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The leather miniskirt is a timeless staple. It crosses the years without taking a wrinkle. Straight, trapeze, high waist. Well chosen, your leather mini-skirt will be your eternal flame…

Worn well, it will push back the fake age boundaries …

The leather mini-skirt will wake up your rocker spirit!

How to choose your leather mini-skirt

The material

Obviously leather, but why I need to mention as it so obvious because again there is Leather and leather : 

Nope to leatherette, synthetic or vegan leather 

Leather or not leather that is NOT the question !!! 

Go for a nice soft lambskin leather that will be very pleasant to wear and that gives a luxurious look!

The cut

The leather stands on its own! No need to add to it!

Choose a fairly plain model without too many frills or superfluous blablas…

There are several options : 

  • the straight leather mini-skirt
  • the slightly flared leather mini-skirt
  • the wrap mini-skirt
  • the slightly tight leather mini-skirt
  • the high-waisted leather mini-skirt


The last two models require some awareness and must absolutely be tone down by very wise and elegant pieces.

The color

Black for your first leather  mini-skirt!

Once you have the black one… it’s up to you ! Happy hours on all colors !

Beige, brown, camel and even red like here!

2.Jupe en cuir Claudie Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot

Our favorite brands

Ba&sh, Zadig & Voltaire, The Kooples, Maje, Claudie Pierlot, Iro Paris…

From time to time, you can bump into real golden nuggets in the fast-fashion shops so eyes wide open o the Highway to leather mini-skirt land.

$$$ Budget: between 100€ and 300€

How to wear your leather mini-skirt with style

To feel comfortable with your mini-skirt and avoid any drop of vulgarity by calming down the whole outfit.

Wear it bare-legged in spring and summer or with semi-opaque tights in autumn and winter.

Forget veiled tights, except for the evening (unless it s an asserted choice and you seriously soften and offset the top).

Which tops to wear with your leather mini-skirt ?

To balance the shapes and the overall silhouette  but also to cool down the entire outfit, go for a loose top or even clearly oversized :

  • loose t-shirt or tank top in summer
  • loose shirt or blouse
  • loose cashmere jumper
  • chunky knit jumper
  • short chunky knit cardigan 
  • loose sweat-shirt


To give your outfit some temper, create relief by overlapping different fabrics & materials.

Combine the leather of the skirt with cotton, silk or knitwear.

Sweat-shirt Tigre Kenzo gris avec une mini-jupe en cuir



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