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Sneakers … this is the term used for trainers when they are not worn in sportswear but in streetwear. Until recently, sneakers were exclusively aimed at gyms and sports fields. Today and for our great joy, they have occupy a pride place in fashionistas ‘s wardrobes from all over the world and have become an absolutely essential style weapon! Let’s check together how to choose your sneakers and how to wear them with style!

Pairing trainers with an urban and classy outfit, a small revolution in style!

You wearing sneakers, are you on your way to your sports club? This was the prejudice …previously 

Let’s have a little aside to start with:

I know that for some of you, trainers are shoes that only belong to sports bag.

To make it crystal clear, 10 years ago, no one imagined wearing a pleated midi skirt with trainers (since in those far-off days, sneakers were still called trainers).

That was then !!

Before fashion designers (like Isabel Marant) started putting a pair of wedge trainers on the catwalk, now I probably mess you up a little.

To be read «  Isabel Marant : une marque, une histoire »

Sneakers Bekett Isabel Marant

The mythical Bekett Isabel Marant
The ones by whom the revolution arrived…

Sneakers have, without us even noticing, crept into our daily lives to become completely omnipresent.

And why such a dazzling success that promises to be long-lasting?  

Simply because they have a real stylistic interest:

  • They  for sure calm down outfits that are too sexy, too strict, too classic, simply TOO MUCH… Sneakers mitigates the “too much” effect of pieces with too high overtones!


  • They allow you to relax outfits that are too serious: the pleated midi skirt that can leasily « grandmothering » , the floral print dress, the trouser-blazer suit etc.


  • And finally, let give them back  their original  benefits and asset which is comfort and ease, whatever we say , being stylish and comfy is not anything we can ever put aside ❤️.


Sneakers allow you to create trendy looks with a lot of fantasy and fun while being super comfortable, and I think that’s perfectly aligned with the current fashion and way of live.

The 2020 woman claims the right to comfort and the right to have fun with her outfits… DARE AND DON T WORRY !!!

The trainer is the perfect fashion weapon for this.

You doubt about a too short or split skit, a plunging neckline? Sneak your sneaker out !!

You’re afraid to be too oldish with our Peter Pan collar (col Claudine) and your pleated trousers? Sneak your sneakers out!! 

Easy peesy sneaky.

Sneakers will soften  and relax your look if it is too sexy and boost it if it is too classic.

It’s magical ❤️! It works every single time!

You have to walk all day  long but don’t want to sacrifice your style and be in pain ? Sneak your sneakers out !

In addition, sneakers allow you to dare and assert your sexy outfits more easily because you will be walking prettily and comfy since your feet won’t suffer anymore!

Any other questions or doubts ?

Can you wear sneakers at any age ?


Surely and of course you can !

Girls, above all, but truly above all principles or mindsets, do not even have a piece of doubt to wear sneakers because you think that it is reserved for teenagers or that you re not in the right age group for it!


Gazelle Adidas roses

Gazelle at Adidas

If you some sorts of concerns,  start then with a pair of very « wise » sneakers, like the Gazelle from Adidas for example, which are also the most comfortable shoes in the world!

You’ll soon feel the taste of it.

You could start by wearing them at the weekend before including them into your office outfits if the dress code allows it…

How to choose your sneakers, the best way ?

Since sneakers have come to the forefront, brands and designers have figged up their brains and increased their creativity to offer limited editions and very original models.

Actually, sneakers are a source of inspiration , stand for a lot of creativity due to their very varied shapes and materials.

Currently, very sporty type of sneakers, are stealing the stage from wedge trainers and other more « wise » and soft tennis shoes, the ones that brought sneakers back into fashion, isn t it a irony !! 

The material

Leather of course!

And if the insole is made of leather, that’s even better!

In this case, you can even wear your trainers barefoot without the risk of bad smell because leather is breathable.

The material is really what makes the difference between cheap sneakers and others much more expensive!

Even when the models look the same, it is often the quality of the leather and the leather insole that will impact the price.

Basket Eugene Canal Saint Martin

Canal Saint Martin

The cut

Low top or high top sneakers?

