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How to wear black (well?)

Not to repeat myself but as my mother keep saying, only the stupids don’t change their mind!! 

So if you think this just it and I am trying hard not to be stupid and starts to talk about black when, all those weeks, article by article I m hammering your brain and your soul to stay away from black… you are mistaken, but I’ll give fairly this back to you… I would be falling in the same trap as you. The ones that are not stupid are you, because my first view about Black remains the same, with only one exception though is that we are more and more close to Spring and Summer, season where you can see growing all these beautiful flowers, like you are wearing neutral color, bright color, prints, pastel, blue, pink, red, yellow! You even wear colored shoes! 

So since I am contradictory soul, I’ve decided to talk about that color which is nowhere seen under the sunlights, BLACK – black is back and renewed!

Wearing black (well): what pieces should you have?

There are some black pieces that I recommend  to have in your perfect wardrobe!

  • A little black dress in knit for winter, in silk for summer. Always keep it simple, so that you can accessorize it as you wish.

  • A black skater skirt for casual looks worn with sneakers or dressed up with pumps or heels.

  • A black straight skirt to wear with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look or with pumps or heeled booties for a working girl look.

  • A leather mini-skirt to wear with flat heeled boots or sneakers;  nice cashmere sweater in winter; a loose tank top in summer.

  • A blazer for dressy and casual-chic looks, to wear with dresses, skirts, pants, shorts.

Comment bien porter la couleur noire, ici un monochrome noir



  • Black masculine pants paired with T-shirt and sneakers for a casual looks, with pumps and a silk camisole for dressier looks.

  • A black skinny or slim fit jeans with;  rock boots and a leather perfecto for rock looks; with sneakers for casual style;  with pumps or heeled sandals for dreessier looks.

  • A black silk shirt, ideal for your evening looks.

  • A loose black tank top.

  • A black camisole/caraco or a black lace top.

  • A small short black cardigan.

  • A black wool coat.

  • A black leather perfecto for rock looks or to bring some fun and peppy to conventional and austere outfits.

Association noir et rose nude


Association noir et kaki


Association beige et noir


Black is very orientated glamorous, sensuality, red carpet, femme fatale.

Black is a symbol of elegance and can give a sophisticated side to an outfit.

But be careful … there are 2 statements with black:

  • it …


  • How to wear black (well),
  • Which pieces should be in black,
  • With which other colors, black should be combined to get successful outfits,
  • Which combinations should be avoided,
  • Tips for creating really elegant black monochromes or  ultra glamorous total black look!
  • Pinterest inspirations: all the outfit ideas to wear black with a maximum of style!

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