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Rock boots are shoes with a strong character. You think Terminator get your bike and your boots ? Re-think twice , they are a great style asset to give some funk and or funk to many different outfits! Let’s see together how to choose them and how to wear them with style… forget about age boundaries if styled well !!

I can already see some of you yelling  « what no way “, and even… « and why not an eagle tattoo and a skull ring “ ????… Breath deeply for a second and give them at least one chance to rock your outfit with style and a trendy touch of class.

The rock boots are not necessarily part a total look rock , and I think it s best not to be otherwise you might be as what you feared above before your second of breathing …  we can also use them to lift up any outfit a little too plain and fade. It is also a great asset to offset looks… Let’s see how to choose them.

How to choose the right your rock boots ?

The material of your rock boots

Warning !! The biggest danger with these rock boots is its power to age younger far to young so much as you can be hold as a teenager … from behind, but that’s most of the time because the boots are not well finished and have a low quality and cost appearance. 


Therefore WE, ladies, we will focus and search for very stunning rock boots with details and perfect finishes; in a very high quality leather.


Susanna Chloé


Thrown away teenager look, welcome sophisticated and high-end look 

Obviously this starts with a top of the range  quality leather, very soft, that doesn’t look stiff, a sign that it has been through many handlings to improve its original low quality.

You can also choose suede leather. But if it’s your first pair of rock boots, you’ll want a smooth black leather.

If you’re building your perfect wardrobe, I’d recommend keeping the suede option for your western boots. This will strategically allow for more combinations.

Boots rock : comment bien les choisir et comment le porter avec style !

Who What Wear

The cut

There are many different cuts of low boots, ankle boots etc; completely flat or higher heeled versions and even platform.

The Dr Martens can also fall into the “rock boots” category.

The choice is therefore quite wide,  they are ultra trendy at the moment so you can meet them at any corners of any streets.


There are  many different shapes of toe box for your rock boots, round, almond  or more or less pointed toes.

No special rule matters about the toe box type, the interest is all about the “rock” touch. 

In any case, to reduce a possible « hard » rock touch , go for a model that does not wraps the ankle tightly  but rather leaves room around, it refines the leg.

Even if you opt for a laced model, don’t tighten too much on the ankle and the calf, it visually enlarges the leg. Always prefer a looser look.

The color of your rock boots

If this is your only pair of rock boots, then it will definitely be BLACK, because and nothing else matters for the subtle rocker in you.

If you’re on your 2nd or 3rd pair (love is countless), then gone up your range and go quirky with red, pink, ecru, suede camel etc.

Boots Givenchy


The size

Pay attention, those types of shoes are, in general, oversizing, but that’s all what we agree on and satisfy us in that prospective that we can pair them with big knitted socks, which matches nicely btw.

The finishes

There are different types of finishings  for your rock boots :

  • studded
  • with straps
  • with laces (Dr Martens)


It’s up to you to decide what you like the most. 

The first ones are usually a bit more eccentric. Again and sorry to strongly emphasize it, pay close attention to the quality:

  • not ..
Boots rock : comment bien les choisir et comment le porter avec style !

Zadig & Voltaire


  • How to style your Rock boots : with which top, which trousers, which skirts and dresses, which shoes, and which accessories to combine it with for absolute stylish looks
  • How to style them without ending with a total look Rock 
  • How to wear them to boost and enhance plain and neutral outfits 
  • How I managed to get my Susanna & Givenchy at 30% off ?
  • Mix & match: 22 outfit ideas and a downloadable PDF to help you out in the mornings when you run out of ideas!
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