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As much as the so called snake can be dangerous , python print could be a fashion venom : either the outfit looks too classic and is likely to age you badly or the outfit looks far too hot at the limit of being vulgar.

The aim is to surf exactly between these 2 snakebites to give your outfits with python prints a maximum of style.

Some reminders about the python print :

  • Python print is one of the “animal” prints, and you are probably surprised to learn that  it is considered a neutral color. In fact, classic python print goes with ALL other colors.

  • Python print is softer and more elegant on “velvety” materials: nubuck, suede calf, foal-like leather, washed silk, rather than on shiny materials or smooth leather.


One remark, small but important : LESS IS MORE so keep your outfit of no more than one animal print :

Avoid wearing two python prints or one python print with a leopard, crocodile or zebra print. 

The result is not harmonious and unless you have a joint venture with a zoo !!!

The python print garment

It could be a top, shirt, dress, skirt, shorts, pants or jacket.

Whatever it is, it is always a strong piece that gives a lot of character to an outfit!

Depending on your level of originality , you will opt either for :

  • for a top, a shirt, a dress, a skirt or shorts if you are in group 2.
  • or pants or a jacket if you are in group 3. These pieces are bold move in style.


To define your level of originality, dive back into your EBOOK Crack your style shell – Be stylish being yourself

Short python


We’ ve seen earlier that are 2 rocks with reptile prints garments :


The too classic outfit 

A fully buttoned python print shirt can have an orderly appearance, even austere !! Bizarre eh, I know but that’s true.

Imagine wearing it with a pair of pleated pants and loafers and you’re really in a very old fashioned outfit.

So the goal here, will be rather to shift it, don’t pair it with other classic pieces and incorporate it rather in rock looks for example, or casual-chic with sneakers or jeans a little destroyed or ripped.

The too sexy outfit 

Here I would say that beyond the combination, it is rather the piece itself that will give the side too sexy.

Be careful with anything that is imitation or vinyl material. 

I really do not recommend skirts, shorts or pants.

Also be careful with anything that is short and tight, it s not unrealistic but then make sure you shift it with sneakers (rather than stilettos or high heels pumps) especially during the day. Remember Less is More !

Preferably go for fluid materials like silk or viscose which will also highlight the colors of the print.

Also prefer a python print in a neutral color (beige, grey, …) or in a pastel color (pastel pink, sky blue, pastel yellow…) rather than in bright and intense colors.

Python print accessories 

This is a great option if you’re in group 1 (level of originality) or to boost basic outfits!

The “neutral” side of python print makes sense with accessories, as it goes with everything!

You can really wear it with any style of outfit!

Pochette python


Python print handbag

Again be aware of what a python print handbag can lead to : a very orderly appearance so choose a trendy model with a touch of fantasy that will bring the modernity touch !

For the handbag, on the other hand, you can go a little more flashy when it comes to the color of the python print. 

If it is flashy, it will boost a neutral outfit.

If on the contrary it is rather discreet, wear it with rock outfits or outfits that have some dazzles.


Python print shawl 

Here again, watch out its “classic” side avoid wearing it at its first degree if you don’t want to throw 10 years at your face !!

Offset it instead by combining it to a rock or casual outfit !


The belt

It’s also an accessory that can give a very classic appearance.

Choose it with details on the buckle or in a more intense color!


Ceinture Python Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant

Sac Kate python Zadig & voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire

Foulard coton soie python Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Python print shoes

Whether they are sandals, sneakers or pumps, they are super easy to wear!

You can go for a neutral or light colored python print or a flashy one!

Python print shoes will go with everything!

Just be careful with the boots, which need to be integrated into a more elegant outfit and which should preferably be chosen in neutral colors (beige, brown, navy blue, burgundy etc.) as again it’s a strong piece ! 

