Diner with sweetheart girlfriends and style : how to dress up

Dinner with your girlfriends is probably the event you are waiting for weeks (if you have three kids like me). We know we’re going to have a great time #zerocensorship, Sex & The City style… But before there is the deadline : which outfit to honor this great great occasion For me, the choice of the outfit is an integral part of the fun I’m going to have, actually it starts here. But this may not be the case for everyone. 

So here are a few tips on how to dress up for a dinner with your girlfriends.

Dinner with your girlfriends is the time when you can be daring, and be audacious.

Your friends won’t judge you.

Step out of your comfort zone and dare to try new looks!

Dinner with your girlfriends is the perfect opportunity to wear your strongest pieces, you know those trendy pieces you bought on a whim two months ago and have been contemplating on their hangers ever since, wondering when you’ll get the chance to wear them!

Well, that’s now!

If you don’t wear your “fashion” pieces for a night out with your girlfriends, you’ll never wear them!

Ideally, choose one of your strongest pieces and build your outfit around it by combining basics from your wardrobe.

Dressing up for a dinner with friends: the glam’ rock look

That s one of the style you can go for this so special event 

It’s time to bring out the sequins, leopard prints, leather, lace (but in small drops and not all together!). It’s not a night out at a club … nor a night with Elton John!


Some ideas for glam’rock look : 

  • black skinny + silk camisole/ Caraco + black blazer + black patent pumps

  • boyfriend jeans + thin sweater with big V-neck on your back + pumps

  • black skinny + lace body + black silk shirt + big synthetic fur jacket + pumps

  • black skinny + cream silk camisole / Caraco + leather perfecto + rock booties

  • leather skinny pants  + silk shirt + pumps

  • chic jogger pant  + silk top + stilettos  + leather perfecto

  • leather mini skirt + loose white t-shirt + silk jacket with rolled up sleeves + rock booties

  • straight mini-skirt (silver, gold) + black loose knit sweater + fishnet tights + rock booties

  • black shorts + loose t-shirt + perfecto + studded booties

  • black belted dress + studded booties

  • black mini dress with lace inserts + rock booties + leather perfecto

  • sequin skirt + loose tank top + leather perfecto + biker boots

  • high-waisted pencil skirt + crop top t-shirt + leather perfecto + pumps

  • black pencil skirt + large V-neck sweater + pumps

  • midi skirt + t-shirt + stiletto boots + leather perfecto


If your there s not many on the balcony (< C cup), you can also decide to wear your blazer without a top underneath, with just a nice lace triangle Bra that you can hardly see, thin chains of different lengths, your black pants and derbies.


Wear your favorite jewelry:

If you wear loose (boyfriend jeans) or “heavy” (leather perfecto) pieces, go for fine jewelry: multiple fine bracelets or metal chains of different lengths around the neck with or without pendants, fine rings etc…

But if hen you wear fine jewelry, be sure to wear several, otherwise they will be unoticables …

With fine jewelry, you can mix styles: ethnic, vintage, rock …

You can also dare a pretty metal or leather cuff (Hermes dog collar cuff style).

Make yourself a beautiful smoky-eye in grey tones and dare your VERY RED lipstick!


What about the handbag?

Opt for a mini handbag with a metal chain shoulder strap.


Glam’rock outfit ideas
s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines

Tendances de Mode

Black dress, fishnet and boots

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


Silk and lace camisole, perfecto and black skinny.
The black monochrome is the glamorous outfit for going out.
Add a few thin chains of different lengths to dress up your neckline.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


Combine lace, guipure or transparency with denim for a feminine but wise look.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


Wear your silk lace camisole with mesh, skinny jeans
a nice round buckle belt and pumps or sandals with thin heels.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


Wear your leather skinny with a leopard print synthetic fur jacket and babies.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines

Steal The Look

Dare to wear shorts, here with a loose t-shirt and a studded leather jacket.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


The leather skinny is a great option.
Here associated with a silk shirt and minimalist sandals with thin heels.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


Very sexy look with this sweater and a straight leather skirt.
Add suede calf boots.

Dressing up for a dinner with your girlfriends: the dressy look

Depending on where you’re going with your girlfriends, you may have to go for a more elegant look.

Avoid being trapped in the too classic or conventional look, it’s still a night out with your sweetheart girlfriends!

You can try to go for an asserted look by choosing a simple and  basic from your wardrobe that you can accessorize

Or you can opt for a strong piece (printed pants or printed blazer for example) that you can tone down by associating it with basics.

To give your outfit a boost and give youth back to it, go for rather imposing jewels: plastron necklace, cuff, chandelier earrings, cocktail ring…

But be careful not to multiply the jewels in the same area to avoid bluring your style path. 

