Boots and booties

Which colors ?

Boots and Booties are plethora and featured in countless variations : flat heel, high heel, chunky heel, thin heel, square toe, pointed toe…as well from neutrals tone to the most eccentric (quirky) colors. It s very likely that until now, you have been a mono-maniac of the black or the camel versions… don’t you want to know which colors could multiply tenfold your possibilities? Would it better to play “safe” and keep black or neutral? Or crack for flashy tones? Here some advises to help you out with your choices! 

To select THE nominated pair of boots, my advise is to go through the contain of your wardrobe. 

Is it more filled with : 


  • Basic pieces, neutral tones or classic pieces with a more clean look ? If that’s your case, you should rather go for flashy boots, meaning colored or printed. 
  • Pieces with characters and attractive potential, then go for neutrals tones for your boots in order to tone down the whole look. 

Black boots & booties

The must have is at least one pair of black boots which will get on well with a lot of what’s part of your dressing! 

Choose them, though, in velvet leather, patent leather, leather with crocodile pattern, rather than 

Matte & smooth leather, this will give depth to your outfit. 

Black boots will perfectly matches from “rock style” look to classic look including glamorous style. 

boots & bottines : quelle couleur choisir ?
Bottines noires
boots & bottines : quelle couleur choisir ?
Bottines noires

Boots & booties : which color to choose ?
Here black boots

White boots and booties

White boots are the best for dazzling your winter outfits! 

These are a perfect match for camaïeu (monochrome) and neutrals and light color gradients. 

Narrow shank and stacked heel for a 60’s touch, stiletto heel low boots for the 80’s style

Bottines blanches
Bottines blanches
Bottines blanches
Bottines blanches

Boots & booties : which color to choose ?
Here white boots

Gold or Silver boots and booties

Gold or Silver could almost be considered as neutrals , so much they get along with other colors. 

Just be a little careful when it comes to associate gold with black which can easily appear as “too much” and over the top for a daily outfit, swap the black for navy blue or anthracite. 

Gold boots or booties reveal a feminine and glamorous touch and give peps to any clean or too classic outfits. 

Stiletto heel and pointed toe boots can be iconic in your “rock style” look too.

In any case, these are an ally over the year, whatever season you are in. 

boots & bottines : quelle couleur choisir ?
Bottines marrons
boots & bottines : quelle couleur choisir ?
Boots argentées

Boots & booties : which color to choose ?
Here golden & silver boots

Brown, Chestnut, Camel boots and booties

A pair of those are going to moderate pieces with character but also will bring chic and classic marks  to any outfits.

It s like a master key that can open the door to any fashionable standard. 

Combine them  to a straight cropped jeans for a vintage look. 

Not only great with neutrals, like navy blue or raw denim, they will be in perfect harmony with any kind of prints. 

Boots marron
Bottines marrons
Bottines marrons

Boots & booties : which color to choose ?
Here brown or camel boots

Pink or Red boots and booties

If there is one to have a high attraction potential, it will be the red boots ! 

Basics pieces and right in red boots, here you go Miss Bold and beautiful. 

As much as they will fit to « rock style » look, they boost neutral colors, especially denim. 

Go Casual or “rock style” (jeans destroyed , perfecto, etc) yet refined and glamorous with red or pink boots. They would also make you look stunning with a simple white shirt or a very elegant trench. 

The metallic pink range, as per the absolute brilliant model from Anine Bing, extremely girly will marry very nicely with black. 

Boots rouges
Bottines rouges
Boots & bottines : quelle couleur choisir (Boots roses)
Boots & bottines : quelle couleur choisir (Boots rouges)

Boots & booties : which color to choose ?
Here red or pink boots

Leopard or Python boots and booties

Leopard or python printed are ultra feminine look!

They just give basics and casual outfits some peps and highlights.

Merge them with monochrome or light neutrals like beige or grey for example. 

Discover more ideas in the post “How to dress up with Leopard print”. 

If you don t necessarily dare leopard print on clothes, the boots or the booties are all yours!!

Boots & bottines : quelle couleur choisir (Bottines leopard)
Boots & bottines : quelle couleur choisir (ici Bottines leopard)
Boots léopard
boots & bottines : quelle couleur choisir (ici bottines reptile)

Boots & booties : which color to choose ?
Here leopard or python boots

Let’s have a little chat?

Which color are your boots? Closer to be classic or flashy? 

What’s your thoughts about the latest suggestions of outfits? 

Have they been useful and would you now be up to widen your horizons when it comes to colors? 

To be truly honest, I m extra fan of the white boots but I quite like the red and the flashy pink ones too. I reckon they have much as an impact on an outfit and open a lot of possibilities for a achieved and original outcome. 

I fully trust in you to prove your audacity, it might well revolutionize your style. 

What do you think? 


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