The Perfect Denim Jeans

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Absolute basic and essential of the wardrobe: the jeans. Find me one who doesn’t like jeans, have you met any? 

What are the requirements of the ideal jeans, the one that you feel like has been just made for you, your so called second skin and how to wear it with a maximum of style?

The denim jeans is the safe haven, a safe investment, if there is a comforter needed when you are grown up, this is it!!!

We all have a favorite pair of jeans that we wear until they fall apart…

How do you choose the right jeans to make it a strong ally for and in any situations?

There are two constants : the ideal jeans must be comfortable and make you look good.

Ultra trendy and now trivialized in the office, jeans are a real style asset!

It adapts to all situations and is suitable for going to work, for going out with friends, 7 days a week, each season of the year. 

Jean taille haute et débardeur


What’s a perfect denim jeans? 

There is not one but several perfect denim jeans.


The choice of the jeans will vary according your silhouette, of course, but also will depend on which style you want to create (chic, elegant, rock, casual, evening look etc.)

What cut of jeans to choose?

The rule says that the closer the jeans are to the body, the more they lengthen the silhouette.

Smaller women should therefore choose a slim or skinny cut.

Flared models tend to pack down.

They will suit taller women and can be worn with heels by smaller women.

A tip to counteract this “compacting” effect is to wear them cropped, well above the ankle!


Here are the main cuts of jeans (there are others quite exotic version which mostly last only the time of a season, herewith I only focus on the “timeless” cuts):

The slim

The slim fit is hip-hugging and form-fitting in general, without being too tight, though. 

It is tightened at the ankles.

It shapes the calves and has the power to lengthen the figure.

The slim fit is well suited to thin thighs and thin silhouettes in general but also to curvier ladies who live and take lead of their generous shapes very well.

It is  particularly adapted if you are A, X, V, H, I.

If you have a curvaceous figure in O for example, choose it with a little stretch for more comfort and wear it with a flowing and/or loose top (definitely avoid the tight top).

Jean taille haute slim Zara


If you have an A shape, give volume to the upper body with a maxi sweater or a ruffled top at the neckline for example.

If you’re curvy, the little trick is to opt for jeans with an offset seam, meaning that the front part will be less wide than the back part. This will slim the leg by optical effect.

If you have a flat butt, choose a push-up model (Salsa Jean, Bottom-up Liu Jo) which by the arrangement of the seams and the shape of the pockets will give the illusion of a more curvaceous buttock.

How to wear slim jeans?

Wear your slim with a trench coat, a perfecto, a leather jacket, a boyfriend coat, your blazer, a loose t-shirt, a shirt, a blouse, a silk camisole, a loose tank top, a cashmere sweater.

The slim divinely fits with pumps, minimalist sandals, wedges, ballerinas, babies, sneakers, boots, derbies & richelieu.


The skinny

The skinny is closer to the body than the slim.

It is tightened to the thighs and ankles.

Its second-skin effect gives a resolutely rock side to your outfit.

It is well suited if you have little hips, a twiggy figure, an androgynous silhouette or if you have thin legs.

It is therefore particularly well suited to X, V, H, I shapes.

Careful though, the skinny puts the emphasis on the hips and thighs, so if you have some volume here and there, this kind of fit won’t enhance you.


Fashion Jackson trench et jean brut

Fashion Jackson

How to wear skinny jeans?

Avoid pairing your skinny with other tight clothes. 

Don’t mix it with leggings! It is not to wear under dresses or tunics that are maxi long either!!! 

And prefer loose tops but not too loose either.

The skinny can be worn with shirts, with blouses, with your loose t-shirt, with ruffled tops (if you are an A shape) or a peplum top (if you are a V shape ), with a big knit sweater, with a loose cashmere sweater, with a loose tank top and a cardigan (to give verticality).

Your skinny is multipurpose as far as shoes are concerned: it can be worn with ballet shoes, sneakers, derbies, pumps, sandals, tall kind of heels booties, riding boots, thigh high boots….

We simply avoid thick soles or wedges or very thick heels that will weigh down the silhouette.

The straight or regular cut 

The straight jeans is the classic version, the upmost of the versatility that fits all body types.

