Carrot Trousers

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Not only for Veggie or Sue Ellen, the carrot pants makes his big return on the stage!!

Carrot trousers are a toss-up: Stunning Meryl Streep style or serious discord between you and your mirror.

How to make them a great asset for elegant and ultra feminine outfits.

What does a carrot pants exactly mean ? 


Carrot pants is not just a fancy name, its name simply describes the shape of the trousers (but it has not to be orange) : the hips and the thighs are wide and the legs are tapered and gradually tightened to the ankles. 

These are trousers with pleats that give a very feminine look.

The waist is generally high.

They are THE trousers of the 80s and 90s.

How to choose it the best ?

Don’t be giddy when it comes to the purchase because the carrot trousers are a real timeless item that will be add an elegant touch to your outfit. 

So i would not be reluctant to put the price for a nice model that you can wear both at the office but also at weddings, cocktail parties or special occasions. 

Asd fancy as its name can be, as difficult it will be to find out the ideal one, so please do not stop after your first disappointing attempt by deciding that those are not made for you, so once again persevere it is worth it. 

Pantalon carotte gris et derbies


For which body shape ? 

Carrot trousers add volume to the thighs and hips, so they are best suited to H-shaped, I-shaped, X-shaped and especially V-shaped figures, which they will balance out perfectly.

Some models, which blur the shape of the hips and thighs, can also be suitable for A-shaped figures.

In this case, you should choose a material that has staying power rather than a very soft one and preferably in a dark color.

Which material to go for 

Quite often it suffers from prejudice, being seen as the old-fashion pants in cheap polyester but get it right, if you choose them in noble material such as linen, wool, mixed with silk or cotton twill for example, or even leather, the trousers will show an absolute elegance.

Pantalon carotte (femme) : comment bien le choisir et comment le porter avec style !


Pantalon carotte (femme) : comment bien le choisir et comment le porter avec style !


The cut

The cut of the carrot trousers can vary somewhat.

The waist is generally at the level of the navel, the fork can be more or less low.

If you are short, beware of the low rise, which will make you look too small.

The low crotch can also give a more casual look which is not necessarily what we are looking for (the point here is not to do a remake of the prince of Persia in Sarouel).

Which lenght ?

To lengthen your silhouette,  wear your carrot trousers in 7/8ths length.

You can opt for a cropped model or roll them up above your ankle.

Pantalon carotte (femme) : comment bien le choisir et comment le porter avec style !


The color

Unless you are Twiggy or Kate Moss, I ll suggest to stay with plain rather than printed or patterned , these latest would put emphasis and focus on your shapes, not necessarily the ones you d like to highlight.

As well the prints, keep also in mind and this as a general statement, light colors are « thickening ».


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