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Who would believe it? It s everywhere this winter!! The tweed! Today, we’re just about to approach those tweed pieces, exquisitely retro : jacket, skirt, coat or shorts. The tweed is just perfect for winter by offering elegance and cosyness. I can see your eyes raising to heaven…Tweed!?! High chance to look more like being on a hunting trip in Downton Abbey series or Christine Scott Thomas in 4 weddings and in a Funeral than Jacky Kennedy. But that was before its 2022 edition. How to adapt it for a trendy look and banish all its austere  and countryside connotations. 

First of all, what is Tweed, originally?

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Iro Paris

Tweed is a rough woven fabric usually made from wool. It comes in a variety of weights, weaves and colors. The fibers can be woven using plain weave or twill weaves. 

It s rough in surface texture and has been designed for weather resistance and therefore most often found in jacket, coats and suits but nowadays also in winter skirts and pants (on the condition of that it is lined for ultimate comfort) and even handbags. 



Its story

Tweed originally comes from the Hebridean Islands and spread over Scotland, Ireland and also Germany. 

Initially it was the common garnement for farmers and it became popular with the upper classes especially for gentlemen in the 50’s. 

Finally it has been Coco Chanel who foster it to French women’s mind and then all over the world. 

How to dress up with Tweed?

I m not going to fool you by not saying that tweed has a high potential to hit you easily with 10 years more than you have and make you look like a British chatelaine on the decline.

Several options with tweed:

  • Posh style, following Chanel, chic middle class 
  • Countryside style, fashion hunting 
  • Grunge Punk style, fashion tartan Scots 

Keep in mind that if you want to opt for tweed without making yourself look older, the key secret is to offset the pieces.

In the Posh version

Even if your purpose is to opt for the Posh version of the tweed look, like Jackie Kennedy in Chanel, PLEASE avoid then, bun , white shirt and pearl neckless , as well as run away from the Knee length skirt, at least, prefer the Mini!! 

Indeed, shift your Posh side way  with some kind of casual chic or even rock touch. 

For that you can associate your tweed with denim, leather or relaxed pieces and / or introduce a 360° deviation piece like T-shirt vintage, destroyed jeans, sneakers, skinny leather pants etc.

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Jackie, we like you… but your skirt is really too long.

Countryside variant

Pay attention, this is an absolute banana peel ahead … sliding on it can get you older on both sense of the expression !!?!! 

If you wear a check printed tweed coat, riding boots, stop yourselves from looking like a great country lady … by balancing the look with some vintage T-shirt, destroyed jean, caraco with lace, or anything that will assert women’s rebellion.

Comment porter du tweed


That’s it… so even if we love weekends in the country, it’s not exactly the result we are looking for 😉

Punk release

Typically the extreme opposite of what could happen above with the 2 other ways, looking much younger even like a Teenager. 

Therefore if you still fancy this release, 2 suggestions in order to counter the danger be asked you ID:

  • Avoid the complete look 
  • Make and accessories perfectly cared 
Comment porter du tweed


No need to go for a total look!

Tweed without being too traditional : the pieces

You will find tweed as:


  • Jackets and coats 
  • Skirts and Shorts
  • Dresses 
  • Accessories 

Tweed short jacket 

That’s basically the Chanel vest, short and straight.

The asset of this little jacket will be that it can easily become more than feminine piece, a sexy piece, but only if you pick it fitted at the shoulder and sleeve otherwise dressed too wide would make you appear older again. 

Best select a round neck unless if you are a V shape or #teambigboobs , without any neck but with round collar (and let it open).


Regarding the coloring, classic variation of cream, grey or navy blue would make a good deal when Red, Pink or purple shades would enhance tweed even more. 

In any case, tweed is going to provide a real depth to colouring and therefore much easier to offset. 

And again don’t forget that if you are a V shape or #teambigboobs don’t button it up to the top, select it with nice buttons which will will add a little more to your look. 

Volumes overall rule requires that this kind of jacket are more adapted for wearing tight something tight underneath , like all those type of pants :  slim, skinny, boyfriend but quite fitted, girlfriend and these kind of skirts : straight minis, pencil skirt. 

Furthermore, a loose T-shirt , or vintage one, a denim shirt, a Caraco paired with a slim or skinny jeans, all in some Rock or glitter low boots or also a boyfriend jeans and stilettos , both options would perfectly work with your tweed jacket , just as much as the mix Jeans / Sneakers. 

The most important is to play down this rigid aside of what tweed pieces can reflect. 

You can also have it with a leather either mini-skirt or high waist shorts. 

Another possibility could be a printed or vintage T-shirt, a pencil skirt and sneakers. 

The goal is to dismiss anything that seems to strict: shirt, pleated trousers etc. 

And to dodge the risk of « growing age gracefully » ensure at least to have one piece very feminine in your outfit: 

  • Caraco or body in silk or lace 
  • Stilletos or high heels 
  • High waist skirt, pants or shorts

Fitted waist tweed blazer

It s the one short and waisted, plaid, in style of Vivienne Westwood. 

