Cropped jeans

How to proceed ?

What’s a so called “cropped jeans”, it’s about wearing it short, above the ankles. 

Last seasons, it  become a must-have and mostly being worn short, 7/8 length just the way we like it because it also lightens your overall silhouette and immediately throws character in your outfit and highlight a trendy look. 

Going trough all options to get the “cropped” 

You opt for 7/8 length


The jeans you just bought is looks short… but it needs to be short enough for you, meaning 7/8 length on you!!

If the length is “half way” cutting your ankle in 2  that would be an absolute disaster. 

Therefore and sometimes it might need a turnup. 

Jean cropped longueur 7/8


Roll it up 

The good thing here is that this is a reversal way and it s quick and easy to do!

We would promote the jeans that fit snugly around the ankles (slim, skinny, girlfriend or mom) or masculine pants like the Boyfriend & the Chino.

Clearly this would emphasis and what’s really trendy at the moment «”Hey world, I ve borrowed this to my boyfriend !!”

Roll it up but not like a wool ball though, maximum 2 spins otherwise turn yourself into a Taylor and get those pair of scissors out.


Jean cropped roulotté


Chop and Snip it 

Try it on first and of course, draw a line (better would be to use chalk as it’s washable) don’t be half measured and it minimum 10 cm higher up cut above the ankle. `

Take it off and draw the same hight line on the other leg, then cut with the right scissors.

If you are like me, quite a “chopy snippy” one who’s cutting most of her jeans, I’ll suggest to invest in a Taylor pair. 


Jean coupé


3 options available then : 

  • Hemline : in my humble view, I m not convinced by it, it attract the eye when it burdens the silhouette. 
  • You prefer cut-edge style 
  • Pull some threads across and out and wash your jeans, so that they fray and gets a pretty outlook. 

I highly recommend to go through the Scissors step for all your jeans that vegetate in the back of your wardrobe by offering  them a second youth and you will, for sure, end up with a complete nice new collection. 

How to dress with each type of jeans ?


Length Cropped
Cropped frayed edge Cropped straight edge Rolled up
Slim ou skinny X X X X
Straight Jean X X X
Jean flare X X X X
Jean bootcut X X X X
  Jean boyfriend X
  Jean girfriend X
Jean mom X X

Best practices with a Cropped 

On a skinny 

I know so well, the temptation to roll it up but please reject it, it will burden your silhouette. 

I, personnally, think to pick it already cropped or go through the Scissors process !

Jean skinny avec un roulottage


Here the skinny is rolled up , even though only once but as said, for any kind of skinnies and slims , this will attract attention on the bottom of your legs and will burden your whole silhouette.

Jean skinny cropped avec un bord franc


Here, on the other side, the skinny has been cropped, delicately cut-edge, the silhouette looks immediately more fluid as nothing attract only the bottom of your body. 

Fashion jakson skinny cropped avec un ourlet

Fashion Jackson

Cropped skinny with hemline, this is the cleanest finish.

Skinny bas effiloché


Cropped skinny with fray for the rock touch.

On a straight or a Flare 

For a trendy look, the straight should be cropped.

You have 3 ways :

  • Hemline
  • Cut-edge 
  • Fray finish 

On the other hand , you re allowed, for the flare, to dress it as long or cropped however being worn cropped neither should be rolled up.

Jean droit ourlet


Straight cropped jean with hemline.

Jean droit bord franc


Straight cropped jeans with a straight edge.

Jean droit bas effiloché


Straight cropped jeans with frayed bottom.


jean flare ourlet


Flare jeans with hemline.

On a boyfriend/girlfriend version

Here, in contrast, it the “last minute Roll it up” that will give it all his highlights and the fact that ankles are shown will provide the feminine appeal. 

Jean boyfriend destroy


Jean boyfriend used roulotté


Jean boyfriend hyper destroy


Jean boyfriend destroy roulotté


On a Mom version 

It s about to emphasis on the 90’ s spirit for that you have 2 options : 

  • To roll it for a feminine appeal and will suit perfectly to you, if you’re tinny.
  • Hemline for a chic look and 100% 90s spirt !!!
Jean mom roulotté


jean mom plié


Jean mom ourlet


jean mom et t-shirt


Can Cropped cope with Winter ?

Here again many possibilities up to the types of cropped :


Skinny &  Slim …. Winters 


If you want to keep your jeans as cropped without icicle pending along your ankles, opt for  low boots and also you can drag  thicks socks in between . 

If it’s not that cold, go for thin and/or fantasie socks. 

Of course , thigh high boots are welcome too but what’s the point to talk about cropped as no longer seeable.


Cropped Straight, Flare or bootcut …Winters


The advise would be to use low boots with stacked heel going under the jeans.


Cropped Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Mom… Winters 


Thick woolen socks rolled over any of those  would warm you up and gracefully face Winter.


Jean cropped et chaussettes blanches


With contrasting socks for an assumed *street* look

Jean cropped et bottines


With boots that go up under the pants.

Jean cropped et chaussettes épaisses


With big socks that you pleat.

Jean cropped et chaussettes fantaisie


With fancy lurex socks (you can choose them higher up!).

The added bonus

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You and I, shall we chat a bit more, OK ?

Cropped or not cropped , that s my question to you , have you been used to cropped Jeans ?

Have you been able to master all the possibilities around the cropped jeans and find your ways to embrace them because and  besides they , for sure, reveal your feminine appeal, not one of your old and forgotten jeans can t be re-used and get a brand new fashionable second life !! 


Have a Wonderfull day 

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