Blowing the style on birthday party

You are intending a birthday party and there is no particular dress code or theme  except your lovely friendship (like white party, costume party etc.)? 

In these cases, we are always a little undecided… afraid of doing too much and ending up “over-dressed” or not enough…. like oh la la I have so many beautiful things in my wardrobe and I end up in jeans-sneakers while Monique put her lamé mini-dress! 

Here are some outfit ideas for a birthday party!

We are aligned there right ?  ,… there’s no theme or dress code to your party?

Because if there is one, just follow the rule and don’t ruin your best friend happiness, by showing up with a glittery Mariah Carey outfit when it s about hippie chic Boy George, ok…!

So let’s say it’s a party where you have the green light for your outfit.

1. Dressing up for a birthday party : informal dress code 

If you know who the other guests are, I advise you to adapt your style to the informal dress-code of this evening and to do a little more.

Unless your dominant style kind is creative (see the EBOOK Crack your style shell – Be stylish being yourself, in which case let your creativity run free.

But otherwise, if you want to feel comfortable, you’d rather go along Sith the habits. 

If you know for example that all your friends will be wearing jeans and sneakers because it’s a casual evening, you can go in jeans too.

But if you want to feel feminine and stylish, you could replace the sneakers by pumps (flashy or leopard), babies or small boots with thin heels.

And for the top, you could replace the t-shirt by a pretty top a little more sophisticated, in silk, lace or guipure for example, or why not a camisole/ Caraco? 

You keep a common casual base: the jeans and you boost the rest!

Where you might not feel aligned, is if you push and replace the pants with a very dressy pants.

Far from me the idea to say that s its absolutely forbidden, especially if you know the guests, you can do what you like, after all!

If you feel like wearing a dressy outfit, go for it!

But if you want to be in line with the rest of the crowd, stick with jeans… you get the concept?

You could also choose sneakers as a basic piece.

But instead of wearing them with jeans, you’ll wear them with a mini skirt and a little sweater.

You stand out but you don t over stand out so that you don t feel uncomfortable! 

It’s not about blending in with the background like a green plant, no, no, no!

You bring your own personal touch!

That’s what class is all about, standing out without looking like you spent hours on it!

To summarize, what’s important is to understand and know the informal dress code and use it as the basis of your outfit with personal add-ons which will enhance et personalize your whole look. 

2. Dressing up for a birthday party : the accessories 

Another option that I really like is to add some peppy with accessories or jewelry.

Such as , you wear a very simple outfit with a sailor suit and jeans, but you add a big rhinestone necklace, a beautiful cuff , cocktail ring, etc. 

It will immediately give style and label to your outfit that will attract the eye … without you overplaying it cause the rest of the outfit stays simple. 

The jewel must be rather imposing to set the tone of your outfit.

If it’s a small thin chain, even if it’s made of real diamonds, nobody will notice it!

So go for imposing jewelry.

But be careful, imposing doesn’t mean cheap… always choose beautiful and well finished pieces. 

Those will be the master pieces …

Remember about the article : how to choose your jewelry.

3. Dressing up for a birthday party : the classic pieces

You don’t know the other people attending the party and you have no idea what the informal dress code is?

Go with the basic “dressy” items of your wardrobe :

  • your little black dress that you will accessorize and wear with pretty heeled boots, it will never be “too much” or “not enough »!
  • a pair of masculine pants combined with a feminine but casual top (camisole / caroco indeed ) and minimalist pumps or sandals to get a feminine outfit in an effortless style
  • a black silk shirt or blouse with a large neckline, worn with high-waisted jeans and thin heels


Be careful, these pieces appear as “simple” pieces.

What will make the difference is their quality of course but also the way you will wear them, pay attention to the details : belted dress , rolled up pants above the ankle, rolled up the sleeves , a  big neckline…

Also and always keep in mind the meaning you want to give to outfit . Do all the pieces go towards and contribute to this message?

If not, remove the ones that are too much! Less is more!

4. Dressing up for a birthday party : one single strong and elegant piece

You can bet on a nice strong piece : a printed silk shirt, leather shorts, a mini skirt, a leopard print skirt, a printed dress etc.

But in this case, tone down the rest of the outfit with basics in order not overplaying it!

The loose white t-shirt or the white shirt will be perfect to relax pieces with sequins, embroidery, prints etc.!

For skirts and dresses, avoid opaques tights, they better suited for daytime anyway 

If you don’t want to show too much of your legs, go for semi-opaque 40D and if not, a nice pair of fancy tights, fishnet, feathers or lace, it really makes all the difference!

5. Go little steps after little steps 

If you don’t want to be “noticed”, avoid any  total looks… 

And go rather by drops.

For example, wear your rock boots with a elegant and classy outfit, a bohemian piece with a summer outfit, etc.

Pinterest Inspirations

s'habiller pour une soirée d'anniversaire


Dressing for a birthday party:
a pretty black silk shirt or blouse with a large neckline
and sandals with thin heels,
a mini bag with a metal chain and that’s it!

s'habiller pour une soirée d'anniversaire

Rocky Barnes

If you wear a strong piece, tone down the rest of the outfit!

s'habiller pour une soirée d'anniversaire


Same thing with the leather pieces!
They are very glamorous, perfect for a birthday party!
But if you’re not sure, pair them with basic pieces like this white shirt
(ok, you can close one more button!)

s'habiller pour une soirée d'anniversaire


Dress for a birthday party:
Again a leopard print skirt, a real strong piece, calmed by the very wise white top.
The result: an elegant and stylish outfit….
Imagine the same thing with a black lace top… yes it could be too much!

s'habiller pour une soirée d'anniversaire


A little rock side with a leather pencil skirt and Rockstud pumps,
softened by the sweatshirt that comes to relax the set!

s'habiller pour une soirée d'anniversaire


Here too, the printed pants are calmed by the black silk shirt.

Conseils pour une tenue d'anniversaire stylée

Les babioles de Zoé

The veil top is offset by the jeans… a feminine outfit without overdoing it!

Conseils pour une tenue d'anniversaire stylée


Here the miniskirt is toned down by a fully buttoned shirt.
If your friends are the cool type, you could wear white sneakers with this outfit.
Otherwise you can reinforce the feminine side with ankle boots.

Comment s'habiller pour un anniversaire

Mary Orton

An elegant and stylish outfit with a pleated midi skirt associated with a white shirt.
The earrings, sunglasses and handbag boost the ensemble!

Comment s'habiller pour un anniversaire


Wear a suit with just a bra under the blazer
(or a camisole if #teambigboobs) and offset it with sneakers!

Comment s'habiller pour un anniversaire


The little black dress with accessories… it’s your best friend for birthday parties!
The one who will never let you down!

Comment s'habiller pour un anniversaire

Fashion Jackson

You can wear sequins, if you play them down with jeans!

Comment s'habiller pour un anniversaire


Simple and sexy!
A leather miniskirt and an oversized sweater that falls on the shoulder!
On the feet, minimalist sandals or boots with thin heels!

Let’s chat a bit 

Surely you noticed… There’s a lot of black… but that normal and welcome , black represents Glamorous and who wouldn’t be pleased to bring some, as well as the birthday gift , to the party!

I do hope these ideas will inspire you for your next birthday parties!

How do you usually dress when you’re invited to a birthday party ? Are you the kind of person who thinks about it for a week and finally text the birthday lady to find out what she has planed to wear ? or like me, you re a follower of  free style land last minute choice ? 

Tchin- Tchin! Santé!

Have a wonderful day 

Free hugs and kisses as a birthday topping! 

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