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As the clock in the middle of the village , the converse is an icon that has been passed through the generations. 

Created almost a century ago for basketball players, it is a staple in the fashionista’s wardrobe for 2022. 

Not only being as comfortable as a your slippers, it will allow you to be at ease when climbing Eiffel Tower  but also for a shopping « mob » day  in Paris and,  on top of it all, with an asserted style guaranteed.

Less sporty than sneakers, the Converse gives a cool or rock side to any outfit, it will also calm down any mini skirt or mini shorts.

How to choose your Converse

There is the Chuck Taylor All Star with its vintage look or the Chuck II with a more modern look, in leather for example.

There is the low Converse or the high Converse.


The cut of your Converse

My advise would be that you have at least one very basic canvas model, then you can let your imagination run wild and funky. 

There is a more feminine version of the classic Chuck Taylor, the Dainty.

I recommend it because it lightens the silhouette and its cut wraps around the foot in a more sexy and feminine way. 

It is well suited to larger sizes because the “barge” effect that sticks to Converse , is less noticeable than with the classic Chuck Taylor.

Pay attention though , on the high rise Chuck Taylor which can pack down or even give the feeling to compact the silhouette.

Converse hautes blanches

High Chuck Taylor 

Converse blanches basses

Low Chuck Taylor 

Converse Dainty


The color of your Converse 

As you are well aware of, there are tons and tons of models : plain, printed in hundreds of colors , but try to stay wise and restrain your Punky Brewster great memories. 

If you want to make them a basic, versatile and timeless part of your wardrobe and wear them with as many outfits as possible, it is best to choose a neutral color : black, white or grey.

If you already have neutral colors and want to complete your collection, you can use anything you like : reds, pinks, greens, sequins…

Is there any age limit to wear the Converse? 

Forget about any age boundaries !! 

They will make you look younger and more fashionable.

If you’re afraid they’ll be too teeny-weeny, avoid the hoodie and jogging trousers and you’ll be fine!

You can superbly include  them into more classic outfits and benefit from their incredible Benjamin Button effect!

How to wear the Converse with style?

I agree with you the Converse, as per its original meaning can be quite a topic : as much as they can be the symbol of the standard  pre-pubescent teen, that’s why  I advise you to wear them in casual-chic outfits.

You can combine them with your classic basics:  raw jeans, blazer, trench coat, little black dress, men’s trousers, white shirt, loose t-shirt…


Converse et robe


They’ll take the edge off those classic outfits and you’ll be able to build a really cool outfit.

For example, start with a very classic outfit: jeans + white shirt + blazer etc… Add Converse to get a cool and trendy look.

You can also integrate them into rock looks by wearing them with leather (skinny or jacket), with a mini skirt or destroyed jeans.

They go well with slim-fitted  trousers such as slim or skinny, but also with straight jeans if they are worn in 7/8ths length, boyfriend or girlfriend jeans and with your masculine trousers (but with your ankle appearing) .

Just avoid flares or boot cuts (you would look too bulky).

Mix and match

Below some ideas to combine your Converse with other basics items available in your wardrobe :

Loose white T-shirt

+ Skinny or slim fit

+ Black blazer

+ Converse

Cashmere sweater

+ Slim or skinny

+ Black or printed blazer

+ Converse

Silk and lace camisole

+ Slim or skinny

+ Parka or military jacket

+ Converse

Chunky sweater

+ Slim or skinny

+ Leather jacket

+ Converse

Vintage T-shirt

+ Slim or skinny leather jacket

+ Oversized denim jacket

+ Converse

Lace or guipure top

+ Straight cropped jeans

+ Converse

Silk and lace camisole

+ Men’s pants

+ Blazer

+ Converse


+Straight skirt

+ Converse


+ Pencil skirt

+ Leather perfecto

+ Converse

Loose T-shirt

+ Large knit cardigan

+ Leather mini skirt

+ Converse

Vintage T-shirt

+ Sequin mini skirt

+ Converse

Silk and lace camisole

+ Denim skirt

+ Oversized double-breasted blazer

+ Converse

Loose tank top

+ Denim skirt

+ Converse

Vintage T-shirt

+ Leopard midi skirt

+ Converse

Loose tank top

+ Denim shorts

+ Blazer

+ Converse

Long printed dress

+ Leather jacket

+ Converse


Sweater dress

+ Converse

Wrap dress

+ Leather jacket

+ Converse

Bodycon dress

+ Oversized denim jacket

+ Converse

Dress (lace, guipure)

+ Converse

Little black dress

+ Trench coat

+ Converse

Pinterest inspirations

Taaora Converse blanche pantalon noir


Here again a casual-chic outfit with masculine pants, a black coat and white Converse that bring light and a cool side to this monochrome.

Robe longue noire Converse


Here they are worn in a cool summer look with a long bodycon dress and a denim jacket.

Peppamack converse et jean


For a current look, wear them with a pair of short jeans, well above the ankle!

Mikutas Converse jupe longue léopard


Here, they break the classic side of the leopard print!

Dressing de Leelooo - Converse et trench

Le Dressing de Leeloo

They are also the best allies of the trench coat. they also break its very classic side.

Costume et converse


Casual-chic look with a navy blue suit, loose white t-shirt and Converse.

Jupe longue perfecto converse


In this outfit, they come to contrast with the festive side of a long tulle skirt.

Converse robe longue imprimée


Ultra trendy! Wear them with a long printed dress!

Converse jupe midi plissée or et blouson en jean


Here also, they come to give a cooler side and “everyday life” to this skirt lamée champagne.

Tendances de mode - Converse robe longue léopard blazer


Long leopard dress, oversized blazer and Converse… be careful, this kind of outfit is better for tall girls!

Shopstyle Converse marinière short en jean


The vacation outfit! Marinière, jean shorts and Converse!

Converse blanches jean manteau gris


A simple and comfortable outfit with slim jeans or girlfriend 7/8th, a sweatshirt, a straight coat and Converse.

Converse robe noire


Here they give a very cool touch to this black monochrome!

Converse et skinny cuir


Worn in a rock look with a leather skinny.

Converse et short en cuir


Associating leather shorts with a leather jacket is daring.

The Converse come to soften all that!

Converse et chino


In a 100% casual look with a loose tank top and a rolled up chino!

Casual chic converse


The best friends of your little black dress!
Here in a casual chic look with a little black dress and a flowing trench coat.

Converse jupe midi boutonnée


Chic and rock! Converse paired with a midi skirt and a vintage t-shirt.

Converse jupe longue


If you don’t want to be cramped, prefer asymmetrical cuts like here!

Converse jupe en soie léopard


Here again they come to relax the leopard midi skirt for a super trendy look and not at all 1st degree for the leo skirt.

The little more of the Converse 

To make your white Converse shoes shiny and white again, make a paste with baking soda and white vinegar.

Apply with a toothbrush.

Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

You can also wash them at 30°C.

Then leave them to dry away from any non natural heating  (but in the sun if they are white, it will whiten them even more!).

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