It emphasizes the chic countryside style if it designed in brown or kaki… or points out a Punk look if red or grey! 

It usually has one or two buttons and can be belted and might be close-fitting.


The same as for the straight  and short jacket, it goes well with a midi-skirt to a long dress which you would then have to spice up with an original top or flashy or Rock boots, even stacked heels boots for a look closer to vintage style. 

Always in the « retro » spirit, you can stitch it with cropped straight jeans and a pair of babies. 

If the jeans is destroy, even dare the Claudine or Victorian collar. 

Tweed coat

Tweed coats are a a lot to be seen this season. 

Caution to the mix and match! Follow the primary asset of tweed which is to keep you warm so choose it with the maximum of wool. 

Straight cut, just a little oversize to embrace the current trend. 

Pay attention to the check prints size that may give the feeling to swallow you up. I ll suggest to opt for length: over the knee, classical form though, you will need to shift it the same way as the jackets. 

Unless you would like to follow the « Neo chic bourgeois » trend , I’ll advise you to leave well alone from associating very classic pieces: straight skirt, black pleated pants, lavaliere, jabots, mocassins etc. 

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Tweed mini-skirt

It’s about the most classic allure of what a mini skirt can mean. 

Pick it straight and mini!

Ideally, and to look relaxed and casual, wear it together with big weave knitwear.  

Although a body or a printed shirt would work fine too.

On your feet, high boots would hit the spot , otherwise ankle boots or low boots “Rock style” or glitter for example.

Winter tweed shorts 

Hight waist and maybe belted, that’s the best way. 

Here as mentioned before, try to divert it with big weave knitwear and high boots for example , alternatively with socks up to the knees over opaques tights. 

Or else, go for the tomboy style with braces and slip into high boots flared at the top, in the style of Chat Botté! 

Don’t restrict yourself from throwing on winter shorts even if you think your thighs are too thick, you only need to find the one : loose enough that it doesn’t enclose your legs and half thigh length, this will visually refine your silhouette. 

Comment porter du tweed : Short tweed The Kooples

The Kooples

Quid of the tweed suit?

Tweed : how to wear it ?


Or walk on eggshells??!! It’s not irrealistic… but is quite a challenge due to its strict feature. 

Break it down with tops, shoes (“rock style” boots sneakers) or a fancy handbag or simply wear the shorts version, rather than the skirt, the latest would make the complete suit far too classic! 

Pinterest inspirations

Tweed : how to wear it ?


A tweed jacket is a strong piece that will give character to a simple outfit:
here with a white t-shirt and black jeans.

Tweed : how to wear it ?


The tweed jacket will fit very well in outfits with a rock spirit!

Tweed : how to wear it ?


This tweed mini skirt is softened and relaxed by the large mesh.
The high waist makes it more feminine.

Tweed : how to wear it ?

Collection 201

The tweed coat keeps you warm but beware it can swallow you up!

Tweed : how to wear it ?


Tweed adds flair to an outfit with jeans and a chunky sweater.

Tweed : how to wear it ?

Sincerely Jules

A tweed miniskirt offset and relaxed by sneakers.

Tweed : how to wear it ?


Here also the long jacket in tweed comes to soften the jeans destroy.

Tweed : how to wear it ?


Attention, if you opt for a look in a style voluntarily “too much” with tweed jacket + lace + pearls and rhinestone brooch,
it will be necessary a very strong shift with the bottom, for example boyfriend jeans and sneakers!

Tweed : how to wear it ?


Here also the tweed skirt is relaxed by the knitted sweater and the rock boots.

Tweed : how to wear it ?


A tweed coat is a piece of character!

Tweed : how to wear it ?


Pair a tweed jacket with a vintage tee for a sharp look!

Tweed : how to wear it ?


Here also the tweed jacket is shifted in a rock look that suits him perfectly!

Tweed : how to wear it ?

Fashion Jackson

Colored tweed brings light and softness to winter outfits.

Tweed : how to wear it ?


A tweed bag will give a touch of seriousness to your outfit!
Ideal with a casual or rock look for example!

Tweed : how to wear it ?


Serious and chic outfit but still shifted by the jeans.

Let’s chat?

So what do you think of tweed? Do you have any tweed pieces in your wardrobe? How do you wear them? Have you picked up this habit of twisting those classic style pieces?

At first glance, you wouldn’t necessarily fall for a tweed piece… but what we need to keep in mind (and this is where our approach differs from anything you’ve done before to find your style) is that beyond the piece itself, we’re going to consider the possibilities it allows.

And I think that’s really what’s important to reach your goal and have a more accomplished, more assertive style!

Of course there are pieces that you love, pieces that you flash on…

Then there are also pieces that don’t necessarily put us in a trance at the beginning… but for which we realize that we are ultra fan of the possibilities they offer… Because what matters is not the piece itself but the overall result, the look in general … the combination of several pieces.

And a tweed piece is clearly one of those pieces that allows you to assert your style. Because you’re going to wear it with a shift… and right away, that shift brings a sharp style… you’re not in the style anymore… you know what I mean?

Come tell me all about it in comments if you have a moment!

Have a nice day!


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