The combination that is aimed at the podium :

  • plastron necklace + cocktail ring (if you absolutely insist on earrings, wear small discreet chips),
  • large earrings + cuff 

Some dressy outfit ideas : 

  • Little black dress + multicolored necklace + feathered tights + stilettos booties + coat or Trench coat 

  • Boyfriend jeans + white cotton shirt buttoned up to the top + rhinestone bib necklace  + patent pumps + black blazer

  • Masculine pants + silk and lace camisole / Caraco + blazer + large earrings (chandelier for example) + stilettos sandals

  • Masculine black pants + nude silk shirt + blazer + leopard pumps + trench coat

  • Lace shirt + black skinny jeans + pumps + blazer

  • Fluid printed shirt + high waist carrot pants + stiletto sandals

  • Printed cigarette pants + ecru silk shirt + blazer + pumps

  • High-waisted pencil skirt + deep V-neck silk tank top  + high-waisted wide belt + stilettos booties + earrings + cuff + short jacket

  • Straight mini skirt + loose grey t-shirt + bib necklace + blazer + loafers

  • Black skater skirt + flashy veil blouse + black fancy veil tights + short jacket + stilettos boots 

  • Pleated midi skirt, high-waist belt ,  3/4 sleeves rolled up  and boat neckline  top + pumps 


Regarding the make up , make it nude with a thin eyeliner and a pretty peppy  mouth!

And the handbag?

A clutch or a pretty medium shoulder bag in colored leather.


Dressy outfit ideas
s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines

Style weekly

Cigarette pants with a beautiful floral print associated
with a black silk shirt, ecru or nude pumps and a clutch
which makes a recall of color on one of the colors of the print.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


Simple and chic outfit with a straight black skirt,
a flowing ecru blouse and a nice bucket bag with imposing jewels.
We can imagine wearing sandals with thin heels with this outfit.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines

The Fancy

Dare to wear sequins as here with this straight midi skirt associated with a message t-shirt
which comes to relax her, flashy pumps for the touch of pep.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines

Glam Radar

The simple association of a black skinny and a loose white t-shirt.
The look is boosted by the coral red suede sandals.
The pretty Chanel bag adds to the chic side.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


Pair your sequin skirt with a denim shirt for a chic and current look;
here with black minimalist sandals and a leather jacket.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines

Stella & Dot

Dare to use the bib necklace to “chic up” your outfits;
here worn on a flowing top with black men’s or carrot pants
and high-heeled sandals.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


All the effects of transparency will be welcome.
Here a feathered top with Claudine collar and a jacquard skirt.
Note the detail of the flashy pink bra straps.
When you wear a transparent top, dare the contrast
instead of rushing to this horrible flesh-colored lingerie
(which I hate! Sorry I’m not sorry)

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


Dare to combine prints!
As here with this sailor worn with a floral skirt and leopard pumps!

Dressing up for a dinner with friends: the casual look

You’ve planned an aperitif and a dinner on the terrace in a nice little restaurant without any fuss.

Don’t overplay it!

Go for a casual look and style it with great accessories.


Some Casual outfit ideas 

  • destroyed / ripped jeans + silk shirt + perfecto + Converse

  • destroyed / ripped jeans + sailor shirt + bib necklace + derbies

  • destroyed / ripped boyfriend jeans + loose white t-shirt + blazer + Stan Smith sneakers 

  • chic jogger pants  + silk and lace camisole/ Caraco + leather perfecto + sneakers/slippers

  • skinny jeans + printed shirt + slippers

  • skinny jeans + loose t-shirt + Maxi cashmere cardigan + sneakers

  • straight denim skirt + t-shirt + sneakers

  • leather mini skirt + loose t-shirt or tank top  + converse 



Casual outfit ideas

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


Leather miniskirt and loose top.
We can imagine a pair of Converse or sneakers to accompany this outfit.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines

Les Babioles de Zoé

Zoé wears carrot pants with a black top and a khaki parka.
The pumps and the necklace come to feminize this casual outfit.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


Camille wears a gray masculine pants, a loose black top with a large neckline,
sneakers and a perfecto.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines

Just The Design

A skinny destroy and Converse for the casual register and a nice Bardot top for the chic side.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines

Les Babioles de Zoé

Zoé wears a sailor, a destroy jean, a vest, a cap Gavroche and a bandana.
The shoulder bag brings color.
Wear jewelry to feminize this type of outfit.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


Wear a pair of boyfriend jeans, a loose white t-shirt and a perfecto.
On your feet, black sandals or pumps to feminize or sneakers for comfort.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


Simple outfit for summer, a denim skirt and a white cotton poplin shirt.
Add some thin chains to dress up your neckline like here.
Wear Converse shoes.

s'habiller pour un dîner entre copines


It’s time to get out the chic jogging suit!
Here in a sexy version with a loose tank top
and minimalist sandals.



In complement, add several fine and ethnic fancy  jewelry.

It’s time to get out your Hipanema bracelets! You can also accessorize with pretty and colorful veil scarves.

Dare the make- up being a little more colorful and powerful eye wise and stay nude or girly pink lipstick to bring freshness and sweetness. 

Let's have a little chat?

My little chicks, Voila!  all what’s left to do is  hugging your best friends and order mojitos!

Friendships is something very personal but such a great topic to talk about, spreading the love you get and you give from your sweet girlfriends, so would you be so kind and share some of your experience? Is the dressing up part of the event, are you looking forward to see what your mates do wear? Any favorite outfits for this  particular occasion? Are your girlfriends fashion freaks like you? I have to admit that I’m spoiled on this side, with my best girlfriends it’s a style contest and we love it so much but not as much as we love each other  ❤️


Have a fab day!

Free hugs to you and our girlfriends 


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