Follow your crush or the the usual rule :

  • If you’re short, go for low top sneakers. You can opt for a model with a thick sole that will make you a few centimeters taller. 
  • If you are tall, you can afford anything!

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

Rather Running or Tennis version?

I suggest both:

  • Tennis sneakers because they bring style and sobriety to an outfit (Stan Smith, Superstar, Golden Goose etc.)
  • Running sneakers because they are super comfortable and trendy (Air Max, Huarache, Falcon, Balenciaga, New Balance etc.). 



The size

I usually over-size by at least half a shoe size, to be comfortable!

I advise you to do the same, the sneakers should not be too tight!

Be careful though! Adidas for example, size large.

And at Golden Goose Deluxe, you have to take into account the fact that they are Italian shoes , which means a size 35 will therefore correspond to a French 36.



The color

If you want to match them with as many pieces as possible, go for plain and neutral ones (white, grey or black).

If you already have a pair in a neutral color, go for fluorescent, multi-colored or printed ones that will boost and add some punch in  your outfits.


Something else to consider : 

  • If your wardrobe is mostly made up of neutral colored pieces, prefer flashy sneakers.
  • If your wardrobe is mostly made up of strong pieces, go for neutral colored sneakers

Rather plain & soft or colorful 

If you have any dangerous voluptuous curves, choose dark and plain sneakers that will streamline your silhouette  and stay away from  plain white ones that can have a compacting effect.

If you are svelte, add volume with light colored trainers.



If you have an androgynous silhouette, avoid running shoes that will reinforce the masculine side and go for fancy printed sneakers instead , sequined sneakers etc. in order to feminize your look.

I.E : Adidas Stan Smiths versus Adidas Falcon sneakers : 

The first are more standard classic and soft when the latest are more « fancy & funky »


Try to be strategic by combining styles and colors, for example by having :


  • a pair of white running shoes (Air Max) + a pair of flashy or printed tennis shoes (Golden Goose leopard)
  • a pair of flashy running shoes (fluorescent New Balance) + a pair of white tennis shoes (white Stan Smith)

Our favorite brands


$$$ Budget : between 80 à 600€

How to wear sneakers with style ?

To break up their “sporty” side, the best would be to offset them!

Avoid combining them with “sporty” pieces such as jogging suits for example (unless you are wearing a very feminine top like a camisole for example).

Wear them with chic or rock pieces.

Don’t forget to feminize your outfit with jewels.

Trainers and bold jewels match superbly.

Which outfits with your sneakers ?

You can wear your trainers with :

  • slim, skinny, boyfriend, mom, straight cropped, flare cropped jeans,
  • cigarette trousers,
  • pleated trousers
  • masculine trousers,
  • chino trousers 
  • and so on and so for 


Robe longue imprimée et sneakers blanches

Before all and for all , the trousers must be short enough to show the ankle (ideally 7/8th trousers or trousers rolled up). 

  • a short jumper dress, a large knit midi jumper dress, a silk wrap dress, a long dress with a floral print, a tight dress,
  • a mini skirt, a pleated skirt, a skater skirt, a split  skirt, a pencil skirt, a midi skirt.


If your sneakers are very colorful or  printed & fluorescent, wear them with a neutral or monochrome outfit to highlight them and your  overall look!

Sneakers et blazer


Which jacket with your sneakers ?

You can dare any jackets! 


  • casual jackets to emphasis the “casual” essence of the sneakers: parka, military jacket, denim jacket, etc (but think of adding a feminine piece to the outfit!).
  • a very «  formal » and « smart »  jacket to make the point : black blazer, double-breasted blazer, trench coat
  • a “rock” jacket: leather jacket or perfecto
  • a feminine jacket: short denim jacket, tweed jacket



Which socks with your sneakers

The socks, if they are classic, should not be visible, so you can opt for invisible mini-socks (you can easily find them in supermarket even , with a correct composition, mostly cotton-based, and at very competitive prices).

Or and may be  the socks are a big part of the overall outfit and in this case, you can opt for some nice fancy socks.