Fashioncarpet Bottes python


Suggestions of outfits with python prints shoes :

  • Loose white T-shirt + destroyed/ ripped  boyfriend jeans + minimalist python sandals

  • White shirt + cashmere round neck sweater + slim or raw skinny + python pumps

  • Loose white t-shirt + slim or raw skinny rolled up or 7/8 length  + python boots + khaki parka

  • Grey sweatshirt + slim or skinny raw rolled up or 7/8 length  + python boots + navy blue coat

  • White shirt + grey knit sweater + grey slim or skinny + python boots

  • Shirt or lace blouse + raw slim or skinny + python boots + leather perfecto

  • Large knit sweater + leather leggings + python sneakers

  • Sailor’s hat + navy  blue cigarette pants + python sneakers

  • Little black dress + python sneakers

  • Grey sweater dress + python sneakers

  • Total black look + python sneakers

  • Loose T-shirt + black slim or skinny + python sneakers + denim jacket

Bottines talons bottier python Paris Texas

Paris Texas

Sandales gianvitto rossi

Gianvito Rossi

Bottines python gianvito rossi

Gianvito Rossi

Bottines python isabel marant

Isabel Marant

Pay great attention to the fabrics 

Polyester gives a cheap and vulgar look to the python print! 

Go for a material that will bring label and glory like washed silk for example.

Pinterest inspirations

Blazer python


The python blazer is a strong piece of character! Here it fits perfectly with these light neutrals!

Jupe midi python


A pencil skirt or midi skirt is a great option!

Boots python et camaïeu de gris


Python boots subtly enhance this grey gradient, where black boots would have created too strong a contrast!

Jupe en soie The Kooples

The Kooples

To play down a python skirt, there is nothing like a white shirt or t-shirt!



Python boots fit very well in a white or ecru monochrome.

Pantalon python et chemise blanche


Classic but ultra stylish outfit with python pants softened by a linen shirt that gives a cool side. The small touch of red raises the python print.

June Sixty Five robe python

June Sixty Five

A python dress well worn, it’s really very classy!

Tenue python et jean


Python boots give chic to a casual outfit.

Boots python copie


Python boots give some pep to a simple outfit with neutral colors.

Pantalon fluide python


Here a very original piece, a pant pat’ of ephemera python, de-dramatized by a military jacket.

Tenue casual chic


A python shirt to boost a little denim skirt!

Pantalon python


Here again, a white shirt can play down a pair of python pants!

Robe longue python et converse


The python dress, a classic piece casualized here by sneakers!

Veste python et chemise blanche


The python jacket worn here in an offbeat way with a white shirt and jeans.

Robe python


Here too the dress or jumpsuit remains very chic but casual with the running shoes.

Sac python


A leopard bag will look great with neutral colored outfits.

Short python et chemise blanche


The classy python shorts with the linen shirt and hat!

Slim python


Cool outfit with this python slimmed up with a little black t-shirt and a shell necklace!

Robe python et sneakers


Here too, simple and sober sneakers temper the python dress!

Veste python


A python blazer worn with a denim skirt in a black monochrome for an outfit with character!

Let’s chat a bit ?

What do you think of this python print? Do you have any pieces with this print in your wardrobe?

Personally, I’ve had a blue python shirt from The Kooples for years.

It was the first beautiful piece I bought for myself, a long time ago!

It’s made of silk.

At the time, I thought “Huh???? Wtf??? 170 bucks for a shirt? No way!”

Well, it fit me great, I ended up buying it after 2 hours of hesitation in the Galeries Lafayette booth…

I have never regretted it! It’s a real timeless and the quality is top… It’s this shirt that changed my vision of things, I owe him an eternal gratitude.

But in truth, I still love wearing it! And I show it to you regularly on Breaking News! Offbeat in little rock looks!

What about you?

Tell me about your python print pieces if you have a moment!

Have a great day!



*These are images for which the sources could not be identified on Pinterest.

If you are the author, feel free to contact me to add the credits.

Header picture credit:
The Kooples