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Mint-green, sweet pink, soft peach, powdery blue…all of which will be very trendy and lucky us for that, as all pastel colors bring light and sweetness but offer as well a lot of style on a outfit. 

However, you wonder how to combine them without turning into The giant barbapapa (candyfloss)  or make it easy for you and associate it straight to traditional black color?

Pastel colors  even though, their soft and wise spirits can undermine more than one of us with regard to, practically, wear them!

In fact, you re right, watch out because there are 2 traps with pastel colors and as you know, we very likely to walk into!! 

  • The very conventional like powdery pink tight pullover with white semi pants which will age you 10 years older than we really are.
  • The “palish or fadish” combination with black color.

So how to mix and match pastel for a trendy look? 

The choice of the pastel pieces


Comment porter les pastel


By associating pastel colors in that way to get a trendy look will highly depend on the pieces you will pick as being the one in Pastel. 

The consequence can quickly go in either direction : you dress up as a wedding cake or the perfect fashion look … 

They also have a strong overtone “little cutie tidies up, loving romance novels and soap opera”.

Our goal here is to cut off this Mallow aside by staggering the pastel colors and choosing pieces that are more funky like:

  • A suede jacket with fringes 
  • Slim or skinny jeans but with some destroyed bits and frayed hem rather than straight edges. 
  • A denim mini-skirt with some destroyed appearances
  • A loose heavy knit sweater 
  • A cardigan with puff sleeve
  • A T-shirt with used appearance 

Avoid like the plague, a pastel shirt in veil or a tight, pastel jumper. 

If you feel you have pastel pieces in your wardrobe but they have the “good girl” touch, you can still wear them and be fashion and trendy under condition that you mix them with Rock style pieces or pieces with a strong character. 

What’s really to distrust with your “good girl” pieces is… 


  • What are the colors that matches your Pastel pieces 
  • Which kind of outfits to wear with pastel 
  • The awesome trick for pastel outfits full of character 
  • Ideas for stylish outfits through all ages.

Find out what s coming next about it in the Ebook “Matching colors like a pro” 



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