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Socks… an unusual and futile subject? You are wrong, on top of  keeping us warm, wearing socks is super trendy… 

First a small but important detail: 

When I talk about socks or their little sisters, the ankle socks, I mean pretty socks, not the old pilled and faded black socks that are lying around in our drawers, missing its soul mate!

There are now very nice models of socks: cashmere, twisted, lurex, lace, fishnet …and those are the one we re focusing on today! 

There ’s 2 ways and occasions to take particular focus on:

Stylish looks ideas with socks : Pants + Socks + booties 

This way  remains quite “classic”, not too much risk-taking!

Wear your pants rolled up above the ankle and in the loose gap (skin appearing) between ankle/ booties , put your pretty cashmere socks, wool or in a cotton-cashmere mixture, z-folded. 

Opt for neutral and contrasting colors (ecru, mottled grey…).

Make sure your socks are not too thick, they would not be comfortable in your booties. 

Stylish looks ideas with socks : Pants ( or skirt or dress) + ankle socks + sneakers

Instead of the traditional mini socks (which slip all the time), opt for a nice pair of visible socks in lace, fishnet, lurex, frilly.

They will definitely bring a touch of chic add femininity to your outfit.

Roll up your pants high enough to leave a small strip of skin and the top of the sock visible.

With your sneakers, you can also wear the cashmere or wool socks mentioned above, which will reinforce the casual side of the outfit, though. 

Stylish looks ideas with socks:

Leggings + socks + boots

Wear slightly thicker socks and pull them up, z- folded on your leggings.

You can wear biker boots, Rangers, lace-up boots, Timberland, flat Chelsea boots or high cuban heels booties. 

Stylish looks ideas with socks :

Dress ( or skirt ) + socks + booties

You can wear the same type of thick socks with a straight dress, a sweater dress or a skirt, over opaque tights, by pleating them on the ankle (a bit like spats).

Stylish looks ideas wirh socks:

Dress (or skirts) + knee socks

Preppy, sexy britney , sock me baby!!!

Wear high socks (above the knee) over your tights to give a thigh-high boots effect.

Add derbies, flat heels or lace-up boots.

You can wear this combo with a skater skirt, a printed dress or your little black dress or even better, with winter shorts.

For your knee-high socks, choose charcoal gray, navy, black or a dark color that will lengthens the line of the leg.

Make sure you choose a pair of socks that will stay in place without rolling up the thigh.

Stylish looks ideas with socks : ankle socks + stilettos / high heel pumps or babies

Finally the ultimate trend but I reckon it s quite a challenge in our countryside… wear plumetis, lurex, lace socks with your pumps or your babies.

This is clearly out of your comfort zone! It’s a high level take-off and a very sharp  and asserted look.

I suggest you start with a pair of ankle socks matching the color of your booties then once you are more confident  and you have mastered the style, you can break off and go for colored or fancy colored ankle socks!

Another possibility is to start with socks halfway between the usual sock length  and the knee-high sock like on the header picture of this article.

This sock option will allow you to wear open shoes even when it starts to get cooler … and have play with your style!

Obviously we stay on very thin socks not to widen the shoes or weigh down the leg.

And don’t forget to have fun and show creativity, make them smell great.

How to choose your socks and ankle socks

Fancy socks (lurex, fishnet, lace etc.) are often made of synthetic material, difficult to escape.

There are a lot of brands that now offer pretty socks, the best known being Calzedonia.

Otherwise for thicker socks, I really recommend you to be careful with the material.

It is also difficult to find socks in 100% natural materials (unless you pay 60€ for a pair of socks), but try to limit the synthetic part to 10 or 20% max.

For about 20 Euros, you can find socks in wool blends or in cotton + cashmere (those I prefer) with a reasonable presence of synthetic.

Cashmere allows the socks to become softer over time as for everything in Cashmere. 

Too much synthetic will make your socks look cheap, and they will make you sweat without keeping you warm.

Get the idea of scratchy, itchy wool socks out of your head! Don’t worry, they don’t exist anymore, and fortunately, otherwise I couldn’t wear socks because it’s just unbearable!

The natural materials are breathable and keep warm.

So yes, putting 20€ in a pair of socks, it may seem excessive but don’t forget that your feet are to be treat as it is them walking you on the stage of style. 

Socks are a real style asset and will keep you warm.

Rather than buying a trinket at Zara that would also cost you 20€, treat yourself to a really nice pair of socks, you won’t regret it!

Pinterest inspirations

Idée de looks stylés avec des chaussettes


Wearing fishnet socks with pumps is a good way to get started!
Here it clearly boosts the black pants.

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes à plumetis noires

Here in feathered version, worn with a skirt.

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes à plumetis blanches


White feathers are a must for your stylish looks with socks!

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes fantaisie


Nice knee-high socks that also allow you to start with something rather thin.

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes à paillettes

Make My Lemonade

Lurex socks worn over feathery tights
go very well with the suede leather of the pumps.

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes avec des escarpins

Pinterest *

Pretty feathered socks that add style to a simple pair of raw jeans.

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes montantes

Les Éclaireuses

Wear high socks and boots with a skirt or mid-thigh shorts.

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes avec des baskets


Wear fancy socks with sneakers.

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes à volants


Wear fancy lace ruffle socks with derbies
to bring a feminine touch to a masculine outfit.

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes et des escarpins vernis (style rétro)

Socks and square toe pumps for a very 60’s look.

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes montantes et une jupe patineuse


Wear high socks, a skater skirt and derbies for a preppy look.

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes à sequins et des sneakers blanches

The Guest

Here again, a nice pair of fancy socks that give some punch to a simple pair of white
to a pair of simple white sneakers.

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes montantes avec une robe noire


Wear a little black dress with high socks for a super stylish look
(not necessary to wear such high heels)

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes épaisses avec des escarpins


Wear thicker socks with pumps for a trendy look!

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes épaisses et des Chelsea boots


Thick socks and boots.
If you wear a skirt or shorts, you can wear your socks over your tights in winter.

Looks stylés avec des chaussettes montantes et des collants à plumetis

Wearing socks over feathery tights is a nice look too.

Looks stylés avec des socquettes à plumetis et des escarpins vernis


Wear socks with platform pumps for a retro look.

Let ’s chat a few 

What about you? Britney or Flash dance way ? Or just not convinced ?  What do you think about this trend? Do you have any fancy socks? Which ones are your favorites? How do you wear them? 

Such a common thing that we just forget about but don’t you want this little extra something, add to socks primary use,  the style and the embellishment to the tip of your toes ? 

If you feel the mood to go further into details, check the EBOOK The Magic Wizard : Boost any of your outfits


Have a Wonderfull day!

Free hugs !

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