You’ll find some very nice models at affordable prices at Calzedonia!

Sneakers et chaussettes fantaisie à sequins
Les Babioles de Zoé - sneakers Golden Goose Deluxe et sac léopard Bobbi Jerôme Dreyfuss

Les Babioles de Zoé

Which accessories with your sneakers 

If your trainers are quite plain, don’t hesitate to combine them with flashy accessories to add salt & pepper to your outfit!

On the other hand, if they are fluorescent, printed, etc. , go for neutral colored accessories.


The key word :  wear your sneakers in a contemporary style meaning OFFBEAT 

Use them to tone down sexy pieces, to give a fancy and glancy  side to strict or classic pieces!

Dare the fun !

Mix and match

Here some outfits ideas to combine sneakers to other timeless and basics pieces of your wardrobe :

White cotton poplin shirt

+ Raw jeans (straight, slim or skinny jeans)

+ Flashy sneakers

Loose white T-shirt

+ Flare cropped jeans

+ Sneakers

Vintage T-shirt

+ Destroyed boyfriend jeans

+ Leather perfecto

+ Sneakers

Silk and lace camisole

+ Black blazer

+ Straight, slim or skinny jeans

+ Sneakers

Silk printed shirt

+ Straight, slim or skinny jeans

+ Trench coat

+ Sneakers



+ Large knit cardigan

+ Slim or skinny used

+ Sneakers

Lace or guipure top

+ Straight cropped jeans

+ Sneakers

Vintage T-shirt

+ Slim or skinny leather jacket

+ Military jacket

+ Sneakers

Silk and lace camisole

+ Black blazer

+ Black men’s pants

+ Sneakers

Cashmere sweater

+ Men’s pants

+ Sneakers

Silk and lace camisole

+ Chino

+ Blazer

+ Sneakers

Loose white or vintage T-shirt

+ Leather mini skirt

+ Sneakers

Large knit sweater

+ Leather mini skirt

+ Sneakers

Loose tank top

+ Denim mini skirt

+ Double-breasted blazer

+ Sneakers

Loose white T-shirt

+ Leopard midi skirt

+ Sneakers

Vintage T-shirt

+ Pleated midi skirt

+ Leather perfecto

+ Sneakers


+ Pleated midi skirt

+ Sneakers

Knitted sweater

+ Skater or ruffled skirt

+ Sneakers

Denim shirt

+ Black pencil skirt

+ Sneakers

Little black dress

+ Sneakers

Short veil or wrap dress

+ Oversized denim jacket

+ Sneakers

Printed long dress

+ Leather perfecto

+ Sneakers

Pinterest inspirations

Les babioles de zoé dentelle et sneakers

Les Babioles de Zoé

The offbeat marriage of sneakers with lace or guipure!

Sneakers et top en sequins


Sneakers to play down a silver sequin top!

Mikutas robe léopard et sneakers


They give a very current style to a leopard print dress.

Skinny cuir et sneakers montantes


They work well with a leather slim or skinny!

Tenue basique et sneakers


An outfit of basics with Van’s for an effortless chic look!

Mini jupe en cuir et baskets


The sneakers come to soften a leather miniskirt.

Jupe imprimée et sneakers


They come to offset a printed skirt.

Tenue casual chic


Sneakers in a casual-chic outfit.

Fashion Jacskon sneakers et petite robe noire

Fashion Jackson

Sneakers to give a cool and current look to a little black dress!

Jupe midi plissée et sneakers


A combination in a rock and cool style with a vintahe tee and a metallic green pleated skirt.

Jupe léopard et Balenciaga triple S


Balenciaga Triple S to offset a leopard silk skirt.

Basket et jupe en jean


Casual look with a denim skirt.

Tenue été avec sneakers


They fit in well with a summer outfit with a pleated midi skirt!

Trench et basket


Casual and offbeat look with the chic and classic side of the trench coat!

Lorna Lux tenue chic et sneakers


Here also the sneakers break the classic side of this outfit.

Cocoa beauty tenue chic et sneakers


A very successful casual-chic outfit!

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