Raw Denim Jeans

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The so called Swiss knife of your wardrobe, it will help you out, those mornings you feel completely uninspired. 


How to choose the right one

The raw denim jeans has to be able to be combined with your other basic items but before all with your strong and master pieces 

To highlight the pieces, it should preferably be discreet and that s why simple and plain 

Therefore, it’s best to avoid embellishments such as studs, rhinestones, whiskers, holes, etc. on your raw denim.

Best is also to opt for a nice deep indigo blue color. 

How to track down a good quality pair of jeans 

The quality of a pair of jeans can change greatly from one model to another.

Jeans from the big fast-fashion chains rarely last more than one season, they tear easily, they do weather with time, they degrade quite quickly.

Choose jeans that contain little stretch (elastane, Lycra or other) because they hold up better (2% is ideal and 4% is the maximum acceptable).


comment porter un jean brut

Sezane – Le slim parfait

You lose a little comfort but the jeans look so much better.

Then, to check the quality and durability of a pair of jeans, it is best to check them on the reverse side.

A regular, uniform and tight weave is a sure sign of good durability.

This will not be the case with jeans with a coarse or irregular weave.

The fabric should therefore be stiff.

It is also worth checking the reverse side of the jeans to ensure that they look as good as they do on the right side, so that they can be worn rolled up if you wish.

Finally, check the quality of the fly of the jeans.

It must be easy to handle and go all the way up (absolutely).

I’ve had fly that wouldn’t hold and would systematically go back down 2 cm and that’s too much of a hassle, it will just  spoil  your look.

Finally, the rivets on the jeans must be strong and must allow a belt of at least 3 cm to pass through.

T-shirt loose blanc + jean brut + escarpins


The cut of your Raw denim Jeans 

Without hesitations or doubts, go for the cut that suits you the best, as easy as it can be !

For some it will be the straight fit , others the slim or skinny fit. 

How to know the cut that suits and enhances you the best.

The perfect Jeans


The Size of your Raw denim Jeans 

Absolutely avoid the ultra low cut.

Don’t forget that we’re talking about a basic, which must be wearable in all circumstances and which must be comfortable.

So no more visible buttocks when you go to bend over in Mr. Johnson, your colleague to get your pen that has fallen on the floor.

Besides, the low waist is currently not trendy any longer. 

Prefer a normal waist or why not a little bit of fun with a high waist (if it’s not your only pair of raw jeans).

Skinny brut et chemise


The color

Be picky about the color intensity of raw denim.

You can tell from experience if the color is going to age badly.

Also, make sure that the color of the raw jeans is well fixed so as not to spoil your favorite white shirt that you plan to wear with them (or worse, your powder pink cashmere jumper speaking of fun fact …) 


To do this, rub a small part of the jeans very hard with your finger.

If blue marks appear on your finger, you re close to a disaster on your light-colored clothes, but also on your underwear and on your thighs and buttocks which will make the grumpy Smurf envious.

In this case, you’ll have to fix the color before wearing your raw jean.

It’s very easy to do (and the same goes for all other jeans):

Soak your raw jeans on the reverse side overnight in a basin of warm water with 4 litres of water and 1 cup of white vinegar.

You can also add a handful of coarse salt.

Finally, it is best to wash them cold, always on the reverse side, with similar colors and a mild detergent.

I always add a little white vinegar to the water softener tank (my voodoo touch).


Choose the cut of your raw denim jeans that will enhance your silhouette and in a great deep color ! 

Our favorites brands

Some denim brands have a certain high ranking  when it comes to basic jeans because they make high-end jeans: APC, 7 for all mankind etc.

When it comes to me and with regrets to say,  I have never found a pair of basic jeans that suited me in these brands. 

In my opinion, the perfect basic jean would probably be a Diesel, a Levi’s or a Reiko. I quite often find the jewel in those brands. 

Otherwise, there are others, fancier … Liu Jo, Sezane, Anine Bing.

And here a tip: the skinnies « Isa », « Kim » and « Soho » from Mango are doing the job (not made in 100% cotton but the  push- up cut is quite nice, the color quite deep and they keep their stand after washing , cherry on the cake,  we only talk  30€) 

But at this price, don’ t expect them to weather with the time, of course …

But if you start with your list of basics, this can be a good low-cost alternative.

$$$ Budget : between 30 & 200€


How to wear your raw denim jeans with a high level of style

Raw denim matches to everything. 

This must be taken and is a real big new in your life and for your Style !

Because until now, you probably thought – like most humans on this earth – that black goes with everything.

Wrong! It’s raw denim! Big revelation! You get what you pay for today !

And you know why?

Because raw denim doesn’t “just go with”…, it enhances (not like the black).

Raw denim is discreet, a hyphen and enhances all other colors (even the most neutral).

It doesn’t provide an overwhelming contrast like black; with raw denim it’s all about delicacy and subtlety.

When you’re not sure about a top, when you don’t know which trousers or skirts to combine, go for raw denim.