If however it  can be recommended to any in particular, it would be those with generous hips, a wide pelvis or if you have an A or H shape.

This kind of jeans are usually a normal to high waist.


Jeanne droit - Jeanne Damas

Jeanne Damas

How to wear straight/regular jeans?

It’s back on high trend!!

But be careful, you have to feminize it a lot!

You can combine them with very feminine pieces (unbuttoned shirt, deep neckline, bodysuit, sequins, lace etc.) and accessorize them with jewels, belts, to break the strictness and bring some fun to your outfit.

You can wear it with booties in winter, with gladiator shoes (spartiates) in summer, with stilettos or thick heels with almond toe, with ballet shoes or minimalist sandals.

Avoid pointy toes and boots : the legs are too wide to tucked in and not wide enough to go smoothly over.

For a contemporary look, wear them short with a hem or a frayed bottom, I mean don’t hesitate to show off your ankles.

The bootcut

Bootcut jeans are fitted at the thighs and buttocks level and then slightly flared starting from mid-calf.

It lengthens the leg and offer a slender silhouette.

It is well suited if you have some curves or if you have an A shape (because it lengthens the leg if worn with wedges and a small structured jacket with shoulder pads (epaulettes) for example) or a V shape (because it will balance the volume, adding some at lower part of your body).

It particularly  flatters pretty apple shape buttocks.

It is usually high waisted.

Jean flare Zara


How to wear bootcut jeans?

If your bootcut is long and falls on the shoe, it is better to wear it with heels to counteract its compacting effect but we will avoid the stilettos and  pointed-toe (look a bit old-fashioned) and we‘d rather go for the thick or wedged heels and the almond-toe.

For a hyper trendy look, wear it cropped, 7/8th length!

In this case you can even pair it with flats like sneakers or sandals!

It will look great with boots or ankle boots (the jeans must go over those) for a very seventies look or with square toe sandals for a vintage look!

It goes perfectly with any short jackets and tops close to the body.

The flare

The flare jeans is fitted at the hips, straight from the thighs to the knees and then very flared from the knees to the ankles (unlike the Bell bottom jeans which is tight from the thighs to the knees and starts to flare below the knee).

The flare is ideal for thick thighs and for O-shaped silhouette that it will streamline the silhouette.

It is also well suited to V-shaped figures by re-balancing the volume .

How to wear the flare?

Same as for the bootcut!

If it the length go over your shoes,  avoid pairing it with flats.

When it comes to the tops,  prefer those like blouses and shirts close  to the body or bardot ’s way for a seventies look.

Jean flare Liu jo

Liu Jo

The boyfriend fit

The boyfriend jeans is and remain on the fashion high way since a few years now especially in its used or ripped version.

It has a masculine cut: loose at the hips and along the entire length although slightly tightened at the bottom.

The fork (fork = seam that starts from the back, goes through the inseam  and arrives at half the zipper) is long and gives the effect of a fairly low crotch.

It is ideal if you have generous shapes because it will help you to blur, especially your hips if you wish.

The boyfriend is very comfortable and exactly thanks its looseness  around the hips.

Ideal for the O-shaped morphology.

Careful, though, it has a compacting effect for the tiniest, whose could be buried in it.

For a trendy look, roll them up above the ankle to give them a delicate and feminine side.

It is usually worn on the hips, low waist.

Jean boyfriend Fayza Diesel


How to wear your boyfried fit?

Wear them with very feminine pieces: camisoles, lace tops, etc.

Heeled shoes (stilettos, pumps, salomés, sandals, booties with thin heels) will shoot a feminine touch to it and counteract the compacting side.

If you are tall, you can even combine it with sneakers.



The girlfriend fit

If you fancy the boyfriend fit but the cut is a little too wide on you (like wrapped in a bag) you should definitely go for the girlfriend fit!

The style is yours and not even an eagle eye would notice a difference.

The girlfriend jeans looks similar to a boyfriend fit but in a more fitted version thanks to a shorter crotch than the boyfriend jeans.

It will be particularly suitable if you are thin or small or if you have an A shape.


How to wear your girlfriend jeans?

