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Who in the whole world can dare to say not to have at least one skinny or slim jeans in the wardrobe!!! 

Is it worth to explain what is a slim 

Why not after all … It is as it s name stands for, a jeans close to the skin-)

Everything is more or less very close to the skin exception made for the ankles for which the jeans can fall over the shoes being a little bit « wider » so to say -)

The waist can be high rise or low. 

Slim & skinny femme : comment bien les choisir et les porter avec style



What’s the difference from a skinny? 

Skinny … close to the skin, you might think that’s what we describe above, but remember the exception … what’s can be considered as being wide in a slim jeans, I mean there the ankles is tight on the the skinny jeans. 


Some background 

Slim & skinny femme : comment bien les choisir et les porter avec style

Kate Moss – Queen du slim

If you have to think about any of those iconic people who wore slims, must be pop- stars from the 80’s, skinny legs jumping like crazy on a stage … you remember … gothic, hard-rock , metal , punk …. To be fair it properly helped them in their shows, Mick Jagger moving like a snake in his second skin…ny -) 



2000 you would have thought slim and skinny have been smashed by fat boys in their baggies however Kate Moss restore their prestige : styled a little bit destroyed and ripped at that point that they became popular to any of us. 

Adding to it, the amazing success of the « white stripes »,  the mythic Underground rock band from Sweden, boosted even more this fashion trend to go towards dark-fashion. 


In only a few month, the slim out of Sweden overwhelmed the whole Europe. 

Indeed, Sweden has been the slim Cot when Orjan Andersson and Adam Friberg have started to launch Cheap Monday brand with 5000 pairs sold in 2004. 2 years later, the Skull logo Brand achieved no more than 200 000 models. 

April 77, the French brand created in Grenoble in 2002 by the well known forward- thinking Brice Partouche forged a partnership with Franz Ferdinand and Iggy Pop to promote his slims. 

Fairly quickly after,  big players like Levi’s and Diesel smell the success and bet on that slot to drag all juggernauts of the « fast-fashion » absolutely convinced of its potential. 

H1M and Zara will be the very first to get the slim Jeans on the fashion fast track by selling them on a lower price : 20€ against 80 to 100€ on average prior to this trend. 

The slim jeans become the must-have, it is so popular that it now comes in several variants both in terms of cut (skinny or jegging versions material : you can find them hight waist  or low rise) and material : it even makes some infidelities to the Denim by using more stretchy material or even just leather. 

In 2006, Gilles Richardière, CEO of the  French brand « Le temps des Cerises », declares «  not sure there s still a long way to go for Slim Jeans… » 

13 years after, against all odds and even though the slim fit is running out of steam, due to the resurgence of Mom or Straight jeans, it can be claimed to have become a basic piece !

I bet it still has a bright future -)

How to choose the right Slim/Skinny 

The Slim Fit 

The legs are close to the body, shaping the calves and slightly tightened at the ankles but still falling over the shoe.

The waist can go from low to high.

The slim fit is adjusted at the hips.

It follows the shape of the body without being tight. It shapes the calves and lengthens the leg


Slim Jagger Anine Bing

Anine Bing

It is well suited to slim thighs and slim figures in general, but also to curvier figures if they are more confident about their shape.

If you have a fuller figure, choose a model with stretch for greater comfort.

You can also choose a model with a staggered seam, meaning that the front part of the jeans will be less wide than the back part.

This will result in a slimmer leg due to the optical effect.

If you have an A-line silhouette, choose a plain, dark pant colour.

If you have a V-shaped figure, slim-fit trousers will show off your legs.

If they are slim, you can afford patterned, printed or eye-catching textures: sequins, glitter, metallic etc.

If you have a flat bottom, choose push-up trousers (Salsa Jean, Liu Jo Bottom-up) which, by the arrangement of the seams and the shape of the pockets, give the illusion of a more rounded bottom.

The danger at the end of the tunnel is to wish for a slim but in the back of our mind is the skinny way of looking which will lead you to buy a slim but with a smaller size then the one you would need. The result will be you feeling sulky because of the cut not suiting YOU. 

Therefore always keep in mind your original goal that was buying a Slim which should, by definition, not be super tight! 

Jean Optimism Iro Paris skinny

Iro Paris

The Skinny Fit


In recent years, the skinny has taken over from the slim as a matter of fact that, they are much more present in the shops.

The skinny is closer to the body than the slim, it is downright tight with a “second skin” effect.

It emphasises the hips and thighs and is really tight around the thighs and ankles.

It will suit you well if you have a small hip, a twiggy figure, an androgynous silhouette or if you have thin legs.

It is therefore particularly well suited to X, V, H, I shapes.

For an elegant result, others will definitely prefer a slim fit.

Skinnies can tend to flatten the buttocks, especially if they are high-waisted. So here again, prefer push-up models to create a nice volume.

Finally, with skinnies, play the game and opt for a really tight version (otherwise go for a slim fit).


Our favorites brands

Anine Bing, R13 (only during the sales otherwise your purse will burn itself out), Levi’s, Diesel, G-Star, Reiko, Ba&Sh, Sezane, Mango, Zara. 

Those which contain a bit of elastane, are definitively more comfy, but don’t expect them to last for eternity. 

I highly recommend to check the fast-fashion ones , especially at Mango or Zara, their cut are more than fine at an affordable price (among others, the Isa, Kim Noah and Soho for Mango) 


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