Masculine Trousers

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In the family of basics, I ask for the black men’s trousers!

These trousers are a must-have in the dressing room of the working girl…

Timeless, elegant black pants …

So I can already see some of you getting up at the back of the room to tell me that these trousers are not part of their basics, that they don’t fit them, that they are too this, or too that !

Keep calm and read !

There are many variations of black trousers for men:

  • Straight trousers
  • Sinner jacket trousers (with a satin braid on the side of the leg)
  • Tailored trousers with or without darts
  • Cigarette trousers à la Audrey Hepburn (slightly tightened at the ankles, they lengthen the leg)

Warning: chino, flowing trousers and carrot trousers do not fall into this category. 

Maculine black trousers can be worn in all circumstances: at work, at the weekend, in the evening, at a job interview, at a fancy dinner, for shopping etc. 

Black masculine  trousers are an ultra-safe value.

How to pick the right one ?

The material

Ideally, your black trousers will be made of wool gabardine (a dense, tight and supple fabric with a nice drape) or wool twill (a smooth, compact and light fabric) with a worsted wool fibre.

Combed wool has a clean, smooth and even appearance.

Although wool is an excellent insulator against the cold, it is important to know that fine wool also insulates against heat.

That’s why I wear my men’s trousers all year round; they feel good even in summer.

Avoid materials that are too thick, by optical effect, you will have the feeling to look overweighted-) 

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pantalon-masculin-l'importance des basiques


Which cut

Keep yourself (and your curves) in mind when choosing the trousers that will best suit you.

This is very important!

Many of you have been scalded by the black masculine trousers.

But that’s because you haven’t tried on the right pair.

You’ll probably have to try several times before you find the perfect pair.

    Black masculine trousers are a wardrobe basic.

    They are an investment. They’re timeless, so you’ll be able to keep them for many years.

    So be absolutely adamant about fit and quality.

    These trousers must fit you like a glove.

    They must be a pillar of your wardrobe.

    You don’t buy black trousers just to have black trousers in your wardrobe.

    With these trousers, you must feel classy and sexy, even when you wear them with sneakers!


    Which black trouser model should you choose according to your figure?

    • If you are slim and have narrow hips: opt for cigarette trousers or straight suit trousers with darts.
    • If you’re short: opt for a cigarette shape that lengthens your leg and highlights your small frame.
    • If your hips are not very pronounced (H-shaped): opt for trousers with pleats.
    • If you are shapely or have pronounced hips (A shape): opt for trousers with …


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