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The trench coat, over all , is the MID Season  jacket and an essential  basic item of our wardrobes, if not the ONE.

In the past it was releasing a lot of formalism and classic image.

It has now completely changed its overtones and is now assimilated to casual or rock looks.

The trench coat, if well chosen, is a real timeless wardrobe essential. You can keep it for years and get fun by using as your chameleon item for many different kind of looks.

How to choose your trench coat ?

The trench coat, if well chosen, is a real timeless wardrobe. You will be able to keep it for years and have fun changing it in many different looks.

The material

Choose your trench coat in a fairly thick fabric, preferably cotton canvas.  Cotton canvas was invented (and patented) by Thomas Burberry in the late 19th century.

It is a cotton fabric that has been treated to make it airtight and waterproof, weatherproof, actually. Long rain coats are usually made of this material and are called gabardines in French and Burberries in English.

Choose a soft gabardine (canvas) with refined seams.

Trench et marinière


I would encourage to burst your purse for a trench coat, the genuine version , because it s such an unconditional and timeless item.

I’m not  fan of the very fluid models in synthetic materials that are currently available in fast-fashion stores.

Only good thing with them and in my opinion, they can be added to your wardrobe if you already own an authentic and the classic trench coat.

trench et jean mom


The cut of your trench coat

There is the school of thoughts for, strictly, the vintage straight trench coats and another cult for  trench coats that are adjusted or even curved.

Before all, the important thing is to choose the right size : we don’t want a tent neither a sleeping bag. 

If you are small and/or thin, choose a large collar.

If you have marked shoulders, opt for a small collar.

The color of your trench coat

When it comes to your first purchase, your first trench coat, best is to go for a timeless and soft color: cream, beige, camel.

It’s best to avoid black, which will  be far too formal and more difficult to match unless you re mounted police officer. 

Also prefer double-breasted trench coat.

Trench et short en jean



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