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Leather Perfecto Jacket

Perfecto: choose it well, the favorite brands we love, how to make it your super style asset for rock & chic looks!


Converse: how to choose them, which model and color for a maximum of possibilities? How to wear them with style at 40 ?


How to choose your sneakers (model, color…), favorite brands, tips & ideas for stylish outfits at 40!


How to choose your boots according to your silhouette! How to wear them with feminine & stylish, rock or casual outfits.

Rock Boots

Instructions for wearing your rock boots at 40 in outfits full of pep and character!

Carrot Trousers

90’s revival obliges, the carrot pants sign its great return… How to wear this ultra classy feminine outfit machine!

Slim & Skinny

Symbol of rock metal or punk at the end of the 80’s… The slim is now a holp up on the wardrobe “fashion” of the…


How to choose your scarf: materials, shapes and colors to choose from for maximum possibilities! Which scarf for which style?

Sequin Skirt

A classic for the holidays, but not only! How to turn your sequin skirt into an ultra stylish everyday outfit!