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Thigh-High boots have long suffered from a sulfurous reputation, who doesn’t remember sexy Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and before all, her shoes rather than a job.

Nevertheless and hopefully, fashion goes by cycle and for our great joy, they, finally, been  recently rehabilitated in the fashion-victim’s dressing room.  Ultra comfortable, they add a little layer of thermal protection to our legs in winter and give character to an outfit. Interesting… But caution, the path to « Stylish with Thigh High boots » is tortuous let’s see how to choose your Thigh-High boots and how to wear them with style! 

But first, does thigh high boots suit to anyone? 


In my opinion, all is allowed as fashion is a at first, creativity !

On the other hand, the thigh high boot is a piece that you clearly have to assume!

The prejudice is a bit weird, after all it is the only boot that covers the leg …. 

If the model is well chosen and combined with elegant pieces, made with noble materials, thigh-high boots can be worn at any age.

Thigh-high boots will enhance slim legs more than those with a few curves.

But again, if the model is not too tight, they can be suitable for thicker legs too.

How to choose your thigh high boots 

The material of your thigh high boots

The quality of the material of your thigh high boots is the most important point of this article because it is what will really make all the difference between a stylish and feminine result and a more vulgar one.

The thigh high boot & cheap don’t agree to each other. It’s as simple as that.  Anything cheap will make it look gross !

Cuissardes : comment bien les choisir et les porter avec style !

Tieland Stuart Weitzman

So forget about leatherette or vegan leather and go for leather, I mean the real (genuine)  leather. But ,and you knew this was not the end,  not any real leather.

Smooth leather is more difficult to wear. It really draws attention to the leg (I’m not even talking about patent leather, which is even more difficult to wear).

That’s why I recommend that you go for a Nubuck or suede leather that will bring softness to your looks.

In the first prices, you will find textile , suede leatherette. I have mixed feelings about this type of finish, but they may be suitable if you’re not completely sure of what you want and don’t want to invest a lot of money before confirming your love for the thigh high boots !

The cut

What distinguishes the thigh-high boot from other boots is obviously the height of the shaft, which stops above the knee.

The height of the shaft can range from just above the knee to mid-thigh.

There are two cuts of thigh high boots :

  • the « sock » one, which completely mould the leg from the thigh to the ankle. This is best reserved for thin legs;  Unless, of course, it s an asserted choice , which I congratulate !
  • the “funnel” waders: the top of the shaft is slightly flared and the boot follows the leg without completely moulding it. This type of thigh high boots is  far easier  and convenient to wear.
Cuissardes : comment bien les choisir et les porter avec style !
Cuissardes : comment bien les choisir et les porter avec style !

Thigh high boots “socks” Mayani CosmoParis

Thigh high boots “funnel” Tieland Stuart Weitzman

The heels

This is where the final set is played ! 

The stiletto heel….flash back to  “Pretty Woman”! It’s back in the spotlight this autumn… Well, to be honest, I’d recommend the heels that you can easily wear on a daily basis!


Cuissardes tieland stuart weitzman

Tieland Stuart Weitzman

Be careful with low-heeled thigh high boots. 

They can have a constricting effect.

I recommend them if you are not yet on the fashion shows but look like you could be, leg wise.

On the other hand, prefer a heel of at least 5 to 6 cm if you are short or have curves.  Gaining height will « extend » and refine your legs (by optical effect LOL,  shoe shop is not a surgery clinic)


Tenue avec des cuissardes et une robe en jean


The toe box

Here as well keep wise and prefer almond toe rather than pointed toe.

The size

I advise you to start with a half size above your usual shoe size so that you can wear high socks under your thigh high boots.

This will protect your tights or allow you to wear your thigh high boots bare-legged when it is not too cold.

Cuissardes : comment bien les choisir et les porter avec style !


Cuissardes : comment bien les choisir et les porter avec style !


The color

Go for a neutral color: black, grey or navy blue so that you can combine your thigh high boots with as many colors as possible. 

Light colors such as beige, cream and nude can be very tempting but will not be the most practical boots in winter…

And watch out for light colors, the rule applies for legs too, those colors tend to amplify the shapes so apart if Flamingo’s legs, I would untick the box.


The finishes

Bet for strictly plain and sober. Except for a lace to tie them, we avoid all superfluous  such as studs, rhinestones etc. 

Thigh high boots are enough on their own!


Cuissardes : comment bien les choisir et les porter avec style !



Go for a plain and simple  suede or nubuck pair in a dark neutral color, with a flat heel if you are tall and thin  and a cuban heel in other cases.



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