Which Pants

for which Booties?

Booties go so well with everything that you’d forget to turn your head upside down to style them properly  They are really all-purpose shoes! 

However, no way to combine them with everything and get nowhere except in a bland cloudiness and far from any style!

How to wear boots with pants? So what are the details that make the difference? 


The cut of the pants 

How to wear booties with a skinny or a slim 

That the highest risk!

The association of  slim + booties, it s whatever!

No harms but tasteless, fade and basically basicish  : a sweater, a denim skinny and black booties…

Everything goes together, but you feel that something is missing!

There are many ways to boost this!

Rather than narrow shafted booties with a cuban heel, opt for:


  • thin-heeled ankle boots: 

Slim or skinny can weigh down the figure but thin heels will will be your asset to streamline the overall.

They don’t have to be “towerly” heels, just thin and about 5 cm high!

Immediately you feel more confident, your motion  is feminine and assured!


  • wide shaft booties:

Slip or tuck the slim or skinny  jeans into the booties.

To balance the lines, you wear a jacket or an oversized coat.

For an hyper sexy look, you can combine wide shaft + thin heeled booties.

How to wear ankle booties with flare or straight  pants or jeans

Currently the trend is to wear your pants, short : I mean the length should be short!  rolled up or just buy them short, but way above the boot, give your ankle skin some breathes of fresh air.

You can hem them for a clean look, or keep the bottom frayed for a more rock style.

You’ll opt for ankle boots with a narrow shaft and preferably a cuban heel.

Again to balance the volumes and lines, pair them with straight or belted jackets and coats, unless you’re really tall, in which case a loose jacket won’t make the overall silhouette packed.

A short jacket, like an aviator or a straight jacket in synthetic fur will also be great!

Booties that pop!

When combining your booties with pants, if you want to stay away from a tasteless look, go for funky booties:

  • metallic: gold, silver, red or blue metallic
  • white or black patent
  • animal print : leopard, python

It will make a huge difference!


They will, anyway, be there to boost a rather simple and neutral look than topping up strong and iconic pieces, which they represent already. 

You will see that they will be a precious help in your daily life!

Once you will dive into the style, you’ll love it! And you’ll wonder how you did before… with your all purposed neutral colored booties.

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Pinterest Inspirations


The red boots come to boost this basic outfit with neutral colors.
The straight 7/8th length pants stop clearly above the boots.

Vogue - bottines rouges


The red booties with pointed toes give a feminine touch to this outfit in a boyish spirit.

Tizkka - bottines rouges


Here too, the red comes to wake up this outfit!

Mode-and-deco.com jean flare

Mode and deco

Wear your flare very short with ankle boots for a current and stylish look!

Manreller - bottines dorées pantalon cropped


Here also the jeans are worn very short.
The golden boots with pointed toes bring a girly touch to this boyish outfit!

Jean droit et bottines blanches


White ankle boots bring light and are the perfect
and are the perfect complement to a light colored outfit.
Here too, these straight and tailored jeans are worn short. It stops above the boots.

Emfashionfiles - bottines métallisées


Dare the flashy boots to boost a simple outfit
and gain style immediately!

Bottines python


Another example of straight pants worn cropped.
Imagine the same outfit with the pants that “break” on the boots,
it’s immediately less feminine, isn’t it ?

Bottines marron - Comment porter des bottines avec un pantalon


Pants other than jeans are also worn short.
The result: a strong style.

Bottines dorées - Comment porter des bottines avec un pantalon

Anine Bing

Gold ankle boots can easily be worn in the spring with white or
with white or ecru jeans.

Bottines bordeaux- Comment porter des bottines avec un pantalon


Always these tomboy outfits boosted by very feminine boots,
like this patent model !

Bottines blanches - Comment porter des bottines avec un pantalon


A very 70’s outfit with the short fur jacket, the pants a little flare
and white boots with narrow stem.

Bottines argentées


Silver boots to spice up and feminize a rock outfit.

Let’s have a little chat?

What we keep in mind from this article is that wearing pants in a cropped way is very trendy, you can even think to give them yourself  a  “pantcut”. 

Also and definitely go for  flashy and peppy booties that make all the difference and will give you a strong style without much of an effort! 

What do you think of these ideas? I can’t wait to get your feedback…

Have a wonderful day 🙂

Free hugs!

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