The girlfriend jeans will be sublimate by high heels shoes. 

But being by nature more feminine than its cousin, the boyfriend fit, you can also afford to wear them in more casual looks with loose T-shirt and sneakers.

Jean girlfriend ASOS


The mom

The mom jeans, it’s a pure 80’s revival!

It‘s a straight jeans, quite wide leg wise,  therefore very comfortable. 

The waist is one of its characteristic and it should be high!

It suits very very well, those who have a rather marked waist and will enhance any of us who has some great shapes 

Be careful if you are tiny and small, it‘s a jeans that can “swallow” you!

How to wear your mom?

Without doubt, wear it cropped, preferably rolled up for a cool and relaxed look!

You can create a contrast by wearing them with thin heels and a rather feminine top.

Or in the pure 90’s tradition, with a loose (vintage) t-shirt and sneakers!

Levi's 501 jean et chemise blanche


What size for your jeans?

Low rise

The low-rise jeans reaches the level of the hips (we forget the ultra low sizes which are out of fashion).

It is well suited if you are rather thin, it will round up your little buttocks and add some volume if this latest is somehow flat 

It is also recommended if you are very tall.

Meleponym - sandales K.Jacques léopard


Regular waist (semi-high waist)

The regular waist jeans goes up to the navel without hiding it though.

It is universal and fits to everyone.

But if it enhances any , it would be A, O and H shapes meaning ladies with mild or lightly marked. 

sandales et jean boyfriend


High waist

The high waist jeans is the trendy one at the moment.

It almost covers the navel.

Also universal, it fits and highlights everyone, just not as much if you have a flat butt.

It refines and sculpts the silhouette.

It is ideal for A, O, X shapes and will nicely hide and blur  any love handles (poignets d’amour) or round buttocks (chooser in dark color the trick works even better).

It suits best generous figures than to H-shaped ones to whom it would look more masculine.

It shapes soft tummies, emphasizes tiny waists and enhances bouncy buttocks.

If you are “petite”, bring volume by wearing it with a short puffy jacket (Bomber), or with wedges.

The ultimate high-waisted jeans: the Levi’s 501 (which rocked my teenage years).

sandales et jean boyfriend


Which color to prefer?

The principle says that dark colored jeans (raw, black, charcoal gray) is supposed to slim down.

If you have developed thighs, avoid light blue, white and pastel colored jeans.

If you want to wear used jeans, make sure that the faded part is on the front of the thigh and in the middle, rather than on the sides for which the optical effect plays against you.

There are many colors of jeans:

Light blue jeans

For more casual looks, ideally worn with light and pastel colors; it is ideal to compose folk/boho looks adding a bit of lace, crochet etc…

The used jeans (faded) 

For an urban look, very trendy, to be worn with light or pastel colors too.

The bleached jeans (very lightly bleached)

Perfect if you are thin, forget about if you have thick thighs because it will increase volume by optical effect. 

The white jeans (or unbleached)

Avoid if you are an A figure because they thicken.

They are ideal for summer looks with brightly colored prints, camel leather, gladiator shoes (spartiates), etc.

The pastel colored jeans

For spring and a romantic look, wear with white, ecru, neutrals or other pastels colors.


Jean Zara Premium Ankle Straight


T-shirt Anine Bing, slim noir, boots rouges

Anine Bing

The colored jeans

Khaki, beige, coral, burgundy, ochre, terracotta to combine with neutrals.

Keep dark colors (fir green (pine), burgundy) for Fall and Winter seasons.

The gray jeans

Pair with neutrals or pastels.

The black jeans

For glamorous looks, rock, evening wear in total black look or wear with neutral colors (except navy blue and brown), prints, denim….

The printed jeans

Caution, it really put emphasize the leg, it is only suitable for thin and very long legs.

Which finish for your favorite jeans?

There are also different types of finishes for jeans:


The raw denim

Denim is basically unbleached. It’s basically dipped in indigo dye to get the “raw” color.

Not to be confused with selvedge jeans: this term refers to the way in which the fabric has been woven (mainly concerns men’s models but there are also women’s models).

The selvedge fabric is very tight and the edge of the fabric is finished during weaving and not cut and sewn.

