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Comfortable, super stylish, versatile, flawless feminine and timeless,

the printed maxi dress has more than one trick up its petticoat!

With the print/boho trend, the printed maxi dress is everywhere!

Against all urban legends, it can be worn by all silhouettes even the smallest twigs…

How to choose the right printed maxi dress 

The material

The fabric has to be fluid and light.

Absolutely avoid polyester which provides a cheap aspect.

Prefer viscose or silk, which will illuminate  the colors of the print and provide a real lightness and a qualitative finish.

A natural material or viscose will be ideal for the summer because breathable . 

So will also be silk as per the dresses from « The Kooples ».


2 Robe longue en soie The Kooples

The Kooples – silk dress

In this case, because of the transparency, the dress should have a « petticoat » .

Make sure that it is not tight, as it often emphasizes the shapes that you don’t want people to be aware of.

1 Robe Baby Bash


The cut of your printed maxi dress

There is a plethora of different cut of the maxi dress. 

The common point of all of them, though, is the fluidity of the cut. 

It put emphasis on the shapes without ever being tight (hide whatever you want not to be seen).

The skirt is flared. 

The top of the printed maxi dress is multi- style : turtleneck, V-neck- sailor neck or wrap-around shape. 

If you have a V-shaped silhouette  or a large bust (#teambigboobs), I highly advise you to choose a V-neck or wrap-around style that will enhance your cleavage.

Avoid models that trap the bust.

The skirt is flared. It can be a wrap skirt, slit or asymmetrical way. 

Split skirt brings an airy touch, not that big block appearance

It may or not be with pleat or ruffles.

If you have an A-line silhouette, avoid ruffles and prefer a printed dress with a skirt without frills, plain enough not to draw attention to your hips.

If you’re tiny, you can also wear a printed maxi dress!

Go for a slit or asymmetrical model, with an open neckline to free up as much skin as possible.

The waist should preferably be marked (not to look like a potato bag).

Sleeves can be short, 3/4 or long.

The length

Choose a really long one, no half measures.

Ideally, it should reach the malleolus without dragging on the ground.

Jupe en jean : comment bien la choisir et la porter avec style !

Zadig & Voltaire

Jupe en jean : comment bien la choisir et la porter avec style !

Zadig & Voltaire

The color

f you want a “romantic BOHO “ result, go with a light neutral color background with a smooth  floral print.

If, on the other hand, you want a more “folk” result, you can opt for a deeper, more intense colour, preferably a muted color rather than a bright one.

Pay attention to the size of the print!

If you are small, you can afford small and large patterns.

If you have a generous silhouette, choose large patterns that will enhance your appearance.


Choose a maxi dress, maxi means long and follow the name … all in a nice fabric. 

If you re not part of those tall ones , rather go for split or asymmetrical version 

Prefer a light color of you feel a BOHO mood and a more intense color for a folk moody day. 

Our favorite brands for a printed maxi dress


Ba&Sh, Berenice, The Kooples, IKKS, Maje, Zadig & Voltaire

But also some viscose nuggets that you can find in Fast- Fashion …eyes wide open ! 

$$$ Budget : between 20 and 150€

How to wear a maxi dress

You can wear it in 4 differents ways :

Folk way

This is a very rich, gypsy-inspired style with patchwork of precious and shimmering materials: velvet, calfskin, silk.

The colors of choice for the printed style are autumnal: burgundy, gold, fir green, mustard, duck blue etc.

Pair your printed maxi dress with burgundy suede boots, a belted chunky knit cardigan, or a khaki military jacket and a fringed bag.


Boho way

It is a romantic style, lighter and more airy than the folk style.

It is based on light colors: white, ecru, pastel, beige, cream, camel, nude….

The basic materials are cotton and linen.

This is a very summery style.

Pair your maxi dress with western boots in beige, cream, khaki or taupe nubuck, or with a pair of…


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