Mini Handbag


It is not possible to escape from its fashion influence : preppy, tiny, sweet that is the mini handbag with saddle or strap worn along one shoulder. 

You agree about its prettiness but doubt about his practicality ? I cannot disapprove your position.

Although, sometimes we should reconsider it to not passing by this great asset of style! 

Mini size but maxi impact !!

Yes I agree with you ! 

The XXS size handbag is not the most practical thing on the earth because of course of its small capacity, being a mum especially you surely not listing it as a blessing but having myself 2 kids believe me of not it has won me over for multiples reasons : 

  • When you’re shopping or running erratic and you already have a tote bag;
  • If you travel with a diaper bag;
  • When you go on a plane if you already have a carry-on bag;
  • During a weekend in a capital city or at Disneyland Paris to carry just the necessary survival items (your phone and your credit card for example, I say that I say nothing!) without having to carry an 8 kg bag (in which your boyfriend would have, by the greatest chance, slipped his wallet and his keys with the aim of killing you and explaining that it s the safest place they can be ) 
  • At parties to have your survival kit with you, without being hindered in your movements (on the dance floor?)
  • At your front door, not digging 10 minutes for your key when in the end you unpacked all to find them in your jacket pocket! 

Convinced? How can it be else way, this is experience talking and be honest, you are on the exact same page with those anecdotes. 

On top of being hyper sweet, it can be very useful, isn’t it , this little tiny bag hanging along your shoulder.

The mini handbag forces us to optimize and keep the absolute required, who else than us, Ladies illustrate the best that sentence, the more space you have, the more you uses, most of it as excesses.

How to choose your mini handbag ?

The material

If you want it to last as long as possible, I recommend …guess what ? LEATHER, the authentic of course, because we worth it right ? 

Reminder, is that really needed, well better tell it twice than never … there are many types of leather : go for lambskin or calfskin, those are of the  best quality for a bag (keep  the reptiles skins in the water – too deep too catch for our purses …) 

The leather can be smooth, more or less grained or Nubuck (which is a full grain leather scraped).

The nubuck or the suede calf, by their “velvety” and « voluptuousness » aspect bring softness to the outfit, I really like those to be honest. 

Sac à main mini-format : comment bien le choisir et le porter avec style !

The Vivaluxury

The shape of your mini handbag

Treat yourself!

This handbag must become a masterpiece of your wardrobe and on cartridge under your shoulder ! All eccentricities and fancies  are permitted : 

Handbag should be your flashing light, attracting the eyes, the gaze of others either by its shape or its color!

The color of your mini handbag

Dare it to be colorful! And stay away, from black. 

You are fully right by thinking black is versatile enough to match anything and everyone’s style but that exactly the issue : being such chameleonic it becomes invisible. 

Is this what we aimed for !! NOOOO, what we are looking for is a firework that blows of preppy and bright sparkles for any eyes to turn around!!


Sac à main mini-format : comment bien le choisir et le porter avec style !


But eh, we are not that uncompromising,  black can work if : 

  • It has some frills or original details (keep in mind that all sorts of prints, embroideries etc are considered as colorful) 
  • If black is a second purchase and you already own a fancy one then It can stand as a an long term stable investment (especially for your rock looks)

The saddle/strap

A metal chain shoulder strap will bring lightness to an outfit that includes a heavy or thick material; for example with a leather perfecto or on a coat.

If you go for the chain, choose a model with a metal …


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