Straight Fit Jeans

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A few time ago, who would have bet on it, becoming again a number One to have and to wear thanks to his, well deserved, vintage touch and no longer too wise. 

Get it zoomed a little further… 

How to pick it the best 

The material

Denim of course and without too much of elastane blend (maximum 2%) : straight we are talking so to have it comfortable enough but not flabby, twisting around you like a snake.

Jean droit, top noir et sandales beiges


The Cut 

Straight jeans has to be … straight. 

Usually, called straight or regular, no frills for this is a valuable item, that would fit to any shapes, however it will enhance, in particular, generous hips and A or H silhouettes. 

If you are part of the Kate Moss’s gang, you can still count on him, just pick it more tight fitted to avoid looking like being gobbled. 

Whatever type of straight jeans you will go for, Ribcage or more adjusted (closer to a slim Jeans with straight legs though …) , choose the one which brings you to the spotlights. 


The Shape

Most of the time, and with the 90’s revival, High Waist is common as a matter of fact that the highlight is put on the thinest part of your body. Who ’s going to complain about a item that flatters our best asset. 

Cherry on the top with optical effect of lengthening your legs and sculpting your cheeks -) 


The color

As many shades, denim can be found, as many choice you will have for electing your straight jeans : used, stone, etc. 

Acid wash or bleached are, as for the 90’s style, back into the game as a wrecking ball, just pay attention of you are an A shape, this kind of color has an unfortunate custom to thicken the legs. 



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