Feminine with Rock Boots

5 free chic-shocks tips

Rock boots are hyper trendy … and super comfortable … but also VERY masculine! Here are 5 tips to wear them without looking like being part of the  SWAT! 

To get a feminine result with these boots that can be quite imposing, you will have to shift them for lightness  and softness. 



5 trails to explore for a feminine outfit with Rock boots:

1. Some styles are more feminine than others

Low boots with studs will be more feminine by nature than lace-up and platform style rangers, but this you knew …

To make the right decision between those 2, make a status report of your wardrobe: 

The strategy:


  • If in your current wardrobe, you have a lot of strong pieces and very feminine pieces, you can start on a rather masculine model that will create a real contrast:  new rock ankle boots, platform rangers etc.
  • For example, if you have veiled dresses, silk tops, lace or guipure pieces, you can opt for a Dr Martens style model.


Your outfits will remain feminine and rock:

  • On the other hand, if you have rather basic or masculine pieces like blazer, straight jeans, sweater, white shirt etc. then I recommend you to go for a low-boots style with studs or buckles which will bring some peppy broad  keep more feminine touch. 

Keep also in mind your body shapes:

  • Avoid “heavy” and compacted effect from platform, lace-up, high shaft models if you have a thick calf (unless it’s to wear with maxi dresses and skirts)

2. For a feminine outfit with rock boots: wear them with feminine pieces


The easiest way to get a feminine result is obviously to combine your rock boots with feminine pieces:

  • Dresses and skirts of any kind,
  • Camisoles/ caraco and bodysuits 
  • Shirts, blouses and tops in guipure, lace,
  • Shirts, blouses with ruffled collar, or Lavaliere,
  • Blouses and sweaters with a large neckline,
  • Sequined pieces, sequins, embroidery : top, jacket, jacket …
  • If you wear your rock boots with pants, prefer a cropped length that stops above the boots.


Show some skin at the level of your neckline or with short sleeves (it is not too much of season, to keep in mind for spring!).

Follow your primary idea and keep thinking to the message you want to populate and the style you want to achieve.

To achieve a rock outfit, you can think of: 

  • a romantic/rock style (BoHo folk and rock)
  • a sophisticated/rock style (with beautiful luxury pieces for example)
  • a glamorous/rock style (with ultra feminine pieces, black short i.e)


Avoid very classic pieces, these won’t achieve the Rock result we’re looking for. 

In the EBOOK Crack your style shell – Be stylish being yourself I’ve listed 9 different feminines styles with a personal test to identify yours. Did your run that test and find out and define your dominant and secondary styles? 

If so, you can use this as a starting point when putting together your feminine and rock outfits…

This way, you’ll have outfits that stick to yourself and in which you feel like yourself (bye bye you being dressed up like everyone else except YOURSELF).

3. For a feminine outfit with rock boots: choose airy and vaporous fabrics:

Airy or light materials such as veil & silk, will bring a contrast with the heavy rock boots.

Especially if you start with new rock ankle boots, rangers, or Dr Martens. 

Always try to combine them with vaporous and light pieces, veil remains the best option. 

You can also wear them with denim or leather if you are like twiggy otherwise it really weighs down the overall outlook  and end up you looking like a SWAT member in his time off … 

If you’re wearing them with a skinny, go for the V neckline top instead of the turtleneck!

Also be careful with the tights also with new rock ankle boots, rangers, Dr Martens:

  • opt for sheer (20D) or semi-opaque (40D) tights rather than opaque ones. Opaque tights may weigh down the overall silhouette 
  • patterned tights will visually thicken the line of the leg (it generally prevails) so if you think your legs are too skinny you can go for them on purpose, if not alway prefer the sobriety of plain tights

 4. Combine your boots with “ladyish” colors

Pink, nude, pastel, purple, mauve…these colors will bring softness to your outfits and will also create an interesting contrast with the rock boots…

Powder pink cashmere sweater, ecru cardigan, pastel camisole/caraco, nude pieces … look in your wardrobe for pieces you are not used to wear in rock outfits and create an asserted and original result!

5. For a feminine outfit with rock boots: accessorize your outfit

As always, accessories can guide your style…

To get a feminine result, we will bet on feminine pieces:

  • Light metal jewelry, fine and delicate.
  • Mini handbag, get it colorful, fresh and bright :  pink, purple, red etc.
  • Light and colorful silk scarf


Caution : belts can pack the look, wear it only if it is really necessary.

Again think about the primary message of your outfit: rock and feminine.

So in your choice of accessories, stay on a rock trend with rather graphic jewelry. This is not the time to take out your ethnic necklaces for example… unless you make us a clever mix of bohemian/rock obviously but this must then be hyper high sharp melting pot.

Pinterest Inspirations


For a feminine outfit with rock boots:

Combine your boots with very feminine pieces like here a skirt or a dress with feathers, a bag with pearls …

Tenue avec une robe noire


Pair your rock boots with a pink accessory for a girly touch!

5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock


The ideal with heavy boots is the dress or skirt in veil or silk.

5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock


Here romantic and rock with a bohemian dress and rock boots.

5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock


Very successful association of a long dress in silk and lace of mauve color and rock boots.

5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock


For a feminine outfit with rock boots:

Put on a veil dress that brings lightness.

5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock


Wear your rock boots with an ultra feminine piece like a mini skirt!
The two are complementary: the miniskirt feminizes the boots, the boots soften the miniskirt.

5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock


Another bohemian/rock look!

5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock


For a feminine look with rock boots and pants, bet on the neckline and fine jewelry!

Tenue féminine avec des Susanna


Or on a silk or printed scarf very feminine!

5 conseils pour une tenue féminine avec des boots rock


Here with a light long dress

Tenue féminine avec des Dr Martens


The leopard silk dress brings fluidity.

Tenue féminine et rock


With a wise dress for a sharp look!

Let’s chat a little?

Not as many as all the rock bands, you still have many ways to combine feminity and Rock boots and end up with a beautiful and stylish wedding! 

Which are your favorites combinations? Did you manage create the contrast by allying 2 radically different kinds? 

It’s such a large concept that I would really like you to tell me about your opinion and way to style rock boots in a outfit 


Have a Wonderfull day! 

Free hugs!

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Zadig & Voltaire