You’ll see, it works every time. It really does … 

What to wear Raw denim with 

The raw denim jeans can easily go along with a lot of outfits:


  • Office outfits : if the dress-code of your company allows it , you can embed it with your white shirt, in silk material or prints patterns, your cashmere jumpers, cardigans, with high heels, babies, boots, trench-coat , blazers etc.
T-shirt loose blanc + jean brut + perfecto en cuir


  • Casual outfits: with a sweatshirt and sneakers or casual-chic with a silk top, blazer and sneakers.
  • Rock outfits: with a lace bodysuit or silk camisole, leather perfecto, biker boots, studded boots etc.
  • Summer outfits: with flashy summer colors or camel.
  • BOHO style (Bohemian outfits) : with a romantic blouse in ecru or nude voile, western boots or small flat camel sandals.
  • Boyish outfits: with a white button-down shirt, a blazer and derbies.
  • Elegant and classy outfits: with a black silk shirt with a deep neckline, a pretty belt with a gold buckle and stiletto pumps.


In any ways,  choose the right jacket according the cut of your jeans.

Always keep in mind one of the major Style rule aiming at the balanced body shapes and to end up with a flawless silhouette.


The raw denim jeans goes with everything , matches all colors, highlighting them all! 

It s also kind of disco ball disco in and for the office (if the dress-code of your company allows it). 

Mix and Match

Here some ideas to combine your raw denim jeans to your other basic items and timeless items of your wardrobe:

White shirt

+ Raw skinny

+ Suede waders

Cream or white flowing shirt

+ Raw jeans

+ Nude pumps

+ Blazer

Light silk flowing shirt

+ Raw jeans

+ Trench coat

+ Rock boots

Denim shirt

+ Raw jeans

+ Coral pumps

Checkered shirt

+ Raw jeans

+ Patent pumps

Mustard shirt

+ Raw jeans

+ Burgundy boots


+ Raw jeans

+ Mini sandals

+ Leather perfecto

Vintage T-shirt

+ Raw jeans

+ Rock boots

Vintage T-shirt

+ Raw jeans

+ Court shoes

+ Oversized used denim jacket


+ Raw Jeans

+ Trench coat

+ Chelsea Boots

Black silk & lace camisole

+ Raw jeans

+ Blazer

+ Babies

Black silk and lace camisole

+ Raw jeans

+ Prince of Wales blazer

+ Sneakers

Cream camisole

+ Raw jeans

+ Converse

+ Blazer


+ Raw cropped jeans

+ Minimalist sandals

Tank top

+ Loose cardigan

+ Slim or raw skinny

+ Rock boots

Loose tank top

+ Raw jeans

+ Leopard print sandals

Bardot top

+ Raw cropped jeans

+ Square toe sandals with thick heels

Black lace top

+ Raw jeans

+ Black Richelieu

Bohemian blouse

+ Raw jeans

+ Western boots


+ Raw jeans

+ Flashy pumps

Ecru cashmere sweater

+ Raw jeans

+ Camel or Bordeaux boots

Mottled gray, powder pink or camel sweater over a white shirt

+ Raw jeans

+ Camel or burgundy Chelsea boots

Pinterest inspirations

Skinny brut manteua beige


Sober and chic outfit with raw jeans associated with a navy blue turtleneck sweater. The coat and the bag create a contrast.

Skinny brut et t-shirt noir


Simple outfit with a black t-shirt.
To feminize the ensemble, you can wear colored sandals with high heels!

T-shirt loose blanc + jean brut + escarpins cuir velours noirs


Dress with rock accents!
The raw jeans are associated with a loose white t-shirt, black suede pumps and a leather jacket.

Jean brut t-shirt blanc escarpins


Another association that works wonderfully! White T-shirt and leopard pumps.

Skinny brut et blouse blanche


With a summer blouse and flashy sandals!

Jean brut et babies


The patent babies accentuate its wise and chic side!

Jean brut et chemise rayée

Tendances de mode

A simple outfit for the office: raw jeans and a masculine striped shirt.
Add flashy or printed pumps to give a touch of pep.

Jean brut et pull à col roulé


Wear your raw denim with a turtleneck sweater in winter and embellish with a pretty fancy belt.

Jean brut et escarpins


The raw denim matches well with khaki:
wool jacket like here or military jacket or parka.
Add pumps for a feminine touch.

Jean brut et chemise


Wear your raw denim with a leopard print shirt and shoes
which will be highlighted by the deep blue of the jeans.

Jeanne damas jean brut

Jeanne Damas

Jeanne wears her raw jeans with sneakers
and a striped t-shirt, a simple and ideal outfit for the summer.

Jean brut blazer noir


A classic with sneakers and blazer!

Jean brut blazer beige


It blends perfectly with neutrals,
creating a softer contrast than black.

Jean boyfriend destroy brut


The boyfriend destroy version gives it a very rock side!

Elle - jean brut, sneakers gazelle


Raw denim is a great option for your casual-chic looks.
Here with a shirt, blazer and sneakers, all in neutral colors.

Adenorah jean et pull


Wear your raw denim with a black cashmere sweater.
A simple and chic outfit.
Add boots, babies or pumps.

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