This gives a very resistant fabric that is often found in Japanese brands.

The stone washed denim

The wash is obtained with pumice stones.

The bleached denim 

The bleaching is obtained with pumice stones and bleaching enzymes which gives its lighter “spotted” side.


Skinny Kim Mango brut


Les Babioles de Zoé : top bardot et jean destroy

Les Babioles de Zoé

The used denim

Once aged by sandblasting, this technique is now prohibited.

Other techniques that are less dangerous for health allow you to obtain this worn, lived effect.

Be careful! If the back pockets are faded, it will increase their volume by optical effect.

Good idea if you have flat buttocks, to be avoided if they are already plump!

The destroyed/ripped denim

Dedicated for ultra casual or rock looks.

The destroy/ ripped  effect can go from the small scratch to the entire knee being on display.

Pair it  with feminine pieces to avoid a totally grungy look.

The coated denim

Limited for dark colored jeans such as raw, charcoal gray, black with the high risk of « magnifying » your shapes XXXL. 

It’s a good ally for evening wear and in the winter season.

The perfect length

If you’re short

Above the ankle really lengthens the leg.

If you are tall

Opt for the 7/8th length, cropped or rolled up.

If you are curvy or athletic

Choose ankle-length models for close-fitted jeans (slim) & which fall on the shoe for models that are less fitted at the bottom (straight, flare, bootcut).

The length will minimize your curves.

But if you are curvaceous and tall, you can also afford jeans worn shorter.

Sezane jean bas effiloché


Rolled it up

For a trendy look, you can roll up your jeans in 7/8th length.

Keep in mind 2 rules to succeed: 

  • no more than two cuffs, otherwise it’s too thick and it weighs down the ankle;
  • you can do cuffs on a slim, a skinny, a boyfriend, a girlfriend and a mom but not on a straight (regular), a bootcut or a flare, which are not designed for. 

If your bootcut or flare is too long, hem it.

If you are very short or if you have short legs (your bust is longer than your legs), avoid wearing rolled up jeans, it packs (prefer the hem or a simple and plain cut).

For an ultra trendy look, cut your jeans just above the ankle, without hemming and let them fray naturally.

The details

The pockets


The pockets play a crucial role in that protective that, by optical effect, correct or emphasize the small imperfections of your buttocks.

The size of the pockets must be proportional to the size of the buttocks.

The pockets must be sufficiently far from from each other.

Be aware that narrow and low pockets that make your buttocks look flat and droopy.

If you have a flat buttocks: choose medium-sized pockets that are wide enough to give volume; absolutely avoid models without pockets that will “magnify”  the buttocks XXXL

If your buttocks are mini sizes, opt for small pockets high set.

If your butt is bouncy, opt for large pockets well centered and not set too high.

The whiskers


These are the clear horizontal traces of washing that give the illusion that the jeans has already lived,  been worn.

As much as an illusion is great, this one can also and quickly turn against you, especially if you have generous curves as those “patterns”  bring volume on the hips.

The quality of your jeans

The quality of a pair of jeans varies greatly from one model to another

The models of the big fast-fashion stores have a rather short life cycle: they tear easily, do not have time to patina and degrade very quickly.

For a good quality jeans, choose those that contain less stretch (elastane, Lycra or other) because they hold better (2% is ideal and 4% should the maximum), unless you have curves and you want to have a slim jean, in which case it is better to choose a material with more stretch for comfort 

To check the quality and durability of a pair of jeans, check the inside.

A regular, uniform and tight weave will promise a longer life

This will not be the case with jeans whose weave is coarse or irregular.

Therefore, the fabric should be fairly stiff.

Check that the reverse side is as nice as the right side so that you can roll it up if you wish.

Don’t forget to check the quality of the zipper, it must be easy to handle and close up to the top.

Finally, the rivets and the passers-by of the jeans must be solid and must allow to pass a belt of 3 cm at least.

What’s the “right” size?

The right size of jeans is what is decisive.

If it is too big, it will be shapeless; on the other hand, too small it is going to “carve” you.

The jeans must be rather tight when you try them on because in any case they will loosen up.

It should not make folds nor “float”  between your buttocks and your thighs.

