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The parka, some of you might think of the it that’s it’s missing its touch of class or it may look too sporty. Let me, at least try to change your mind . The Parka is the ideal jacket for your casual outfits but even better it also temper an outfit that is too sexy or too flashy! 

On top by cold weather, who even the glamorous and most stylish ones on the Earth would not want to bundle up in it! 

Let me say It would be a real pity to refrain yourself from it because, well chosen, the parka suits everyone, that’s just for a start. Let’s see together now,  how to choose it well and how to wear it with style !

How to choose your parka

It’s an unfading item which goes through the years without any wrinkles and not only because of this, it is and will remain as one your timeless piece. 

Although, too make it a wardrobe staple, opt for a plain model and avoid frills. Small details such as leather inserts on the pockets etc. are a plus, as long as they remain sober and discreet.

You’ll want a classic straight cut with a tie at the waist, two large patch pockets, a hood and a soft lining.

It’s a good idea to use water-repellent fabric so that your parka, when it s raining,  allows you not messing around with an umbrella.

As for the length, it should be covering at least below your buttocks to avoid airstreams viciously freezing you.

The material

The dream of a parka is made of 100% cotton, which will reinforce the casual and “rustic” side of the parka.

Parka femme - comment bien la chosiir et comment la porter avec style

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The cut of your parka

Go for a straight cut, with a length below the buttocks to mid-thigh.

Avoid slim-fitting, close-fitting, or very curved styles that won’t be able to break down the expected contrast with very feminine pieces.

The color

As far as possible, avoid a black parka, which does not necessarily pay tribute to the very typical feature and cut of the parka.

Opt for khaki (emblematic) or beige (going off the beaten path).

If you already have a beige trench coat, go for a khaki parka to give yourself as many options as possible to dazzle casual. 


  • If you are in the spring or autumn seasonal color palette (colorimetry) , warm khaki with a hint of yellow (olive) will suit your skin tone better.
  • If you’re in summer or winter seasonal color palette , cooler khaki with a hint of blue is better (see article on khaki here).


But if you have a crush on any model that doesn’t follow your colorimetry, no harm there, don’t panic! 

You can happily break this rule by wearing your parka with a scarf or a foulard  in a color that matches your palette!

Beige is also a color that really brings out the parka.

Again, be careful, there are warm beiges and cooler beiges.

The advice is the same: beige approaching yellow for the spring/autumn seasonal color palette, and pinkish beige for summer/winter seasonal color palette 

The hood of your parka

Parka’s with fur hoods offer a cocooning feel that you want to wrap yourself in.

We’re not going to lie, there’s still progress to be made before synthetic fur gets the delicate and airy aspect and sensation of natural fur.

But natural fur is just not possible…

Antics (1994) now when we could hear and ready « we’d rather go naked than wear fur »  some who were starring for this advert  even turn over their coat !!! 

Unfortunately, natural fur seems to be back on the stage…even in the well-known brand shops!  How the hell is that possible : intensive animal husbandry conditions are that unbearable that pitifully any of the natural fur can be cheaper than synthetic ones . Sorry to say , SHAME. 

I m not a vegan nor an activist but you don’t need to be , to say STOP on behalf all those poor animals who cannot !

Just a tiny thing about the synthetic fur though, try to stay away from fur kind looking like. A dishevelled hyaena or hungry old leopard that you can easily find on cheap shop hangers. 

Rather than too much (of dodgy ), no hood would be better , LESS can Be MORE in that case!


The extra

Take it with the option, lining +  removable hood, your parka will have double use by allowing you to wear it like a military jacket in spring and autumn – clever bugger eh ? 

Parka, t-shirt loose blanc, skinny



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