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Booties are fairly classic shoes, a standard that every woman has ! And yet, they are a real must-have! They are such an easy path to all ways !  You can wear them with trousers as well as with skirts, dresses or shorts even just underwear ?. Surely and simply they get you confidence …why ? Because  they  have the great advantage of refining your silhouette and a very feminine and class touch ! What else can you expect ? 

How to choose the best pair of booties

The material

Why changing a winning team, leather always before any synthetic fabrics.

Real Leather has more than one benefits :

  • it’s breathable material 
  • it has a this quality and noble aspect 
  • it brings patina over the times


For a high quality finish, lambskin is perfect 

Leather can be smooth, velvet, varnished etc.

For futher details about leather, follow up with this article.




Bottines Balzac noires


The cut

The shaft

Booties versus boots or low boots :  the height of the shaft / upper.

For the so called booties , it goes from above the ankle to mid-calf  (shaft of boots can go from mid-calf to mid-thigh, and low boots end on the ankle or barely cover it). 

Boots Minelli

Low boots Minelli

Boots Minelli

Bottines Minelli

Wide or narrow shaft?

The upper of the booties can be fitted to the ankle.

This is very trendy at the moment as it is the ideal shoe for cropped trousers, straight trousers.

Narrow shank boots will also enhance your silhouette when worn with a midi or long skirt or dress.

Wide shafts work well with slim and skinny jeans, which you can slip into the boots, but also with short or mini skirts and dresses.

You can also consider them with long dresses and skirts if you are tall.

Pay attention though, when it comes to wide shafts : if your foot is doing ups and downs like a ballerina, it will certainly be unpleasant 

Rare but existing some kind of a strap inside the booties to tighten and keep your foot well maintained . Well done innovation , the foot is held in place without being compressed! I saw this on a friend’s boots, but it’s still rare!

Bottines Virgo show Zadig & Voltaire tige large

Wide shaft boots Zadig & Voltaire

Bottines Glimmer Wold Zadig & voltaire tige étroite

Narrow shaft boots Zadig & Voltaire

The heels

You can choose between a thin heel and a block heel.

The thin heel gives a very feminine glamorous result when the the block heel is generally more comfortable, as you can imagine because more stable !

For the height, I recommend a 5 cm to be able to walk all day long without pain.

In any case, try to stay under 8 cm to save your back. 

Bottines à talons fins cosmoparis

Thin heels boots CosmoParis

Bottines à talons épais cosmo paris

Thick heel boots CosmoParis

The color

Far from me to be stubborn and being able to get away from my usual paths , I recommend, for once,  that you have at least one pair of black boots.

Versatility those are , that s the reason why, you will be able to wear them with classic, casual-chic, rock or glamour outfits.


Bottines et slim


However, B for black and BUT , I advise you to avoid smooth leather and to opt for black boots in suede, bi-material, patent, or with a crocodile effect, python etc.

For second step forward and becoming part of the booties fan club, absolutely go for a really unique , original and fancy pair:

  • flashy red, yellow, blue klein etc.
  • metallic gold or silver
  • leopard print, python print etc.
  • white for a super glance style 
Bottines Glimmer blanches Zadig & Voltaire

My Glimmer Zadig & Voltaire & me

The size

My advise , always choose a slightly too large model rather than a too tight one, as this will allow you to wear large socks as well.

Nevertheless, don’t pick them too big either otherwise your feet will slip and this will cause friction and blisters.

The finishes

Whether black or colored, go for a simple pair without too many frills to make them a real timeless part of your wardrobe.

Be careful, “no frills” doesn’t mean boring.

You can opt for a pair with a buckle, a bow, laces, tassels… as long as it remains discreet.

12 Bottines Rivecour 89



The very best is to have at least one pair of black boots and then feel free to make you happy with another and more fancy pair ! 

If you’re short, search for a narrow shaft that will slim and slender your silhouette.


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