Vice -versa, it should not be so tight that it goes into your buttocks and divide them in 2 separate entities.

There is no secret: you have to try, try, try again until you find the jeans that fit you perfectly!

How to convert a French size into a an American size ?

It’s easy, just decrease the French size of 10.

Example: a size 38 in France will be a 28 in the US.

For intermediate sizes, they generally correspond to the French top size.

Example: US 29 will correspond rather to a 40.


Our favorite brands



Before falling in love  for a pair of jeans, I really advise you to go and try it on in shops.

Don’t focus on one size, they change a lot from one brand and even from one model to another.


Try until you find the jeans in which you feel like an atomic bomb ❤️….don’t buy a jeans as a the taste of the day … blasphemy….buy a jeans like you would polish your skin, the one and only you have.

$$$ Budget : between 29 and 300€

Is a belt a required accessory for your jeans?

If you are very thin or you wear low-rise jeans, it can help to avoid your butt being on display.

For all other situations it’s a matter of taste.

Personally, I think it’s nice if the belt adds something to the look. 

To put a belt just by habit…. bah…. My opinion is that it tends to strap and weigh down the silhouette in the end. 

Weheartit - Jean avec ceinture Gucci


Which undies under your jeans?

If you wear tight jeans, the jeans being there to sculpt your buttocks, you can opt for any type of underwear as long as they don’t mark and that they don’t cast  a third central buttock ;-).

If you wear loose, boyfriend or girlfriend jeans, opt for panties or shorties with a push-up effect to give volume to your booty.

The total denim look: you dare or not?

Yes, as long as you create a contrast of colors (unless you fancy the lonely cowboy look): for example, used jeans shirt with raw jeans (in general, we always prefer a dark color for the bottom, cause it brings slenderness).

Shopstyle - Total look jean


How to combine jeans with booties, ankle boots, boots?

There are several options: 

The slim or skinny jeans

  • with booties:  rolled up to just above the booties or opt for a jeans whose hem is just above the booties. Ideally, keep a 2 to 3 cm gap between the jeans and the booties. In winter, wear nice socks to avoid being cold. The slim or the skinny must not cover the boots, iit s a question of harmony.

  • with ankle boots: if the boot shaft is wide, the skinny ( and only it)) can be tucked into the boot. If the boot shaft is narrow, the slim and the skinny will have to stop just above, again with the appropriate hem or a cuff.

  • with boots: the slim and the skinny will be inside the boots.


Career Girl Daily

The straight jeans

  • With booties and ankle boots: worn “broken in” on the shoe or, for a more trendy look, worn short and stop a few centimeters above the boots (3 to 10 cm). It should not be slipped inside the boots and booties, it is not harmonious because too wide.
  • Straight should not be worn with boots because  too wide to be slipped inside and not wide enough to be worn over them.

The bootcut or flare jeans

  • with booties and ankle boots: fall or  break over boots or ankle boots.
  • with boots: worn over the boot. Don’t forget in this case to wear high socks in your boots for maximum comfort. Otherwise the contact of the zipper can quickly become unpleasant.

The boyfriend or girlfriend

  • with booties: to be worn rolled up or with a hem just above the booties (2 to 3 cm are visible).
  • Avoid wearing them with boots, it is not intended for.

Which care for your jeans?


Current jeans don’t last more than 2 or 3 years (I’m talking about the ones you wear, not the ones that have collected dust from your wardrobe for 10 years ).

To extend the beautiful aspect of your beloved jeans, here are several tips:


  • Wash it as little as possible!
  • Before the first wash, soak it on the reverse side overnight in warm water : 4 liters of water and 1 cup of white vinegar. You can also add a handful of coarse salt. Then a jump in the washing machine : cold or  30°C and on the reverse side.

Don’t use the dryer.

Do not iron your used jeans if you want to keep and sublimate its used aspect.

Shall we chat a little?

I hope that this article has cleared a little bit brushes of this massive denim network ?

Tell me what are your favorite jeans? Cut, color, finish? How often do you wear them? Is it your comforter, your best bud or a close friend that you don t see often ? 

Have a beautiful day ❤️

Free hugs!

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