Getting dressed for a fancy restaurant

In the series “How to dress for…” we discuss today How to dress for a fancy restaurant! You’re invited to a great restaurant and you’re a little confused in front of your wardrobe? Here are some tips and outfit ideas that might help you.

Two possibilities:

How to dress up for a date in a chic restaurant 

s'habiller pour un restau chic ici robe soie noire the kooples

It’s the moment to whip out your little black dress!! 

It will just be perfect for this special occasion.

The little black dress is chic and classy. It is the ideal to be stylish without overplaying it!

Feel free to read again the Little Black Dress article to discover all the tips to choose your perfect little black dress.

For winter, I recommend a knitted little black dress or a black dress in crepe.

For summer, a silk will be the match point.

Accessorize your little black dress, if you don’t want to look too austere and conventional. 

Don’t hesitate to add a metallic belt or a colorful scarf or a beautiful bib necklace.

You can wear it bare legged in the summer, with 20D black voile tights or lace or feathered tights when the evenings are cooler!

Watch out the quality of the tights that won’t streak your leg and won’t spin out after 30 seconds.

Put on your stiletto pumps of course.

Unless you can’t stand high heels, in which case you can consider kitten heels.

In summer, you can also opt for pretty colored sandals or minimalist metallic sandals.

Bring some color to your outfit with flashy shoes!

In winter, you can replace them with thin heeled booties.

 Bet on your black blazer, this will be perfect.

In winter, wrap yourself up in a coat!

This is the kind of little black dress that  I suggest, to me it ’s perfect for summer because very simple, well cut and therefore hyper versatile:

It can be very easily accessorized with a metallic belt or gold or camel or flashy leather, with jewelry, bib necklace, cuff bracelets, colorful scarves.

Add a nice belt, a necklace and golden sandals , Voila ! Stylishness for a stylish restaurant!

The trick on top of it is that  you can also wear it everyday with rock boots and a leather perfecto for a rock look; with sneakers or Converse for a casual look; with camel spartan shoes and a camel or ecru linen scarf for a summer look; who was talking versatile, here it it, isn’t it!!! 

This is a small selection of pretty black dresses for a chic restaurant:

s'habiller pour un restau chic petite robe noire

How to dress for a chic restaurant : the dinner

However, in case you are not very much into dresses, you can go for a sexy Tomboy look : wearing your black masculine pants, a nude silk lace camisole and your black blazer, long dangling earrings and  seductive red lipstick (like Ruby Woo by Mac).

If there’s not many at the balcony isn’t (C-cups) and your blazer cut lends itself to it, you can even afford to wear the button-down blazer with nothing else than a  black lace bra or a lace bodysuit.

s'habiller pour un restau chic costume Saint-Laurent

Saint Laurent

A suit with patent pumps and a white shirt.
Add a nice lipstick for the feminine touch.
This is a simple but classy outfit.

Regarding the make-up: you can opt for a gray smoky eye and a pretty red lipstick, sensual and seductive in the evening allows you to load it up a bit.

A neat manicure, a pretty clutch… Voila, does it not look like you are all set!!?

Lunch in a Fancy restaurant

(Family meal wise)

How to dress up for a fancy restaurant… but this time with a wiser outfit for a family lunch!

Here again I suggest you go for a the dress but not the little black one. 

Instead, choose a light dress in light colors for spring and summer (silk, voile, lace, guipure, flowing jersey etc.) with pumps, salomé cut slingback, nude or gold sandals.

For fall and winter, opt for a dress in darker colors (burgundy, navy blue, fir green) and heavier fabrics (jacquard, velvet etc.) with boots or knee-high boots.

The dress being the main element of your outfit which become quite the strong and master piece, do not overload it with accessories to keep your style path clear! 

Use neutral colored shoes and sober jewelry.

Choose the cut of your dress according to your silhouette.

Regarding the make-up: it is daytime, so you will have to choose!

Either you focus on your eyes or on your mouth but not both at the same time!

  • if your choice is the lips : a light smoky (in beige and nude shades for example) or a thin eye liner and then all in a red or fuchsia lipstick. 
  • if your choice go for the eyes :  a sophisticated eye makeup and in this case you prefer a more discreet lipstick that will highlight the natural color of your lips.


Again caution,  matching the colors of eye make-up and dress is not trendy at all at the moment, in contrast (it’s the case to say it) choose a complementing color to your dress or go neutral.

Comment s'habiller pour un restau chic

How to dress for a chic restaurant at lunch time!

Let’s chat a bit!

I can hear you “shouting” in the background but “where are the skirts in all this”? 

Sorry for that but actually, I’m not a huge fan of skirts when it comes to dressy outfits, to me they are more appropriate and fitting better to casual or Rock styles in which you can easily use them to break down the usual fashion codes  

But eh ladies, go and have some fun now in this fancy restaurant! But if you find the time upfront let me know how you usually dress up for this kind of occasions?


Have a Wonderfull time!

Free hugs, without any red glamorous lipstick on your clothes!

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