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Party bud  this is what you think about the sequin skirt but try to get off the beaten track:  It’s also a piece that can easily be adapted to everyday outfits and give you for sure a trendy touch of class. 

How to choose your sequin skirt 

Even if this is not a mandatory piece I recommend to oit all your capital investment in it but please then make sure you choose a quality piece on which the sequins will be well fixed.

The sequins should be tight and not show the lining or the sewing threads. 

The cut of your sequin skirt

short, straight or slightly flared sequin skirt is what to have best.

Another option if you’re not into mini-skirts: a pencil skirt with sequins!

Lookastic comment porter une jupe crayon à sequins en été


Pinterest- mini-jupe sequins tenue style rock


The color of your sequin skirt

As for the color, it’s  all up to you!

There is the classic skirt in gold or silver sequins.

The black one will have a more plain side and can easily be worn with less festive outfits as well as the pink, blue or green sequins.

Our favorite brands

During the celebration times, sequin skirts are all around and especially easy to find in all the fast-fashion stores.

Outside of this period, you can find them at ASOS or Zalando.

I bought a pink and grey sequin skirt from Zadig & Voltaire a few month ago.

It’s really beautiful, the quality is top notch.

In the current collection, this type of skirt is worth about 350€ but if you are those , quietly but surely, you will find them on veepee for 80€ (that’s what I did).

Jupe à sequins : comment bien la choisir et la porter avec style !

Sequin skirt from Zadig & Voltaire

How to wear your sequin skirt with style

The sequin skirt is a strong piece that, on its own, brings a lot of character to an outfit.

The goal is to calm the game with plain and gentle pieces.

In all cases, prefer loose, wide pieces, not too close to the body, in noble or natural materials: silk, wool, cashmere, cotton…

Avoid the tight polyester top which would give a cheap aspect to the outfit.

And above all, don’t overdo it!

Avoid mixing sequins, shiny textures, vinyl (unless you are a Diana Ross).

On the other hand, you should know that sequins go very well with prints: floral, Liberty, stripes, abstract … 

the only drawback is the animal print which can be a bit too much and which should be reserved for accessories.

As for the material, the sequin skirt goes well with knitwear but also with leather or “simple” materials like cotton.

Avoid adding too much with a very elaborate material.

You can integrate your sequin skirt into your everyday looks by wearing it with flat shoes: flat heels (or boots), sneakers, slippers, derbies, moccasins.

Here are some examples of outfits to wear all year long, according to different scenarios:


The sequin skirt is easy to wear in summer with bare legs.

Summer evening

In the evening, you can wear it with a black, nude, grey or printed silk camisole or shirt or with a black silk blouse for example, minimalist heeled sandals and a small leather clutch worn over the shoulder.

If the evening’s dress code is casual, you can also opt for a white t-shirt.

If the evening the temperature is cooler, add a blazer or a perfecto jacket in fabric or leather.

Summer day

To wear your sequin skirt during the day, you can tone it down with a loose cotton or linen tank top in ecru, a white cotton t-shirt, a white cotton shirt with an oversized cut, a denim shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a nude silk shirt or a sailor suit.

On your feet, choose flat sandals, Converse or sneakers.

If the temperature is cooler,  wear a denim jacket or a flowing trench coat.

For a casual outfit, opt for a loose T-shirt with a message, sneakers and a leather perfecto.


The challenge will be to choose the right pair of tights. Beware of the risk of spinning them with the sequins.

Winter evening

For the evening, opt for thin tights such as 20 denier.

You can combine your sequin skirt with a black silk shirt or blouse or a camisole and your blazer or a leather jacket for a slightly more rock look.

Wear ankle boots with thin heels that will shape the leg.

Then a woolen coat with a slim fit…


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