Total Denim Look


Sometimes cheesy, sometimes trendy… The total denim look, whether you love it or hate it, remains an easy and accessible way to compose  cool and stylish looks with most of the basics of our wardrobes… It would be a shame to go without it… Here are some tips for stylish and feminine total denim looks!

Tips for a stylish denim look

The colors in a denim total look 

You have three options  :

1. The monochrome


Total look jean blouson jean + jupe en jean


Every pieces is the same denim shade :

  • used shirt or jacket + used jeans, shorts or skirt
  • bleached shirt or jacket + bleached jeans, shorts or skirt
  • stone shirt or jacket + jeans, shorts or skirt stone
  • raw shirt or jacket + raw jeans, shorts or skirt
  • etc.


2. The contrasting


total look jean pantalon brut



The top and bottom are two contrasting colors of denim.

Generally we wear the darkest color at the bottom, it refines the silhouette.

For example , used shirt + raw bottom.


 3. Two different colors of denim 

Total look jean slim écru


In my mind I think of  of the ecru denim that is often found on pants, shorts or skirts.

You can associate it with a used or raw shirt.

I really recommend that combination  because it gives casual-chic summer looks rather stylish!

But be careful, if you have an A-line silhouette or generous legs, it won t work in your favor.

On the other hand, pairing a denim shirt with black denim jeans, shorts or skirt will get everyone happy and on the same page, even if I’ll give that to you, it’s not the most exceptional look but it gets the job done.


‼️ What to avoid :

The somewhat half-half  combination where the message is unclear sailing between a monochrome or a contrasting denim look.

The outcome is not clear-cut 

It happens with « stoned color », something in between…

I advise you to stay on the used or raw indigo.


« Ladyficating » a total denim look 


Total look jean slim écru


A 100% denim look, it looks very casual and it can quickly overturn to a « builder »  style, like worker uniform.

So the key point here is to feminize your outfit!

In the very first place, it’s about how you wear your denim pieces :

  • shirt widely unbuttoned (even if it means wearing it over a silk and lace camisole),
  • shirt sleeves rolled up (it changes everything)
  • shirt tucked into pants, shorts or skirt
  • pants worn cropped or 7/8 length

Then top it up with some girly accessories : mini handbag, basket, jewelry, belt with a nice buckle and of course well make up lips! 

And complete the whole, with very feminine shoes :

  • pumps
  • babies
  • slingbacks / salomés 
  • high heeled sandals
  • high heeled boots

Converse and sneakers also work but give a decidedly casual look.

Flashy shoes will work great in a total denim look : leopard, coral, floral print, metallic, sequins etc.

The cowboy denim look

Total look jean slim écru


Until recently, when it came to the total denim look, it was advised to be extra careful with the cowboy look… like it was a bit tacky and you risked being stoned by the fashion patrol.

But for the past two years, we’ve been witnessing a folk/cow girl wave… which will take on a tsunami-like quality this season.

The boots, icon of this fantasy revival of the 90s, of which we said two years ago “well ok, for the fantasy but the boots no anyway … do not exaggerate!” … these boots would almost steal the show to our dear sneakers.

Until recently, talking about total denim look was easily referring to Cow-boy look, from which it was necessary to be reckless to adopt it … almost like entering in a saloon in which the fashion police could wait and shout for arrest so cheesy it could look ! 

But for the last two years, we have been witnessing a folk/cow girl wave… such big as it will turn to be a tsunami very soon ! 

The cow boy boots, the most iconic piece of this look, those ones we would have said 2 years ago « well ok for denim but the boots and why not also the cow ! Too overzealous ». Despite all our narrow mindsets,  boots would almost steal the show to our dear sneakers.

And as fashion is an eternal restart… with some adjustments .. the 2022 version of the boots are a bit whimsical than their forefathers of the 90s : metallic, fluorescent, colored etc..

So this year, if you want to be a cowgirl… go ahead, no restrictions, no fashion police stopping you, it will even clap hands to celebrate you as the ultimate trendy chic lady . 

This summer, wear your jean shorts (Vintage chews brand , remember !! ) with a jean shirt, a studded camel belt, ankle boots or suede boots… and if fearless like a cow girl, you can add a hat, a fringed bag, a bandana… and even a necklace with a turquoise stone that closes around your neck… like our national Johnny Hallyday, our French version of James Dean …

If you want a wiser version, just go for a total look and a single cowboy accessory, folk boots for example.

Here are some ideas for a total denim look :

  • belted denim shirt worn over a high waist slim or skinny 7/8 length + minimalist heeled pumps or sandals
  • denim shirt + straight, slim or skinny jeans worn cropped + nude sandals or pumps
  • used denim shirt + black denim slim or skinny + coral pumps
  • used denim shirt + used boyfriend jeans + leopard pumps
  • used denim shirt + boyfriend jeans + patent babies
  • denim shirt + denim shorts + western boots or santiags
  • denim shirt + denim shorts + sandals
  • denim shirt + denim mini skirt + sneakers
  • denim shirt + denim pencil skirt + heeled sandals
  • oversized denim jacket (+ loose t-shirt or camisole) + denim slim or skinny + pumps
  • oversized jean jacket (+ vintage t-shirt) + jean skirt + boots

Pinterest Inspirations

Total look denim

Jennifer Lopez

An ultra feminine total denim look thanks to the skinny and the pumps!

Les babioles de zoe chemise et short en jean

Les Babioles de Zoé

The total denim look with denim jacket, denim shirt and denim shorts.
The deep neckline allows to feminize the outfit.

Total look denim


Denim + skinny jacket, classic, but effective thanks to a good balance of volumes!

Total look denim pantalon

Julia Roberts

Well, I think it’s Julmie Roberts, right?!
Used shirt and darker jeans… a combo that works very well

Total look jean jupe crayon


Denim shirt and denim pencil skirt… a feminine and casual combination!

Total look jean années 90


Total snow look… and mega oversize…
is it really wearable elsewhere than during fashion week ????

Look jupe et chemise en jean olivia palermo

Olivia Palermo

Here also denim shirt and denim pencil skirt for an ultra feminine look!

Total look jean style lovely

Style Lovely

The minimalist sandals bring a touch of glamour to this outfit.

look jean vintage jeanne damas

Jeanne Damas

Belted denim jacket and flare jeans for a vintage outfit with style!

Chemise en jean et short en jean


Ultra casual for summer!
Remember to always roll up the sleeves of your shirt!

Chemise en jean look boyish



Look Anne Le dressing idéal

Le Dressing Idéal

A casual monochrome for Anne from Dressing Ideal!

Shall we chat ?

Is the total denim look something you usually and easily wear ? 

I have to say, that for me, it was a look that I tend to wear for more casual occasions or if not, then with a white skinny jeans. 

But the inspirations I discovered while writing this article made me want to try out versions that are a bit more diverses and elegant! 

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