How to be a top sale woman on Vinted

6 fast and furious tips to sell!

I quite often quote Vinted that I discovered three years ago. What is Vinted? It’s a platform for selling second-hand clothes and accessories. Vinted is the best way to get rid of your purchase mistakes or the pieces you got tired of! Today would like to share my 6 tips which drastically improve my sales.

Vinted Tip n°1 : carefully choose the clothes you want to sell 

Make sure the selected items are in excellent condition to prevent any future complaints.

If the item has a small defect, add pictures of the defect and mention it in the description in order to avoid any post-arguments.

Most of my offers are clothes from the fast-fashion brands: Zara, H&M, Mango…

Mid-range clothes (The Kooples, Maje, Sandro, Z&V,  etc.) are more difficult to sell or you have to sacrifice them at lower prices (like 12€ for a shirt) which is, a SHAME even if you don’ t want to keep them any longer. There are other websites which are more appropriate for those kind of clothes. 

The target of vinted buyers is multiplicity and cheapness.

Vinted Tip n°2 : take care of the quality of the pictures, it’s essential!


Ideally, the first picture should be the clothes worn (anyway if you don t have this , they will ask for it …) because the being worn, the display is better than on a hanger.

Encourage the purchase by styling your look on the picture: this will inspire potential buyers, and help them to project themselves into the look.

Put several pictures of your item: front, back, profile sides and also small details of the garment. 

Iron the items before taking pictures of them, they look more new as in a shop ! 

Comment vendre vite et bien sur Vinted

The Comptoir des Cotonniers blouse on its hanger has only 2 “likes”; the pants worn has 85!

Vinted Tip n°3: describe your item in detail

You have to get  the buyer clicking buy”.

Here the steps to achieve that goal: 

  • Describe all the details: lace inserts, pearly buttons etc.
  • Indicate the composition of the garment: 100% cotton etc.
  • Indicate the size in the description and note if the garment is fits small or large versus its size indication.
  • Describe the fit: slim fit, straight fit, etc.
  • Suggest look ideas : perfect shirt to wear with boyfriend jeans for a cool look, or pleated pants for a dressy look. The buyers should be able to project themselves  and know which pieces of their own wardrobe they could combine with 
  • Mention any small defects and take a picture of them so that there is no ambiguity.
  • Indicate if the item is new, as new, worn once or worn very little, this will unlock sales.

Vinted Tip n°4: add # in  your description

Add # before your description, this will include your items in search results and boost the number of views.

Choose relevant # : #Blackskirt36, #straightskirt etc.

Vinted Tip n°5 : define the right price!

Obviously, some people are not humble with their clothes and a little too griddy : 25€ for an H&M T-shirt ….

But don’t forget that if the item is still there, it’s pending for a sale which may never happened! 

Offer attractive prices. Don t forget that the goal is to get rid of the clothes as soon as possible.

Vinted tip n°6: Pay attention to service

As soon as you reach 10 positive reviews, your items become much more visible.

That’s where you should pay attention to the service.

Ship your packages very quickly (within a day max), Vinties love to be delivered quickly and it also prevents them from changing their mind, because once the package is shipped, cancellation is not longer possible. 

Give the option to use Mondial Relay; for big cartoon box it s cheaper and Vinties are looking for 1 or 2€ FREIGHT. 

Answer as quick as possible to any requests : your average response time is followed up in your profile.

People are more likely  willing to raise question or comment to a saleswoman who provides a feedback within the next 4 hours . Even when the requests seem “annoying”, and useless, keep your objective in mind and remain polite and sound happy!  It always pays off in the end!

Put yourself as “unavailable” if you are going on vacation to avoid purchases and delays while you are away!

Pack your items well.

I do use the large plastic envelopes I get for my deliveries (Amazon etc.). I have built up a small stock. It’s very practical because it doesn’t impact the weight of the package (at the beginning I used cardboard shoeboxes but they were too heavy!), it’s really sturdy if you seal them with wide brown adhesive… and it’s free, and prevent additional wastes!!

When there was a little problem in the communication, add a little gift in your package, it often saves your evaluation! I add a little piece of jewelry or a scarf or something…

Check your article well before sending it: clean and neat.

Cut any small threads and iron the garment before sending it!

Let's have a little chat?

Vinted is routine to get! 

Once you get the routine down, it’s a fast track logistic warehouse you are by yourself.

Plus, it a pleasant feeling to think about your clothes be enjoyed at least and again by someone else.

Now as soon as I have decided a clothe to be sold, I ll take the picture and leave it on a hanger separately from the wardrobe, this avoid to iron it again in then first place and keep the selection in my mind as more visible . Also optimize the space in my own wardrobe.

Plus, it a pleasant feeling to think about your clothes be enjoyed at least and again by someone else. 

Be persistent until you get your 10 positive reviews, then you’ll get more visibility!

If you are a beginner, go through your wardrobe and make a big selection of what you have decided to sell, take picture and populate all the item at the same time, first appearance online   give the biggest visibility.


Have a productive day ! Enjoy making someone happy 

Free hugs !


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