Those boots are hyper trendy!

It has never been such easier to wear cowboy boots than nowadays , even without a horse! They fit in with all styles of looks!



Wearing boots with folk outfits

You can of course wear cowboy boots, at the first degree version, with folk looks or in a bohemian spirit.

Like, you can associate them with a printed maxi veil dress  and a denim jacket or with a skinny worn in the boot and a bohemian blouse.

Caution with the total look that can be too much !!! Avoid the fringed jacket and prefer a denim jacket.



Wear boots with rock outfits

Cowboy boots will offset destroyed/ ripped skinny and a leather jacket.



Wear boots with 90’s style outfits

Wear your cowboy boots with a balloon sleeves dress, a shoulder-padded blazer dress with  for a completely offbeat look… 

Or and  if you want to copy the Instagrammers and you’re tall, with slouchy jeans tucked into the cowboy boots.



Wear boots with glamorous outfits

Wear your cowboy boots with a little black dress or a silk wraparound dress, a leather or sequin mini skirt to make it more casual.

Or go for colored or metallic  cowboy boots (yelp they exist) that you will wear in the evening with a total black look : black camisole or black silk and lace blouse and black slim or skinny.



You can wear boots with basics


Cowboy boots will give a lot of character to a simple outfit composed of basics : slim + sweater or loose t-shirt!

Or why not with a chino worn tucked into the boots for a hyper trendy look!

For that, choose characterful boots like those from the iconic « Mexicana » Brand for example.



Wear boots in a classic look 

Cowboy boots will offset a classic pencil skirt or raw denim worn with a white shirt…

You can wear cowboy boots to give energy and punch  to  any outfit that’s a little too classic and give it a stylish twist!





20 outfit ideas with cowboy boots (Santiags) 

  • loose t-shirt or tank top + printed maxi skirt + Santiags

  • vintage t-shirt + sequined skirt/straight skirt/pencil skirt + Santiags

  • loose white t-shirt + tweed skirt + tweed straight jacket + Santiags

  • shirt/t-shirt/caraco + pleated midi skirt + Santiags

  • shirt/t-shirt/caraco + denim skirt + Santiags

  • shirt + mini skirt + Santiags

  • black slim or skinny + black silk and lace camisole + black blazer + Santiags

  • t-shirt/shirt/ caraco + high waist shorts + Santiags

  • sweater/t-shirt/blouse/caraco + slim or skinny destroy + perfecto + Santiags

  • sweater/t-shirt/blouse/caraco + slim or skinny raw + blazer + Santiags

  • lace or guipure top or bodysuit  + slim or skinny + Santiags

  • bohemian blouse + used slim or skinny + Santiags

  • little black dress + Santiags

  • printed maxi dress + Santiags

  • bohemian dress + military jacket + Santiags

  • denim dress + Santiags

  • shoulder-padded blazer dress + Santiags

  • wraparound dress + Santiags

  • silk dress + Santiags

  • Sweater dress + Santiags


Pinterest Inspirations

Tenue cool avec des bottes roses


Ultra trendy this year, the straight jeans worn in the boots …
be careful, it’s a combo that can have a tamping effect!

Comment porter des Santiags (femme) : Santiags et robe longue


A combination that always works well, ankle boots and long printed dress
for a great boho-chic look !

Comment porter des Santiags (femme) : santiags noires


Santiags and denim well measured … it works great!
Here with a python print dress that brings a feminine touch!

Comment porter des Santiags (femme) :  Santiags noires et blanches et robe pull


Here two-tone ankle boots boost a black sweater dress.

Tenue décalée Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

The ankle boots integrate into classic looks
for a resolutely trendy style!

Comment porter des Santiags (femme) :  Santiags et robe longue


Long dress in veil and santiags…

Comment porter des Santiags (femme) : Santiags et pantalon


A straight pant worn on santiags… pointed
but banana skin !
You really need some fashion accessories
for the result to be hype and not cheesy ????.

Tenue folk


Boots in a vintage rock look…
a combo that works well!

Comment porter des Santiags (femme) : Santiags noire et jupe


The ankle boots with their small heels and their rather broad stem
come to soften a short skirt with ruffles.

Comment porter des Santiags (femme) : santiags et robe boheme


Perfect match with a bohemian dress in ecru cotton veil…

Comment porter des Santiags (femme) : Santiags et blazer


A bold integration into a look with classic pieces!
The ankle boots are a great way to liven things up!

Kate Moss santiags

Kate Moss

Simple and rock with a slim-fit or black skinny
and a blazer or a straight tweed jacket!

santiags et robe imprimée fleur


Here the santiags play down the short and sexy dress!

Elle santiags


Fashion week atmosphere with a stylish suit
but there too it is better to master its business before launching!
Note, the combi is worn cropped.

aurevoircinderella santiags


Go for characterful ankle boots!
They will make all the difference in your looks!

Let’s chat a little 

What’s your opinion about cowboy boots?

In my humble view, they are not the most essential thing to own  (to me, Western boots offer more  versatility )… but if your “Shoesing”  is already well furnished  and you have that fashionista soul… you might be interested!

The good news is that cowboy boots are truly timeless! Once they go out of fashion, you should keep them… because they will come back sooner or later under the fashion spotlights ! 

They always did and do! 

If you fancy and have some minutes for us, I’d like to read about your view. Do you like cow boy boots? Have you ever had cowboy boots, what were they like? What kind of outfits did/ do you combine them with? 

Have a Wonderfull day 

Free hugs 

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